Please re-read the first two chapters, as I have edited them and fix them up and added some fine tuning to the details, I know I have kept this chapter coming for a long time, and it is shorter than anticipated, but ...take it or leave it, here it is...

Chapter Three

A body writhed under the sheets, as he twisted and turned, kicking one of the pillows off, along with the remote control that was used to control the beds mechanism and to contact a nurse as Joey let out a strangled cry of desperation before snapping his eyes open with a gasp for air, fingers reaching up for his neck, grasping at his throat as he tried to force more oxygen into his lungs as quickly as he could; choking and spluttering as he tried to catch his breath back before coming to a more calmer state as he leaned heavily back on his pillows, dry coughing a little as he started to look around for some water.

"Here." A voice picked up as a glass of water was handed to him and Joey reached out for it as he sat up to drink it as best as the pain in his chest would let him as he felt a span of warm fingers touching at the middle of his shoulders to help him lean up. Joey needn't look up to see who that person was as those fingers moved away from his back to take away the glass and rest it back in place on the bedside table nearby.

"Where?" Was all Joey was able to say before his voice croaked out on him and he start to cough, making Seto refill his glass for him to take another drink.

"You're in my home." The brunette responded as he helped Joey drink the water again. "You were taken care for by my personal line of doctors and medical facilities. You've obtained an eight stitched wound to your arm, and three differently placed line of four stitched cuts on your cheek." Placing the glass down, he then picked up a vial that sat on the same table and held out the bottle for Joey to see the pieces of glass shards that jingled around in its container. "And you also have a fracture on two of your lower ribs on the left. Amazing you didn't come down with something for how long you spent in the rain."

"Lovely. Well, I'd would'a been better off if ya had come for me sooner." Joey remarked as he reached out for the bottle and shook them lightly before passing them back to Seto, who in turn was quite pleased to hear the blonds' sarcasm. If he could muster the energy to joke, then he shouldn't be all that badly injured. Leaning back on his pillows he started to let his eyes wonder around the room briefly, noticing almost immediately that it was triple the size of his bedroom. Or rather, the walk in closet that was turned into a room after Joey realized that he couldn't share the only room in the apartment that his father slept in, or live in the living room when he needed some privacy. The place was lavish decorated; fine art hung on the wall, plush Persian carpet lined the floor, a large flat screen that seemed to hang from the ceiling at one end and then there was the vase of freshly cut flowers that centered the table by the window seemed a little too much. "So, I guess you're wonderin' why I called ya, huh?"

A brow arched as Seto's blue eyes lingered at Joey's cheek for a moment, noticing that the gauze was starting to peel off as he reached back for the chair that he was sitting on and brought it closer. "Yes, however, I'm more concerned of the reason for the state that I found you in three nights ago."

"Three nights?" Joey's voice raised in surprise; careful not to stretch the skin of his right cheek too much. Assuming that he was currently under a lot of painkillers, the light pain that still managed to seep through gave Joey a shudder to think how intense it would have been without any relievers. "Shit, I didn't think I would have been out for that long, I-" A small memory clicked in as he rolled his eyes and slumped even further into the cushions. "I never called Tristan back, damn! The dude's must'av been freakin' out all this time about me." Joey groaned as he covered his eyes with his left hand. "My phone, where is it, I gotta call him."

The blond started to move to get out of bed as he tried to pry the sheets off him with one hand before an arm came to rest over his chest, pushing him down at the shoulder. "I can't have you doing that, Wheeler, at least not for the next few days, you need your rest. Your cell phone was found out of battery and I, or rather Mokuba took the liberty to order you a charger for it, it should be arriving tomorrow… via regular mail, hence the delay. You can use the landline next to you on the other side if you like?" Seto explained as he coaxed the male to lie back on the bed and picked up the fallen controller and turned on the television and placed the control on the table and picked up another one. "Here, I'm sure even you can figure out how to control the channels. I'll let the nurse know that you're awake so they can do some tests on you and if you're fit for it, they'll give you something to eat later." He passed the television remote to the blond by tossing it on his bed as he picked up his laptop that Joey noticed to be sitting by the tables' edge as he closed it and started to walk for the door. "Anything else?"

Joey; in quite a stupor, shook his head as Seto nodded and started to leave before the blond suddenly quipped with a question. "Wait…" He paused, wondering how he was going to word it without trying to be rude. "Why did you… come for me, eventually?"

Seto blinked a couple of times at the blond before shrugging his shoulder nonchalantly. "It wasn't like I mused over the decision for hours to find you or not." Not that he was actually going to admit that he had. "You didn't leave a very detailed message, finding you was a miracle in itself."

"so, why did you come?" Joey pressed on, noticing that Seto was just buying time to answer.

"I don't know. Probably the same reason why I seemed to have insistent myself to sit by your bed this whole while you were asleep."

"And what reason is that?" Joey asked, confused.

"I don't know, Pup." He slipped the nickname, only to realize how affectionate it sounded after he had said it. "Maybe I'm just a lot nicer than we all thought." Not waiting for another question, he bid a quick farewell and walked out the door and just before he was out of earshot, a loud 'Thank You' was howled from Joey's room as the brunette snorted a laugh out of his nose with the shake of his head. Now that Wheeler was awake and apparently healthy, so to speak, he could concentrate more on getting back to work again. And God, it certainty irritated him how he didn't know the answer to Joey's question.

Back in the room, the blond snuggled back down in the sheets after inspecting the wound on his arm with an appreciative whistle. The wound was a lot larger than he realized, but the clean up and stitches were impressively done. Joey has had a number of threads sewn into him and this was the finest work he has seen. Pity about how he got it though…

Frowning at the thought, he hastily pushed it aside, not ready to bring it up as he started flicking through the channels like an expert TV guide, hoping to find something worthwhile to watch as he figured he'd give Tristan a call after his checkup. Wriggling his shoulders into the pillows again, Joey couldn't help but think how they were the softest things he had ever rested on. Compared to what he had at home, these were clouds and he had rocks! Then Yugi owned marshmallows, while Tristan had feathers; Joey hated those things; always poking you, and moving around till you had to fluff them up every now and then in the middle of the night. "Damn, I'm taking one of these babies with me when I leave."

End Chapter Three