Kid Flash laid on the roof of the Titans Tower, he'd been banned from booze. The titans had run out of the stuff anyway. He stared at the sky and the stars above him, he stared, those stars were billions of light years away that was far even for him. In the whole universe he was just a tiny thing, there were bigger things out there than his heartache. He growled and sat up. He wasn't some small insignificant speck, he was a hero, he'd lost count of the number of lives he'd saved, the number of crimes he'd stopped. He'd made a difference in the world.

And for what? A voice in the back of his mind asked. He shook his head, it hadn't been too much to ask for had it? For all those lives and good selfless deeds, couldn't he cash in some of that good karma to have something just for him for once? He didn't want money, fame or anything like that, just someone who loved him.


Not just someone, not just anyone. He wanted Jinx to love him.

"This is a bad idea Robin." A voice floated up to his ears. Not just any voice, HER voice. In a tenth of a second he was leaning over the roof edge, that flash of pink hair greeted him, his breath hitched in his throat.

"Hey, we had a deal remember? Just talk to him, he's miserable without you." Robin groaned as he pulled his motorcycle helmet off.

"I still say that this is a bad idea." Jinx shook her head. Kid Flash gritted his teeth, she wasn't here because she wanted to see him, she was here because Robin was making her come here! And it was out of Robin's pity for him of all things, he stepped off the edge of the building and ran down its walls, curving as he hit the floor and barrelled into Robin. The boy wonder flew in an impressive arc before crashing into the lake with a loud splash.

"Well that's a new one." Jinx said after a moment, Kid Flash didn't look at her, he couldn't. But even without looking he could feel those pink catlike eyes burning holes into the side of his head.

"W-what the HELL Kid Flash?!" Robin spluttered as he came to the surface looking like a drowned rat.

"I don't need your pity Robin! You made her come here against her will because you PITY me Robin! What did you do? Guilt her?!" Kid Flash shouted across the lake.

"If you want to be technical about it, he bribed me." Jinx said holding her new Titans communicator up with a wry smile.

"Jinx! You're not helping!" Robin shouted as he swam to the shore.

"So… he made you a Titan. I told you I had faith in you being good." Kid Flash said quietly as he finally looked at her. She was as beautiful as he remembered her, her hair was down and hung in soft waves, a stray breeze caught her hair and blew its sweet scent to him. She looked relaxed and more confident in herself than he's ever seen her before, heroing obviously suited her, she no longer looked like she might bolt at any second.

"I guess your faith wasn't misplaced." She smiled warmly, Kid Flash felt his heart wrench, he couldn't take that smile, he looked away. Robin was just pulling himself up on a rock, it cracked in half sending him tumbling back into the lake with a yelp. Kid Flash's eyes widened before looking over at Jinx, her eyes were still glowing slightly.

"I- I'd better be going." Jinx said quietly as she stared at the ground beneath her.

"Jinx, please… don't leave again." Kid Flash breathed reaching out to her. Jinx squeezed her eyes shut and tried to keep her breathing level, she just had to not think about him, about that hurt expression on his face. Her blood grew hot and she could feel the energy crackling under her skin, Jinx bit down hard on her lip.

"Jinx? Are you okay?" His soft voice asked her, soft warm fingers brushed her cheek even through his gloves she could feel the heat of his hands, it was too much. Jinx gasped and her glowing pink eyes clicked open, all the first floor windows instantly exploded outwards. Robin yelped and dropped back into the water and Kid Flash managed to dodge the pieces of flying glass.

"What on earth?" He breathed after the explosion subsided; a confused looking Starfire poked her head out of a now glassless window.

"Are you all okay friends?" She called down to them.

"Yeah, we're fine Star." Robin called up to her having recently resurfaced from the lake for the third time, Kid Flash unfortunately wasn't so sure.

"Jinx! Your arm!" He squeaked staring at the jagged piece of glass sticking out of Jinx's arm, as if in a trance she looked down at it slowly.

