His Name

Summary: Sirius hates his name, but Remus likes it. Oneshot dialogue fic.

Pairing: SiriusBlackXRemusLupin


"I hate my name."

"Why is that, Padfoot?"

"'Sirius…seriously...' Don't you know how I hate that joke? A lot?"

"Just that?"

"Just? What's more annoying than a group of people who tells crappy jokes about your name?!"


"Serious Black, they said!"


"Yes Moony; and throw that book away. The book annoys me."

"It doesn't say jokes about your name, Padfoot; and it's me who is reading it."

"But it made you unfocused! I need you to listen!"

"I am focused on you. Trust me."

"Tch. What's so good about an astronomy book that consist about 2000 pages?"

"3000. And it's good to read, by the way. About your name, why don't you try to speak to them?"

"…. Hahahha…"

"What's so funny?"

"Do you think they will fucking listen to me?"


"I've made an attempt to torture them though, but they're still saying those… ergh. Jokes. Maybe killing is a good option."

"You better not, mate."

"I just want to change my name."



"Just don't."

"That's not a fucking reason!"

"Just don't."

"And why the hell is that?"

"Just… don't!"



"… I'm leaving."

"Fine Padfoot…"


"Sirius. The brightest star in the night sky named from a Greek word Seirius, meaning 'Searing'. Blazes at a visual magnitude of -1.42 and is twice as bright as any other star in the sky."



"How do you know such thing?"

"Why do you think I've been studying astronomy books lately?"



Author's Note: It's my first attempt in dialogue fic. Flames are welcome, but not too hard :) Please read and review!