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Title : I'm Trying
Disclaimer : I Own Nothing. This Isn't Real. Not Even The Title Is Mine. It's From The Diamond Rio Song.
: Undecided Atm. Although, OrtonxLita Will Be The FIRST Focus. MariaxNitro
Notes : Erm, Ashley Won the 2004 diva search and Christy was just…emm, a cousin of Randy's who got a job.

I'm Trying

The locker room was dark, only a small dim light coming from the shower stalls. It was the "Diva's" locker room. She wasn't supposed to be in there, for many reasons. She was supposed to share with him now that he had come back. But to be honest, the sight of him taking line after line of cocaine before a match, well it made her feel quite sick. And, in her state, she was feeling sick quite a lot, he didn't need to add to it. Also, she wasn't on the best of terms with one or two of the divas. Not that she'd ever gotten along with Torrie. But now Melina and Trish had sided with that whore, she was starting to feel a little hated. Now, it wasn't that she didn't like the other divas. She considered Maria, Candice, Victoria and Ashley as her best friends. Hell, even Mickie and Lillian made it onto that list sometimes. But it was just that feeling she got. Sometimes, she felt a little...left out. They were all out doing promotions and having fun. The WWE wouldn't allow her to. Not as long as she was "Edge's bitch." She sighed as those thoughts came to her mind. The only bitch Edge had was a Pit bull Terrier called Minnie. She laughed slightly, it was ironic in a way, that they made Edge to be so...straight. And her boyfriend to be such a...pervert. Brooke Hogan ? God give me strength, she thought smiling to herself. The girl made Torrie Wilson look like a brain surgeon.

As she closed her eyes, her hand coming to rest on her stomach there was a knock at the door. Her eyes snapped open as she looked to see who it was. A small brunette peeped her head round the door, "Amy? Are you here?" Seeing she was, Maria stepped into the dark room. "Why aren't there any lights? You'll strain your eyes." She said in a motherly tone, flicking the light switch, so that the room was suddenly bright, the brightness hurting both women's eyes. Maria shuffled her way over to the red head, sitting down heavily on the bench beside her. "What's wrong?" she said, noticing her friends red, swollen eyes.

"He's at it again. The cocaine. And if he thinks I don't know about the bottle of Jack Daniels in his bag he's very much mistaken. He promised me he'd stop. The day I told him I was pregnant, he PROMISED. What a fucking liar." Amy replied, her eyes fixated on a spot on the ground.

Maria took a deep breath and wrapped her arm around the Diva's shoulders to stop them from shaking. Her boyfriend was no angel. But at least he wasn't some coke fiend. "You want Johnny to have a word with him?" Amy scoffed. Johnny Nitro? Maria clearly had no idea what went on when Johnny 'had words' with Randy. She had come home early one night to find a rather high Johnny lying flat out on her sofa.


"Johnny? Johnny wake up. Maria's gunna get home before you. And she'll worry," Amy said, trying in vain to make the blonde man listen to her. With all her might, she pulled back her leg and kicked him square between the legs, hoping that would get a reaction.

"Babe. What the fuck was that for?" said Randy, appearing from the kitchen. It seemed Cocaine had no effect on him anymore. Except the horrible increase in his sex drive he was exactly the same. As his arm snaked round her waist, Amy pulled away.

"Don't fucking touch me right now. Get this asshole off my couch and maybe then we can talk."

She was never sure what happened to Johnny that night. All she knew was that Randy never came to bed and Maria seemed ok with Johnny the next day.

End Flashback.

"No. No it's fine," said Amy shaking her head. She didn't want to be the reason Maria found out about Johnny's little 'habit'. "I'll talk to him tonight. Not that he does much talking."

Maria giggled. "Lucky you." She smiled as the red head bit her lip, trying not to laugh.

"Ok, so maybe I am lucky. I think I should go see him." Amy smiled, standing up. "Maria. Word of warning. NEVER get pregnant. EVER." She laughed putting her hand on her slightly rounded stomach and walking towards the door.

"That's actually what I came to talk to you about," said Maria, picking at her nail extensions. "Me and Johnny…we're, well we're GOING to try for a baby." Amy smiled. "It's just, I figured you could help me."

"Help you get pregnant? Maria, it's JOHNNY who needs to do that."

"No. I mean help me. You know all about the whole pregnancy thing. I mean, Candice and Ashley gave you every baby book on earth. And I know for a fact that's what keeps you occupied when you're not talking to Randy." continued Maria. "And I figured there might be some articles in those books about GETTING pregnant."

Amy smiled as she opened the door, "I'll give you them next week. Have them all. They just clutter up my room anyways." She smiled and wiggled her fingers at the Interviewer before walking out the door.

Walking along the hallway, Amy smiled watching the divas and superstars. Ashley was sitting in the food court with Edge and Jeff, talking about Rally Car Driving. Amy rolled her eyes and sat down on Ashley's lap, laughing. "Heyy Baby." she laughed, watching Jeff and Adam's eyes.

"Oh hello darling." Said Ashley holding onto her. "And where are you going?"

"To see the delightful boyfriend." she said with very little enthusiasm, removing herself from Ashley's lap and onto the chair beside her. "Seriously, you should have seen your eyes. It was like you'd never seen two female friends before."

"Not ones that call each other baby. Amy, maybe all those hormones are turning you bi." said Adam flicking a Skittle from Jeff's open packet at her.

"Better not let Randy hear you say that. Amy'll never hear the end of it." said Jeff, closing his packet grumpily. Seeing Amy's puppy dog eyes he opened the packet again, offering it to her. "Only you. Those two just waste them."

Amy smiled and took two of his sweets, before standing up, "I'll have to love you and leave you. Or Randy'll go out for his match and I wont see him till after it. And I'm really not in the mood to be hugged by him when he's all sticky…" Ashley shook her head laughing about how Amy 'Loved it really' as Amy walked away, continuing down to Randy's locker room.

She tapped the door lightly with her finger nails before stepping inside the room. "You don't need to knock. You know that." came the male voice from inside.

"I didn't want to interrupt…anything." she said biting her lip.

She saw the guilty look cross his face as he shrugged slightly, "I'm sorry. Amy I swear I'll stop just, one more chance ok? I just…I needed a pick me up. I mean, tonight, Me versus Hulk Hogan. it's a big thought. I just…needed a pick me up." He babbled, too fast for most people to comprehend, probably not realizing that he was repeating himself. Amy was used to it.

She sighed as he tried to hug her, "It's always one more chance with you. Maybe I don't want to give any more chances." She pulled herself back and looked up at him. "You sort yourself out Randy. Or I swear to god you'll never see this baby." She felt guilty almost the second she said those words as the third generation superstar began to cry instantly.

"No. No Amy I promise. Look," he said, leaving her for a moment as he began to rummage through his bag before emerging with a small, see through bag. The bag had a substantial amount of white powder in it. Grabbing the large bottle of whiskey from the bag also, he walked into the small en suite bathroom, attached to the locker room and poured both down the toilet. "See? No More."

Amy smiled and pretended she was proud of him. The truth was, she knew he could always buy more…