"Oh." She said pulling it out, a worrying amount of blood began to pour out of the wound, her knees shook and the world began to darken.

She never even hit the floor.

"You can make her better can't you? Can't you? Can't you? Oh god, you can't can you? She's gonna diewhatamIgonnadoohgodohgodohgod-" Kid Flash burbled getting faster and faster.

"Kid Flash," Raven began darkly, "Shut up. She's going to be fine, but if you keep annoying me I won't be able to say the same for you." Raven shook her head and leant back over Jinx's wound which was now only just oozing a little blood, she focused and willed the two pieces of separated flesh back together, willed the platelets in Jinx's blood to work faster and heal her.

"She's stopped bleeding!" Kid Flash exclaimed happily. Jinx was laid out on the Titan's sofa, her skin was paler than usual from the blood loss. She was still unconscious but whether that was from her powers or from the blood loss Kid Flash didn't know.

"Why would she want to make the windows explode? I don't think I made her angry enough to want to hurt me, and why would she hurt herself?" Kid Flash murmured sitting on the sofa and sliding his crossed legs under Jinx's head and playing with her hair, one benefit of her being asleep or unconscious was that he didn't have to hide how much he cared for her.

"Don't be dumb Kid Flash." Beast boy snorted walking across the room.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kid Flash snapped back stroking Jinx's hair protectively.

"She didn't do this deliberately, she's like Raven." Beast boy said rolling his eyes as he rummaged through the fridge.

"I'm not following." Kid Flash said feeling dumber by the second.

"Raven's powers are affected by her emotions, which is good, it makes her powerful. But if she gets angrier than she means to-" Beast boy said before being interrupted by Raven.

"bad things happen." Raven finished off, she looked down at the recovering Jinx. "and from the looks of things, I'd say Jinx is the same."

"And you telling Jinx that you love her or touching her is causing emotions she can't control, hence the explosion." Raven added after a moment, Beast boy leant over the sofa and grinned.

"Raven's the same, that's why she acts like she hates me. She can't resist my sexy man flesh." Beast boy grinned sexily at Raven, she narrowed her eyes and Beast Boy's drink exploded in his face.

"You're only proving my point!" Beast boy's voice wavered from where he lay on the floor.

"So… Jinx left to protect me?" Kid Flash said quietly looking down at Jinx's peaceful face, he let his thumb skim the soft skin on her cheeks.

"More than likely." Raven nodded, Kid Flash gritted his teeth and jumped up angrily.

"How dare she?!" He shouted in anger as he paced the room at high speed.

"Dude, I thought you'd be happy, it means she likes you." Beast boy said as he pulled himself off the floor and rested his head on the back of the sofa.

"It means she's making my decisions for me! She has no right to! I'm the fastest boy alive I can dodge most bad luck, if she gave me the choice I'd take the risk!" He snarled at Beast boy who whimpered and slid back behind the sofa in terror.

"Argh!" He yelled in frustration before disappearing in a blur.

Silence fell in the living room, Raven looked down at Jinx who was still as a statue, only her slow breathing gave any hint that she was alive.

"You can stop pretending to be asleep now." Raven said to her after a second Jinx opened her eyes and sat up.

"How'd you know? No-one ever knows." Jinx frowned at her, Raven smiled and her dark blue eyes sparkled mischievously.

"I'm psychic remember?" she chuckled.

"I'm not a bad person you know, I just don't want him getting hurt. He doesn't know how dangerous I can be." Jinx said after a moment.

"I think that's the part he's annoyed about, we're in a dangerous profession. You're not going to put him in much more danger than he was already in. It's a little patronising." Raven said flatly, Jinx bit her lip and looked away.

"I hadn't thought of it like that." She said quietly.

"Obviously." Raven smirked.

"I've got to go find him." Jinx said after a second more, she jumped off the sofa and dashed towards the front door. After the door slid closed Beast boy re-emerged from behind the sofa and grinned at Raven.

"So, am I irresistible or what?" He winked at her.

