"I had another dream last night" Harry said, staring at the man.

Snape swallowed as he saw the boy running his hands all over his own body. Quickly trying to come up with an answer to that, he spoke "why should I care?"

"Well, considering that your eyes haven't yet left my cock…" Harry said cheekily.

Severus looked at the boy's face as he started fisting his cock. You could see the pleasure on his face just from doing just that. He managed to swallow his groan.

"It started in here, this classroom" Harry spoke, his hand never stopping its movements, nor slowing down "I was giving you a show"

Harry moaned as he pinched his nipple with his free hand, the other speeding up.

He closed his eyes, knowing that if they were open he wouldn't be able to continue this. "I laid myself on the floor with my legs open wide" he did just that.

"My hand was still stroking my cock but the other one…" he groaned and took his other hand close to his open mouth, "I need to get them all wet, and then you will see…" he broke off as he started sucking his fingers making sure that they were all wet.

Moving them to his ass, he pushed one in.

"Ahhh" he moaned, both in pain and pleasure.

A second finger joined his first, and Harry flexed them.

He cried out when they brushed against his prostate.

He stroked his cock faster and harder when he pushed the third finger in, moving them all deeper in him.

Harry had long since forgotten where he is and who was in the room with him and frankly didn't even care.

"Severus" he screamed as he came hard, most of it falling on his chest and some on his face.

Taking deep breaths to still his still racing heart, he opened his eyes, to look at Snape, who apparently gave up on trying not to look and instead came closer to have a much better view.

"Fuck Harry..." was all the warning he got before Snape grabbed him and pressed their lips together, when Harry gasped, Snape sneaked his tongue in, deepening the kiss.

"Severus, please" Harry begged, when they broke up for air.

Severus took no time in removing Harry's fingers from his ass, and ignoring Harry's disappointed mewl, he entered forcibly into the boy, making him cry out.

Pulling out again he slammed back in, getting a rhythm with the boy.

"Harder please" Harry cried out, when Snape's cock pushed against his sweet spot, he tried grabbing his hard cock ('god I love being a young teenager' he thought) but Snape just slapped his hand away, grabbing it himself.

It took only several strokes and Harry came again, his ass muscles clenching on his crush's cock, making him come as well while crying Harry's name.

When they rested afterwards, both trying to get their hearts to still, Harry suddenly laughed.

"And what might I ask is so funny?" Snape drawled.

Harry grinned and looked at him "I guess I finely learned the rules" he said.

Snape frowned "and what makes you think that?" he asked.

"Well, I won, didn't I?"

Snape sighed "I suppose you did" he paused "that is if you want a rematch?"

Harry grinned "when is my next detention then?"


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