Beyond The Mydnight Eyes By Melissa

Summary : There is a new Threat to the Earth's surface , known as Vampires but they only want one person to make them theirs. But when Lord Korvin decides to make Bowen his sired son, his brother Leviathan helps and takes actions toKidnap Bowen , when he learns that he was the former Red Ranger and son of Lord Alianbow of Briarwood all tables are turned around ...will Alianbow get his son back Before Bowen makes his first Kill...

Chapter One

We were called out by my mother, A new evil arrived beyond the Earth's surface.
Me, Vida, and Xander arrived to fight the evil,
there revealed a cloaked Man "Ahhhh, the Light" he spoke.
I looked at the man and I studied him. " How do you know who I am" I asked.
"Everyone knows you in The Underworld Lands" he answered.
There he moved his cloak revealing himself to us, he was a day walker, a Vampire.
"I am Korvin Son of Salahan" he spoke.

Three more arrived as Bowen now moved back.
"Isss that the boy" asked one of the hooded men "Yess" answered Korvin.
"A perfect specimen dear brother", said Leviathan

There Korvin turned to see is brother Leviathan now walking towards him.

Korvin sighed.
Eight deformed soldiers appeared right behind the three Rangers as they now held Vida and Xander captive.
Bowen looked aback seeing his friends as he looked to the two brother's. "What do you want?" asked Bowen.

"You know what we want" said Korvin.''Uhm,no I don't" said Bowen.
Leviathan walked over to Bowen as he looked to his brother as he now circled him.
" You see, there are rumors in our world, About you , the most Powerful Phoenix, son of Alianbow and Lady Udonna.

Bowen sighed. How do you know them?" asked Bowen.

"Oh , we had a few quarrels with them, confrontations, But they did win a fight over a human., now we have someone else in mind to join us," said Korvin .

Again Leviathan circled Bowen and his friends. There Vida and Xander managed to look to Leviathan as he continued to circle.

"You see, we want you to join, us, our Coven" said Korvin.

"I don't think so," grinned Bowen.

Korvin Shrugged. " We will get you I promise, but for now, we will make ourselves known tomorrow Night. With that moment Korvin and his Family disappeared as they flew into bats of the Night.