Get you out of those clothes! Shouted wheels coming down the stairs in a fluffy pink wheelchair and dancing the can can, addressing Wolverine who scuttled off in terror at the sight of Xavier's whip and hand cuffs… and the lube.

Jade looked menacingly at Storm who shuddered and hid behind a vase but unfortunately, her butt was too big to hide behind even the biggest of vases. Jade pulled out her chainsaw and pulled the string, making it roar into life. Franky looked at her sideways a little aprehensively, Jade gazed up at him, as though hoping for him to give her permission, but he shook his head gravely. Her face fell. But then he pulled out a bazooka from out of Jamie's pants and handed it to her, she squealed in delight and hurried off in pursuit of the dark woman who was scuttling away, still grasping the vase.

In the background Wheels was chasing Wolverine, making whip cracking noises as the automatic wheelchair zoomed around, every now and then running over surplus students, such as Jubilee and amara (cos noone really likes them or gives a damn anyway). Jean somehow had lost her powers and was desperately trying to take off, jumping into the air and waving her arms around energetically, making her look even more annoying and stupid than usual. But hilarious. admit it.

'Like totally so!' shouted Sam to Roberto who was trying on a pink unitard he had stolen from Wheels' cupboard. Kitty stared at him in disgust.

'It's like so totally not like totally that like so totally like so!!!!' she screamed in horror. 'So like God totally! Do like you like totally like so know nothing like totally so! Like?'well do ya? so like totally huh? punk???!!!?' She reached behind her and pulled out a large cheeseburger and threw it at him. Straight away, Vixen screamed in horror and threw herself out towards it, hoping against hope that she might be able to save it from a horrible demise.

'NOOOO!!!!!' she cried in slow motion as she jumped out towards the falling object. The others watched her curiously as she slowly moved in slow motion. They looked at each other questioningly, and the cheeseburger itself, which had landed ages ago, sighed boredly. Suddenly, a disco ball came down from the ceiling and the lights dimmed, a strange sound filling the room (apart from Vixen's voice, as she continued to fall in slo mo).

"I'm giving myself away!!!" came the melodious voice around the x-men. After momentarily not knowing what to do, they started stripping and dancing provocatively, and the cheesburger started unraveling the cheese which was slowly oozing out from it's sides.

'i'll pay you!!!!' screamed Wheels as he continued to zoom after Logan. There was a strange sort of fizzing noise as Jade finally managed to shoot Storm in the head. Storm's face slowly melted, leaving a strange configuration of mould and animal droppings, forming what looked like a mini- shrine to herself.

'YOU VERE BUILDING SPITFIRES JA?!?!?!?!' hollered Kurt suddenly, getting the distinct feeling people were ignoring him. The whole room went silent, including the music, as they all turned to gaze at him in surprise; even Vixen looked around from her descent. Suddenly, the door flew open and a sinister voice could be heard.

'Hon hi hon...' came the voice, as a dark figure with a tutu filled the doorway...

To be continued.