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(A.N: Thanks to my fellow Numbnut Kagura-chan for giving me this idea!)

The Great Uzumaki Tomo
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Have you ever had one of those days where something so stupid happens that you're almost certain you're still dreaming? If anyone else had walked into school wearing a bright orange outfit and brandishing a plastic kunai, Yomi would have been sure that she was indeed still asleep, but the person in question was none other than Takino Tomo, and Tomo was, as Yomi knew all too well, stupid enough to do anything. And it seemed that 'anything' now most definitely included coming to school dressed like she'd escaped from the local mental institution.

"Tomo, what in the world are you wearing?" Yomi gave her friend a look that probably would have killed a normal person ten times over, but Tomo, unfortunately for Yomi, was too insane to be considered anywhere near normal.

"You look like an orange," Kagura yawned before Tomo had a chance to say anything. The wildcat bristled, glaring at her fellow Numbnut.

"Hey! I'm cosplaying as Uzumaki Naruto, moron!" she practically yelled.

"You're in school," Yomi sighed, knowing that there was really no point in saying anything and that she may as well have been talking to a brick wall. Tomo did, however, listen to Kagura – then again the athlete's quips weren't something Tomo would ever ignore, even though they went straight over her head sometimes.

"You're cosplaying? Never! And there was me thinking you'd gone even more insane than usual and decided that you were the reincarnation of an anime ninja," Kagura drawled. "And if you want to come to school cosplaying why not choose a decent character? Like Millia Rage, Dizzy or Jam from Guilty Gear. Then again you haven't got the figure to pull of any of that."

Tomo glared at her again, looking as if she'd been possessed by a demon fox of something. "Show me some respect! Don't insult my beauty! And call me 'Tomo-sama' from now on!"

"If you're a ninja then shouldn't we be calling you Takino-dono?" Kagura asked. "And I'm not 'insulting your beauty,' just making a statement."

"I AM THE GREAT NARUTO-SAMA! YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!" Tomo shouted out, causing everyone in the school to raise their brows in confusion, even Kaorin who was usually too busy daydreaming about Sakaki to notice anything.

Kagura raised an eyebrow, "What are you, Uzumaki Naruto and Eric Cartman's mutant lovechild? It'd explain why you're so flat."

People started randomly sniggering upon hearing that, and Osaka, the final third of the Numbnuts, broke out of her usual trance.

"Yanno this explains a lot," Osaka stated dreamily.

"What does?" Yomi asked, dreading whatever randomness the spacecadet was about to spout out.

"Well if Tomo's got the Kyuubi stuck inside her then it explains why she's so weird," Osaka replied. "Ah mean come on, who wouldn't be a lil' nutty if they had a demon fox stuck in them? It sure must be uncomfortable, right Tomo?"

Kagura started laughing so hard that she nearly fell off her chair.

"See! Even Osaka thinks you're weird now!" she hooted with laughter.

Tomo sat down, sulking, Kagura continued to laugh and Osaka stared off into space again. Yomi, meanwhile, just put her head down on the desk in despair. Why did her friends always do things that were so stupid that she wouldn't even have thought them up in the most random of her dreams?