"Most definitely 'or what'." Raven said standing up and rolling her eyes.

"Hey!" Beast Boy said indignantly.

Kid Flash stood in the museum, Gizmo had been right about one thing, the security system did suck, he sighed and stood in front of the case that held the amulet.

"Need a little luck?" A voice said from behind him.

"Jinx?" He said spinning around and seeing her standing there at the base of the steps looking up at him.

"Listen, you make me more dangerous than I already am. I can't control my powers around you, you already nearly got crushed to death because of me, I'm bad luck. I know I didn't give you a choice when I left but I couldn't, I'm not willing to let you get hurt because of me." Jinx sighed regretfully.

"How'd you know…?" Kid Flash asked his voice trailing off, Jinx bit her lip and looked down.

"I… I was pretending to be asleep. I kind of do that a lot." Jinx mumbled. Memories of being in Jinx's bedroom, of hiding under her bed, of telling her all his thoughts flashed through the young Flash's head. It dawned on him that his skin was going red with embarrassment.

"I found a lot of your Titan communicator under my bed." Jinx smirked at his embarrassment.

"I- I…" He mumbled, how could he explain that? He stared down at his red boots and willed the blush to go away.

"My point is, I'm too dangerous for you to be around. Hell, after I left you I caused three forest fires and a power cut completely unintentionally. My powers put all my loved ones in danger, and I won't let that happen again." Jinx said bitterly remembering her parents.

"That's- that's not your choice to make. I nearly got crushed by the building because I chose to take the risk, for you. I was fast enough to avoid all that glass, I'm too fast for bad luck Jinx. What happened with your parents isn't going to happen again. I promise." He smiled stepping closer to her, she looked away.

"You can't know that, what if something horrible happens? You can't know you'll be fast enough." Jinx insisted glaring at him, how dare he trivialise her problem?

"Just… trust me." He said offering his hand to her, it was just like their first conversation on these very steps. He grinned with boyish charm, Jinx raised her hand as she had before and cautiously reached for his.

Dahdah da da dadah dah dahdah! Jinx jumped as her new titan communicator beeped at her from her pocket, she swore and grabbed it, Kid Flash's shoulders slumped, he HATED those communicators.

"Oh nuts… my city's caught fire." Jinx muttered snapping it shut and shoving it in her pocket, she dashed towards the exit of the museum.

"Wait! You can't just go!" Kid Flash called after her feeling hurt, she was going to leave him again.

"I have to, people need me." She sighed kicking the kickstand on her motorbike back into place. She over her shoulder at him, he looked like a kicked puppy again.

"Well, are you coming or not?" she smirked up at him, he instantly perked up and was at her side in a millisecond.

"Come on, we have a city to save." She smiled to herself. Kid Flash reached forward and grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him. Their lips connected. She surrendered to her body's reactions, her eyes slid closed, she let herself melt against him, she let herself kiss him back, she let her hands tangle themselves in his hair.

"I love you Kid Flash." She breathed against his lips as the power supply to the whole city cut out.

Beast boy yelped as his high score disappeared from the screen unsaved and the rest of the lights in the tower cut out too.

"Power cut! It doesn't count!" Cyborg whooped joyful at retaining his first place on the scoreboard, beast boy wailed.

"How can we have a power cut? We've got a different generator to the city." Robin frowned in the dark.

"Bad luck I guess." Raven grinned into the night.

"So… It's kind of dark." Jinx said turning the key in her motorbike, its light turned on, it was probably the only light on in the whole city.

"I noticed." Kid Flash grinned at her looking flushed in the light of the bike.

"I wouldn't want you to run into anything." Jinx said climbing onto the motorbike.

"I've never run into things in the dark before." Kid flash lied.

"Bad luck here, get on." Jinx rolled her eyes and jerked her thumb to the space on the motorbike behind her. Kid Flash laughed and climbed on wrapping his arms around her waist.

"My hero!" He laughed as they sped off into the night together.

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