Dean Winchester ended his sixth bottle of beer and put an empty bottle on the table. He was little surprised when early this afternoon Sam appeared in their room with a serious face, hands full of alcohol and told Dean he had to say something important but first Dean had to be little drunk.

OK, telling that Dean was LITTLE surprised is an understatement but he trusted his little brother enough to not ask any questions. But after the sixth bottle of beer Dean was a bit irritated too and it would be nice to know what the hell was going on.

But Sam only placed a new bottle in front of his brother and said:

"Drink. You're not drunk enough"

Dean snorted but he took the beer.

"You would be wasted after only one bottle" he pointed.

Sam looked at Dean. He was sipping his seventh beer and still looked like it was his first. Sam sighed and decided he had to use more radical method. So he placed a bottle of whisky on the table, poured alcohol to the glass and pushed it to the older Winchester.

"But I can handle the reality when I'm sober" he explained.

Dean's hand stopped in half of the way to the glass.

"So you're saying I can't handle the reality when I'm sober?" he asked really surprised this time.

It took a couple of seconds of silence before Sam noticed Dean's surprised glance.

"What? You're not waiting for me to deny it, are you?"

Dean snorted once again but finally he took the glass.

"If I remember correctly it was you who was drunk during the job a few months ago because of the reality."

Sam didn't find an answer for that, so he decided it's time to tell Dean the news.

"You remember this waitress from the bar?" he started "The one you were making out with this morning?"

The memory of his actions brought a big smile on Dean's face.

"So this is all about? Sammy, you're not trying to get me drunk only to force me to give you her number, are you? Because you're little too late. She and I are going to have a date tonight"

Sam sighed and said:

"She is he"

"You mean a man?"


Dean snorted and poured himself the next glass of whisky "Yeah right"

So this is it. Sam is trying to play a prank on Dean but because of the week scenario he is trying to get him drunk first to easier fool him.

But this will never happen.

Sam's face remained way too serious.

"Look, if you were looking anywhere else beside her ass and breast you would notice her... his huge Adam's apple. Besides I asked people around. Your Danielle's real name is Daniel." Sam put a copy of an article from the newspaper with a huge Danielle/Daniel picture in it "It was a big scandal two years ago when your tonight's date decided to change a sex. I found this in the local newspaper and… Dean? Are you with me?"

Dean was sitting motionless with the hand hanged above a glass, his eyes glued to the picture. Sam wondered if his brain was still processing information or trying to deal with them.


No response.

"Dean? Blink or something. Or I'll have to use CPR on you, and I'm sure it's the last thing you want right now"

This seemed to work. Dean blinked. Even more – he took the bottle and started drinking. This action made Sam's brows frown so high on his forehead that the tip of his nose raised a half of inch.

Dean put the empty bottle on the table, looked at Sam and said:

"I'm gonna need more of this. I'm not drunk enough"

Sam's face was full of compassion when he handed Dean a new bottle and watched him drinking.

Maybe later, when Dean will be nearly unconscious, will be a good time to tell him about Photoshop and amazing things you can do with it. But right now Sam held his smile back. The revenge for Nair in his shampoo was finally accomplished.

The payback's a bitch, Dean...