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(Temari's POV)

The café where I work always closes at nine, so Shikamaru had offered to take me to a movie showing at the theater at nine-thirty. When we got to the theater a line had already formed for the movie, luckily for us tonight was a weekday, Tuesday to be exact, so the line wasn't very long. Shikamaru paid for the tickets, popcorn, and drinks.

The movie was a horror film called "Night of the Dead". There wasn't much scary about it though it was just a lame zombie flick. A girl ran out in the middle of the movie, so I'm guessing it was scary for some.

"It had good graphics at least." Shikamaru commented on the way our way out.

"Yeah, could have had more blood though." I added. Shikamaru nodded in agreement.

We headed for home after that. Shikamaru dropped me off with a good night kiss and left. I walked into my house with a blush that was evident on my cheeks that Kankuro just had to point out.

(Hinata's POV)

Naruto and I went for ramen before the restaurant closed. The cook put our bowls on the counter in front of us and grinned. "So Naruto's finally got a girlfriend." He teased.

"Wh-what?" I stuttered.

"Well you're on a date aren't ya?" the old man asked.

"So? Leave her alone." Naruto ordered. I blushed.

We went to the movies after we ate. I don't like horror films so we saw the next best thing, "Taking down Brian". It had lots of action, some gory scenes and lots of killing. We liked it.

"This is the end Brian." The main character said in the final scene. There were in an abandoned mine and the main character, Riley, was holding three dynamite in each hand.

"We'll see." Brian countered. The screen went black and a loud explosion echoed from the screen.

When the final credits rolled, Naruto jumped out of his seat. "That was awesome!" he exclaimed. I nodded in agreement. We threw our trash away and left.

"Thanks again for the dinner." I said when Naruto walked me to the door. "And the movie." I added shyly.

"Did you like it?"


"Good." And then he kissed me, his soft lips crushing mine his hand weaved through my hair. I nearly melted in his arms. "See you tomorrow." He said after pulling away and turned to walk down the stairs to his car. I watched as his car disappeared around the corner and then I went inside.

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