The Story Line

The year is 1878, Lord Salahan Ochipa and his son's Korvin and Leviathan took balances of thier home as they ended their fair war with the Furandiones Clan.
Wth the power they carried they managed to assissinate the entire Family that brought nothing but chaos to them.
As the years went by, Rumors were given out in the Underworld that the Master was now gone, The Ochipa Family decided to take matters into their own hands as they made their way to the Caverns of the Underworld. they looked amazed at the wonders as they now smiled.
The master and Morticon are now destroyed, They celebrated as they fixed the caverns to make it into our own home, as they manafed they made their way thru the caverns, one by one with the little magic they had they managed to fix up the Caverns into the home they desired.
For LeviathianAntonio Banderas ,he went thru his seperate ways as he claimed over seven hundred victims as he managed to make them into his family . From the eldest to his youngest son, Landonplayed by jonathan Jackson .Leviathian and his wife Kiaplayed by Rose McGowen pursuaded their son to go to the human wold and attend school. there they would learn more of the life of the Humans.

With Leviathan now forming his family, Korvin Ochipaplayed by Keanu Reeves Followed his father's path, they now both maaged to put their family together. but only two people who wasnt there to complete it was his wife Kamitia,played by Vanessa Marcel and their sixteen year old son PhillipeAndrew Lawrence who would of been twenty by today.
Lady Kamita and their son were caught in a cross fire when he Furandiones attcked their home in Romania.
Now they came to a land known as Briarwood, Lord Korvin and his Clan The Ochipa Clan now stood at the Briarwood hills as Thunderous thunder now revealed itself along with it's companion as it now shoned the city of Briarwood.
There Lord Salahan spoke . "Welcome To Briarwood"

The characters:
These characters are based on me, I own these characters, As for The Power Rangers Mystic force they are owned by The Disney channel and Jetix, so I am merely borrowing the characters .

Salahan Ochipa elder of The Family ,Father and grandfather to Landon.

Son's Leviathan Ochipa Eldest son to Salahan and a blood hungry Vampire who lusts for power and magic.
Korvin OchipaYoungest son to Salahan and follower as he mourns for the deaths of his wfe kamitia and his son Phillipe as he now builds his new Family.

Krista Allen Ms Viantia English Teacher

Leviathian's Sired Chyldren:

Landon Jonathan jackson birth son of Leviathan.










Dante Close friend and Follwer to Korvin

Korvin's sired Chyldren: