Title: Welcome to My World... A story of Angel and Booth...

Author: Angel's Blue Eyed Girl

Rating T

Pairings: Angel/Gwen at first... Eventual Angel/ Buffy. Brennan/Booth

Setting: Set during the first season of Bones... and after Not Fade Away, the last episode of Angel... This is an AU Angel/Bones crossover.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters.. Though I wish I owned both Angel and Booth... Sigh... But alas I don't they belong to someone else, not me. But this story is mine!!

Summary: Angel,Spike and Gwen have spent the last few years traveling helping the helpless. Slaying demons and vampires in towns and cities across the country. But when a new hell mouth has opened under Washington D.C. Angel and Company move there, knowing once again the world is being threatened by evil. But when bodies, that look like occult, ritual slaying start turning up on Federal land Agent Seeley Booth and his partner Dr. Temperance Brennan begin an investigation that leads Booth straight to the Vampire with a soul...

Chapter 1

The Jeffersonian Institute

Brennan was in her office going over Zack's report about the bones of Jane Doe found in Rock Creek National Park four days ago.

"Bones..." She heard him coming before she actually saw him...

Booth. Her partner and the man who complicated her life more than she would ever admit. She watched his tall handsome form as he crossed the doorway into her office. He was waving a folder and he appeared agitated, extremely agitated.

"What have you got from the Jane Doe at Rock Creek Bones?" He asked flinging himself into a chair facing her desk and lowering his brows in a perfect imitation of a brooding child. She turned to him and frowned at his mood. He shifted in the chair crossing one leg then shifting and uncrossing it, finally he slouched back and just met her bright blue eyes with a dark stare. She opened her mouth, but he went on in a voice that was clearly upset... Disgusted really.

"They've found three more sets of remains and last night... a fresh body, Bones. It looks like some kind of occult thing... I mean... Satanic. The heart was removed and their were... Jeez.. Candles and blood. Cups with blood still in them..." He shook his head, shivering with disgust at even the thought of that!

Brennan took the folder he held out to him. "You know Booth in some cultures the ritual of drinking blood and eating human flesh is considered a right of passage. Normal and expected even..."

He shivered again. "Okay, now you're just being gross. Stop that. I just ate!" He snipped, shooting her a dark look. She smiled at him, before looking at the folder again.

She laid out the photos of the new skeletal remains. Bending over a bit as she perused them.

Booth stood and came to stand behind her. He could smell her hair from here. Normally that would excite him, but today...After what he saw this morning... Well he wasn't sure he'd ever get the smell of blood out of his senses. He growled a bit as she unveiled the newest body.

Brennan didn't make a sound, though a tiny frown marred her brow as she stared at the girl who had once obviously been very beautiful. Her long blond hair though was almost saturated so completely in blood, it appeared a deep dark reddish brown. Her eyes stared vacantly out to space and her lips were cold and blue... And that was the best, most undisturbed part of her. What had been done to her body made even Temperance wince when she looked at the next photo. She'd been butchered. Her chest opened up brutally and her organs pulled out. Brennan looked up at Booth.

"You say only her heart was removed?" He was still staring at the picture, lost in thought. Still abjectly horrified that people did this to each other. She asked again and he looked down at her.

He grimaced, "Yeah... Just the heart. Wait don't tell me... You also are an expert on occult and multicultural sacrifices?" He was starting to pace again. His strides were long and clearly upset.

Brennan put the folder down and looked at him. "Booth, do you want to tell me why you're trying to start a fight with me, because you came here for my help. So logically speaking getting me upset with you kind of defeats your purpose doesn't it?"

He froze, turned quickly and placed his hands on his lean, narrow hips. His face which was always so full of mischief, was like a dark thundercloud. "Bones, you don't understand... Something about this case is just... I don't know. But there's something not right here." he gestured at the photos. "With that... These killings they're not normal... I feel it."

She scoffed, interrupting him. "You can't say that Booth, that's presumptious and completely illogical."

Booth rolled his eyes. THIS was a conversation they'd had a hundred times. 'Well here goes 101,' he thought. "Bones, not everything is based in Science. Instincts. I deal in my instincts and I feel something isn't right here."

Brenna gave him a look of disbelief, "Where? In your gut? That's just not based in facts Booth."

Booth wasn't in the mood to debate science over instincts right now. He just KNEW and didn't care if she believed right now. He shook his head softly and whispered. "Yeah... In my gut Bones. Something bad is here and I have a sick feeling this is only the beginning!" He growled, pacing again, he stopped ran a hand through his short hair and looked at her. Darkly serious. "Call me when you have something." And much to Temperance's surprise he stormed out, not even waiting for her reply.

Across Town...

Spike looked around the building Angel had purchased. It was huge. Definitely, run down a bit... But...It was bloody well perfect for what they wanted to do here. He almost said well done, but instead he turned and smirked, no way was he going to give the ponce kudos for finding it!

"A bloody mental institution? You've moved us to a bloody insane asylum... Well now, why doesn't that surprise me?"The last two years since the battle in L.A, he and Angel had worked out a truce of sorts, but still... They generally agreed to disagree and it was the way they both liked it. Truthfully.

Angel was wandering around looking up at the high ceiling and imagining how it would look once he set up his offices and residence here. He completely just ignored Spikes comments. It was HIS decision and he'd made it. It had actually been an institution for the criminally insane at one time. Angel found it poetic justice in a way, considering what he and Spike had once been, before they'd got their souls reinstored.

The lobby was huge... Tiled in cold gray marble. That suited Angel. Black would've been better, but gray would do also. The walls were were high and the paint was peeling and chipped, but a new coat of paint would solve that problem. The ceiling was two stories high, Angel liked that. Gave him a feeling of space. He liked space. There was a nurses station off to the left of the entrance, that would be a perfect receptionists desk. There were several offices located off the nurses station too. He watched Spike with a half amused, half irritated glance as Spike gleefully declared the biggest one his office.

Angel snorted, not even bothering to give him the argument he was itching for. Spike KNEW who was the boss of Angel Investigations even if he rarely showed it!! There were rooms upstairs, which when he knocked down some walls would make great living quarters and... At this Angel smiled softly, it even had a lock down facility. Perfect for interrogation of vamps and demons that were as he sat here flocking to D.C because of the recent opening of a new Hell Mouth!

Angel heard the front door open and flashed his first real grin at the sight of Gwen coming in. "Hey..." He said softly, kissing her gently on the mouth. Loving the small shock of electricity that went through him at the contact. He smiled again and put his arm around her, feeling her energy and thriving on it. He looked around, then turned back to her, his dark eyes glowed with excitement.

"So what do you think?" He asked her, youthful anticipation flashing across his beautiful face. His grin was charming, childlike almost as he waited to see her reaction. He truly hoped she liked it and wasn't disappointed when she giggled and threw her arms around him.

"It's incredible! I see Dark jade green walls. Black marble here in the entryway. White marble for the receptionist's area..." She gestured towards the nurses station. Gwen took Angel's hand and turned looking at the huge lobby. "Oh it will be grand...Plants...It needs some plants. Lots of Ficus, algoanema, some tall indoor palms and maybe, some Dracaena. Oh...and some Ferns there..." She pointed to another corner. "Oh and Art... I have a beautiful Monet that will look wonderful right there."

She gestured with excitement. Angel laughed at her enthusiasm. She wasn't done." Big..The furniture needs to be bold and huge. I see white couches over there with maybe that Oriental black onyx coffee table between them."

He laughed again, taking her hit him over the head, not so subtle hint. She wanted to decorate at least the lobby. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. He nuzzled her ear and whispered softly; "Yes, you can decorate..." He kissed her ear tenderly, "You can decorate the entire place if it makes you happy."

She turned in his arms and kissed him deeply. Angel moaned as her tongue tasted him. The first touch sent currents of electricity through him. It was thrilling and amazing. He felt the huge voltage she contained in her tall, shapely body flow through him and growled. His heart wasn't pounding yet...But...

"Aaaahhh..." He growled again, as she put her hands on his chest and zapped him. It was now. He LOVED that feeling. SHE was the ONLY woman in over 250 years to make his dead vampire heart pound... Literally. It had become as addicting to him as she was herself. Her love for him was... Incredible. Angel never knew he could be this happy and STILL be a champion fighting against evil. Now that the curse had been removed permanently by the Powers That Be...

Finally he never had to worry about turning back into Angelus through being happy. Though he knew there were still other ways, so he was still, as always, vigilant in keeping that demon inside himself contained. He shook away thoughts of Angelus and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist.

"Gwen..." He murmured softly and kissed her again... Forgetting everything for a moment but the feel of her lips under his.

Spike saw the couple and groaned softly, making a face at his Sire. Love... He'd been it's bitch once. He wasn't sure he believed in it anymore. He rolled his eyes. "Oh for bleedin sakes...There are at least a hundred soddin rooms in this place. Do ya really have to shag right here?"

Gwen and Angel both looked at him and laughed. "Jealous?" They both asked at once, shooting Spike an amused look.

Spike rolled his eyes. "Of Captain Forehead there? Not bloody likely, pet. Though I'll admit you are a rare gem, luv. A real find. If you ever get tired of Captain Broody Pants over there..." Spike trailed off as Angel just raised a brow.

"Spike...Go and find yourself another hobby besides annoying the shit outta me...Or why don't you go and find yourself a room. I'll even let you have first choice this time..." He grinned and looked from both Gwen to Spike. "Get your room now...Cause we're moving in..." he said with a smile, turning back to Gwen and kissing her softly again, but already missing the beating of his heart... NOT missing though the fear was shadowing him with the emergence of a new Hell Mouth...

Angel pushed it from his mind and set out at the task at hand. Get Angel Investigations up and running...Then deal with the Hell Mouth and all the evil that will be drawn to it.