Last game

Ch' name: the plan.

A/n: I abso-bloody-lutely loved the reviews people sent me for my stories, frankly I never though that many will read them, and I'm touched. Thx very much for all and have a wet reading (at least in the next chapter).


Harry grimaced as he shredded the bomslang skin; he looked up to see snape staring at him with a smirk.

'Yeah, yeah laugh it up. Don't worry, I'll have my revenge yet' he thought, as he quickly switched his healing potion with his own special mix.

He grinned as he thought of the perfect revenge to hand, one the hopefully will make sure that the professor will have him.

He frowned at thought of his last tries, 'god, Snape was so evil, leaving me turned on while he got off' he remembered that the detention that snape gave him at Xmas was canceled, because the professors who were there complained to Dumbledore.

'BASTEREDS, can't believe they did it. He was turned on and snape probably would have fucked him, if it weren't for them'

He quickly ducked his head when he saw that snape was looking at him, when the man turned around he added more of the ingredients to his potion.

It was ten minutes before class was over and Harry knew that he would have to act now. Grinning, he altered the fire temp' so to make it higher, knowing that it will make the potion explode, he smirked when he noticed snape coming over to see what's going on, 'not a minute to soon', he thought as the potion was starting to spatter and sparks came out.

All of the students near by already took cover under their desks, so Harry had to time his plan just right, just quick enough that snape will come near him when it happened. When it finally did, when he stood up and the potion completely covered him, he noticed the shock that every person had, and he couldn't help grinning.

He remembered the time he had invented the potion. It was sometime in the summer and he was actually trying to make a cleaning solution, unfortunately the potion turned out to be so good, (sarcasm, people), that when it exploded on him, and drenched all of his clothes (surprisingly, all of his ungarments as well) it made them…..

"POTTER, how in the world you made a potion that will cause you to be naked!!!?"