Chapter one

I'm not good with titles or such, that's why the title of this story is the café's name.

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Five girls walked out of the locker room of the café called Lush Plush. It was owned by none other than the quirky parents of the quiet black haired girl who worked with them. She wore a black maid's dress, the white bow flaring out at the back. The five other girls, Hinata , Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Temari. They followed each other into the front of the café and greeted the girl at the cash register who was always there before them to open the store.

"Risa, are you sure your alright?" A red haired boy asked concerned for his friend.

"Yo, bro." Temari greeted her brother. "Visiting your girlfriend, eh?" She asked grinning widely.

"She-She's not my girlfriend." He told her blushing the color of his hair.

"Well then, why's your face redder than your hair?" Temari teased. He glared at her and walked away.

"Wait Gaara, you forgot-" But the girl stopped and let her hand drop to the table.

"Risa-chan, did we interrupt something?" Hinata asked shyly.

"No. There's nothing to interrupt." Risa answered sullenly.

"Nothing to interrupt?" Temari asked. "You need to start believing in yourself!" Temari told her.

Risa looked away and handed a notepad to her. Temari looked angry at this point.

"You'll never be able to tell him if you don't!" Temari shouted, unaware of the starring customers.

"But, Temari..."

"Don't but me. Can you hear yourself talking?" Temari asked.

"T-Temari-san. Please calm down." Hinata said trying to make her aware of the stares.

"You're my friend," Temari said finally calming down. "I can't stand to see you like this." She paused. "Especially when I've known you to be stronger."

The words stuck like stubborn frost that didn't want to melt off your windshield in the morning. Risa stood there for a second before she heard the glass door open and close again.

"Thank you." Risa whispered. "We have customers." She told them brightening a bit.

"That's my girl." Temari grinned. She wore a light purple colored maid's dress and white apron with black shoes and light purple socks.

"Well let's get to work." Sakura said grabbing a round tray and walking into the crowd of seated customers at various booths and round tables. She wore a red maid's dress and white apron with black shoes, her socks a lighter red color than her dress.

Hinata passed her to go to another table. She wore a dark purple dress and white apron with black shoes and dark purple socks to match her dress.

"What would you like to drink?" Ino asked the couple in one of the booths. She also wore a maid's dress, white apron and black shoes, but her dress was blue to match her eyes and light blue socks.

Tenten walked to the back and handed in her orders. She chose the customary black maid's dress and white socks, like Risa.

Risa seemed to slump over onto the counter. Tenten figured she was tired and didn't think much of it until Risa didn't lift her head to the customer at the counter. The café was called Lush Plush because they also sold plush dolls. Tenten shook Risa's shoulder and she slowly lifted her head.

"I'm sorry." She apologized to the customer and quickly composed herself.

Temari came back and put in her own orders, quickly glancing at Risa before continuing on to work. Tenten was confused by Temari's actions, but quickly realized when Temari motioned her to come talk with her.

"What's with Risa?" Tenten asked.

"Gaara should know." Temari said taking out her cell phone as they walked to a part of the store where Risa couldn't see them from the counter.

"Hello." Gaara answered his cell phone.

"What's wrong with Risa?" Temari asked, it was more of a demand though.

Gaara sighed. "She was up all night last night. I'm just worried-"

"Gotcha." Temari said cutting him off and pressing the end button on her cell phone.

"So?" Tenten asked.

"She just stayed up all night." Temari answered her.


"Hey, what's going on back here?" Sakura whispered.

"Nothing." Temari answered quickly before getting back to work.

Five boys walked into the café and waited to be seated.

"Look, look. Aren't they cute?" Ino asked rhetorically. Risa moaned and lay her head back down.

Hinata walked past the table as soon as she noticed the hyperactive blonde. Tenten giggled and walked to the table. The brown haired boy with lavender eyes, his hair long and straight turned his head to try and hide his blush. But Tenten noticed and giggled softly.

"What can I get you?" Tenten said, she quickly remembered that she had forgotten to say 'to drink' "To drink." She said almost in a whisper. The brown haired boy flushed even more.

"A-A coke." He stuttered.

Sakura stood beside Risa as she tried to muffle a laugh at the embarrassed boy. Suddenly she fell to her knees.

"Sakura-Chan!" Risa shouted, grabbing the attention of the boys table and several others.

Tenten froze, her best friend had suddenly past out again. She quickly excused herself and ran back to the counter. As soon as she approached though, she felt herself become dizzy. Her surroundings circling her so fast that she couldn't keep up.

Temari noticed this and told everyone to stay calm. She pulled out her cell and quickly dialed Gaara's number.


"Gaara. Risa, she.."

"I'll be right there."

Temari turned to look at her best friend fall to her knees and hold her head. This was what Gaara was worried about. Sai realized that this was going to get unnatural for regular humans and quickly slid out of his seat and raised his hand in the air, everyone gently dropped their heads and fell asleep. Gaara burst threw the doors and rushed to Risa's side. She was still holding her head, it ached with pain and she felt herself losing control completely. Gaara picked her up in his arms and before anyone could blink disappeared leaving only one trace that he had even been there, a swinging glass door.

He stopped in the middle of a forest, the birds chirping madly at the threat he had brought to their home. With one quick glare the birds shut up and hid in the safety of their nests.

Risa sat disoriented on the forest floor. Gaara placed his left hand on her shoulder and bent down to her. She didn't look up at him, she was still holding her head from the pain. He leaned in close to her ear.

"Your safe now." He whispered. "Let it out." He told her.

She looked up slowly, warning him to leave. He couldn't withstand the full force of her cursed power. He disappeared quicker than the eye could see. Risa made sure that he was far enough away and let her hands drop to the forest floor. The birds that had begun to chirp loudly after the boy left fell silent, every creature within a ten mile radius of her became silent. The pain in her head ceased when she stopped trying to restrain it. Her eyes flickered and she slumped over, falling into unconsciousness.

After waiting for 30 minutes or so Gaara treaded back into the middle of the forest. Risa had warned him that if he had gotten hurt or killed, most likely, when he helped her like this, she'd raise him from the dead and kill him again, but with her bare hands. The thought frightened and amused him.

He found her laying on her side in the middle of the forest, her face peaceful again. This time was a close call, and he would have to lecture her when she woke up.

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