A/N: This is the first Kid Flash/Jinx story I've done, so be gentle with me!

Kid Flash had a dirty secret, well, not exactly dirty, but certainly forbidden. Which was a bad idea, heroes weren't meant to have dirty forbidden secrets, they certainly weren't supposed to create them knowing full well that they weren't meant to be doing them.

He loved Jinx- no, it wasn't that. She was forbidden, that was for sure, but she wasn't exactly a secret, Jinx he was sure was fairly aware of that fact. Even the Titans suspected it, they said nothing, but he knew.

No, his secret was what happens at night in Jinx's room. No, not that certainly not that. No, Kid Flash wasn't getting any hot and heavy late night activities done in Jinx's room, or anywhere for that matter. Pull your minds out of the gutter.

He remembered the first time he'd done it, the forging of his secret so to speak. Kid Flash was the fastest boy on earth, and, being both a boy and the fastest one, was not a particularly patient person. He wanted Jinx to renounce her team and turn good, and after the fight with Madame Rouge he had thought it possible. But why was it taking so damn LONG?

He had been nervous the first time he vibrated through her bedroom wall when she was asleep, he had felt sneaky, devious… bad even, certainly scared and excited at the same time. He had briefly wondered if this was what it was that villains felt all the time, if so he could understand slightly Jinx's unwillingness to give that up.

He had knelt in front of her that night, listened to her steady breathing and even put his ear to her back to hear her steady heartbeat. She was definitely asleep, he had crept around the bed and knelt on the other side so he could see her face, sleeping.

"You sleep above the covers." He noted quietly. And it was true, Jinx's pink pajamas that were irresistibly cute were all ruffled up her legs, the only part of her that was actually under the quilt was one shin and a foot, other than that she had wriggled loose. Her hair was down as well, it was very wavy and unruly loose, nothing like the shaped devil's horns she normally wore them in.

"They say that people never stop listening to the sounds around them, so… if people talk to you in your sleep, you don't remember it… but you take it in, it settles in your mind." He whispered. He had wondered if she could hear him, and that was when he gingerly got up onto the double bed with Jinx filled with terror, all she had done was mumble in her sleep and that was it. The surge of adrenaline at laying in, or rather on, bed with a wanted criminal, one who he loved no less, was like nothing he'd ever felt before. His ears pounded with his pulse, he felt exhilarated and terrified, this was made more so by the fact that he was well aware that should he do this when she was awake she would have hexed him from here into oblivion.

"So…" he had continued after swallowing the nervous lump in his throat. "I know there's good in you, you're not an evil person. You still kept my rose." He added noticing it on her bedside table.

"I want you to know," he continued but stopped. In one of those bizarre moments that you get where you realize something obvious, he had realized that he had no gloves on. He must have taken them off at his home before he decided finally on coming here and not put them back on. Experimentally he turned his arm his way and that feeling weird being half in and half out of costume.

It was then that Jinx had lifted her arm above her head to rest it on her pillow. This action exposed a copious amount of skin on her hips and her tummy, if she were awake he would have suspected her of deliberately tempting him. She wasn't awake though, he glanced at his hand, he'd brushed her fingers before when giving her the rose, but even then he had been wearing his uniform. They'd never had, he gulped, skin to skin contact. He'd wondered what her skin would have felt like, he reached a trembling hand outward and with one single digit stroked her skin upwards, following the curve of her hips and the dip of her stomach. He remembered how he had snatched his hand back worried of waking her, but she looked more at peace than ever.

Her skin had been so… wonderfully and unexpectedly soft. It felt like the smooth softness of… well… rose petals almost. He had tried to shake that idea away at the time, not knowing how much it would run around his mind at later dates.

"You would make a good hero, you have it in you. You saved me remember? I was so weak I couldn't even have run away, I literally used all my energy afterwards getting you that rose, I walked home and passed out for like… eight hours. And I barely sleep two hours a night anyway, super speed sleeping too." He murmured laughing slightly.

"I want you to know…" He added, "that… when you do decide to turn good, and I know you will in the end because you're a good person, I'll be there for you. You're not some mission from the Titans to convert you, they'd kill me if they knew I was here in fact, I won't just abandon you to make your own way when you turn good. I mean, you'll have to get some kind of job, and I know that'll be hard with you being as infamous as you are, but you can do it. And I'll be there to help you." He said gently. Jinx's forehead creased in a slight frown, her breathing was quickening as well, she was starting to wake up, he stood up and walked towards her wall.

"I'll see you tomorrow night Jinx. Sleep well… remember what I told you." He had smiled before vibrating through the wall as if he were never there.

Several minutes later Jinx's eyes had slid open, she mumbled something and rolled over back to sleep.