Disclaimer: the idea of Scott and the toaster is NOT mine, I read a parody in which it was written... It was soooooo funny!!! From Evilwhiteraven, "Insert title here".

'Maybe Nogads ate it.' said Vixen looking over at her cat who glanced up guiltily. Kitty came into the room, tying her hair up into her usual ponytail of doom.

'Like totally so?' she asked looking from Vixen to Bobby to Wolverine and back. 'So like totally so like like.' Wolverine glared at the cat menacingly, then looked up at her as though startled by her sudden appearance, his eyes wide in fear and terror.

'I've lost my beer.' he mumbled piteously, shuffling his feet and twirling his hands around his hip area like a ballerina. Kitty looked at the adorable little cat, who happened to be chewing on a human leg, and decided that he can't have taken the beer.

Scott came in, pointed at a dead and rotten looking pot-plant, then at a broken window and back at Vixen as though he couldn't talk for some reason. Vixen grimaced at him in confusion and then threw herself out of a window, they happened to be on the ground floor so it didn't have much effect on anyone.

'I like totally so think he like totally so wants to like so totally tell us totally like so totally something totally so like!' cried Kitty in a single breath, Logan gazed at her wide eyed in astonishment and, to an extent, fear. Scott nodded and then repeated before suddenly throwing himself onto Wolverine's leg and start rampantly humping him.

'Oh, Wolfie...' came a girlish voice from upstairs as they heard rhythmic bumping coming slowly down towards them.

'Oh no!' said Wolverine quietly, his eyes widening even more as he looked up in the direction of the noise. 'He's coming... HIDE ME!' he screamed in terror, running in small circles around Kitty, Scott still rampantly humping his leg with intense enthustiasm.

'What did I miss?' asked Vixen popping her head up from the window she had just leapt through. She saw Scott mounting Logan's leg and the latter running around Kitty in small circles making her very dizzy, and heard the noises coming from up the stairs and decided it was best that she went back to her business underneath the window sill.

'Vas ist Das?' asked Kurt popping his head up beside hers. She shook her head at him despairingly and pushed him slowly and deliberately back down, a look of enthusiasm on his blue (and slightly innocent) face.

'Like totally fuckin' like so totally STOP!!!' screamed Kitty, screwing her face up against the dizziness that was making her sway painfully. She clenched her fist and buttock muscles befor exploding. The others looked through the pink-tinged smoke only to find...

'Ist das vas ich denke dass das ist?' said Kurt who had just appeared out of nowhere for some reason. Everyone looked at each other in confusion... they'd lost their english/german dictionarry. Kitty had indeed turned into... a pink banana with the words "like so totally" engraved in the skin.