Author's Note: Just to get things straight and less confusing, this story takes place during the beginning of senior year in the 2nd quarter and Regina has NOT enrolled in lacrosse yet, however she is still dating Shane Oman. So now that you know, enjoy the story and I hope you like it

Warning: FEMMESLASH! (which means girlxgirl love) if you feel uncomfortable reading this kind of a story then please click the 'Back' button. However, if you would like to read nonetheless to widen your horizons or because you don't mind- be my guest

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Chapter One: Familiar Face

It's funny how so much time had passed and yet everything still seems the same. At least that's what Regina George thought as she sits outside of a café waiting for her order of coffee.

"Here you go Regina," the waitress said and lays her drink gently on the table for her. "If you need anything else just ask,"

"Thanks," the blonde replies and watches as the girl slightly bows to her and leave. Taking in a deep breath, she brings up the porcelain cup to her lips and blows on the liquid before drinking it. As usual, everyone always seem to know my name. A satisfied smug smile tug on her lips as she thought about it. Gazing around at the scenery before her and at the empty seats occupying the table besides herself, she chuckles to herself. Though the idea wouldn't hit her as funny a few months ago, the idea did now as she never expected to finally be willing to sit at a table, by herself. That's the thing about the Plastics back then, she was never alone. Nowadays, she is able to go around on her own, not occupied by flunkies or friends like she use to. That was one of the only things that changed since a few months ago.

"Hey Regina!"she hears someone call and looks up to see a classmate she has seen at school wave at her excitedly. I really can't go anywhere without anyone calling out my name. But the one thing that never changed is that she still hid behind a smiling face, and her personality is still very much the same. Though she does try to be a little bit less harsh when it comes to talking to people. Sometimes she tended to slip in that area.

With a forced fake smile, she waves at them and looks back down at her coffee. Then she retracts back to her thoughts while her hand idly stir the spoon in her coffee cup like it was mixing something.

Popularity. Status. Image. Various people would always seem attracted to her like a moth to fire because they knew of the things they could gain by befriending her. Even though she is no longer a Plastic, she is still the 'Hottest Girl' in school . As much as she loved flaunting that power she had over everyone because of her beauty, and the attention of people flocking to her, it grew tiring at times.

Then from time to time, due to the incident last year, whenever someone says hi to her she begins to wonder what people thinking of and if they're plotting something diabolical against her. Like Cady. She purses her lips together but then tries to shrug it off. God I'm growing paranoid because of it. And because of those thoughts, she never trusted anyone anymore, at least not as easily as she use to. She always had to eye them first, observe them, to see if they had any hidden agenda.

A heavy sigh escapes her lips and she narrows her eyes. There's not one person who comes up to me in school without wanting someone. Suddenly a image of one person who didn't flashes in her head. She tilts her head. But there was one person…

Slowly her head begins to unwind and she slips back to the time she was in the hospital due to the 'incident' with the bus….


"Frigging- this is ridiculous!" Regina exclaimed when she finally gave up trying to reach for the button to higher up her bed. She wanted to watch T.V but with her 'head gear' she couldn't exactly do it as easily as she could without it. Nor with the fact that she couldn't bend to the side either due to the contraption.

Luckily however, a person walking by her door heard her cry and lightly tapped on the side of the open door. "Need help?"

"Yes, I do," Regina says with exasperation and doesn't turn to see who it is. She tapped her finger on her bed as she heard the person walking slowly- and she meant slowly- to the side of her bed and pushed the button for her. Good heavens, how long does it take for someone to walk to the bed from the door? The bed made a soft yet annoying humming sound as it rose high enough for her to sit upright. Irritated, she looked to her right to yell the person but stopped as she saw who her aid is.

Before her stood an Asian girl, about her height she estimated, but an inch or two shorter. Her hair was long to her waist and black, with bangs covering her forehead that is styled to the side, giving her a tough look. Her eyes were almond shaped and big- not slanted. The color of her eyes were dark brown, but to such a shade that it seemed black, and her skin color is tan. But what hit her the most about the person's appearance is the fact that she was on crutches.

"Is that alright? Should I lower it a bit more?" the girl inquired, "Or do you need pillows?"

Astounded, Regina stares at her a few seconds speechless but then shook her head. "Oh-uh-no, no that's alright,"

The girl flashed her a small smile and handed her the remote to the bed and the T.V. "Well there you go, you're all set then," she replied and then steadily with her crutches, goes out the door.

I… didn't even get a chance to say thanks. And 'thanks' was not something Regina George said often- at least not seriously.

Then about a day or two later, Regina finally managed to get out of bed to practice walking. 'Rehabilitation' Regina heard them call it. Using the two poles on her side that looks like something gymnasts used, she gripped the sides and tried to take one step at a time. After a few failed attempts, she gritted her teeth angrily as she becomes frustrated at the task. Soon, it didn't take long for her to snap at her instructor who said he'll leave her alone for a couple of minutes for her to ease her mind.

"Great, no one can help me here," she muttered.

"There is, but I think it's more up to you whether you're willing to let them help you or not,"

Regina gazed up to see the same girl that helped her a couple of days standing before her leaning on one crutch dressed in grey sweat pants and a white hoodie.

"Y'know, I think you really can make it," the girl encouraged her.

Regina scoffed. "You don't have to lie to make me feel better," she said with a hint of anger as she tried to take another step forward, "If you haven't noticed, I didn't even take 2 steps forward yet."

The girl chuckled. "I don't think you're suppose to be able to move that fast, but I'm sure you can I guess, if you tried,"

Regina growled as she failed to move an inch forward and then looked up at the girl with annoyance, "And why do you think that?"

"The fact that you have so much energy to yell your head off at your instructor is why I think so," she replied, "If you just channel that anger towards walking, you'd be walking pretty soon."

"Channel my anger by walking?"

The girl nodded and crossed her arms. "Yeah, it's practically channeling your negative energy to positive energy," she said, "Alright first off, do you like losing?"

Regina stared at the girl as if she had lost her mind and snapped, "No,"

"Good, then think of you trying to walk as a win or lose situation. You could either win by walking- gaining back your freedom, or you lose," she replied "And forever be stuck here in the hospital having to get help to watch T.V or go to the bathroom," She chuckled. "And I don't think you'd like that very much from what I know about you so far,"

"Oh really-" Regina stopped as her instructor comes back over to her. She deeply exhaled.

"Well good luck then-" the girl was about to say but halted as Regina held up her hand to tell her to stop. Quirking an eyebrow, she asked, "Yes?"

"Okay fine, I can believe what you're trying to say since well-' She gestured at the girl's crutches. "So I'll take your word for it," She saw the other girl nod. "So then how well can you walk?"

"Um- fairly well, I can use both of my feet but I'm using the crutch just in case if I start to lose energy," she replied.

With a large smirk, Regina looked over at her instructor. "I don't need you anymore. You can leave,"

"But-" he tried to say until Regina interrupted him with her hand making a stop gesture in his face.

"You can leave," she replied coldly to him and watched him leave. Turning back to the other girl, she said as if plain by day, "Okay, you can teach me then,"


"Yeah you," Regina said rolling her eyes, "Who else?" She sighs. "And besides, I just fired my instructor so you're going to," She shot her a glare. "Won't you?"

The girl stared at her dumbfounded with her mouth slightly gaping. With a shake of her head and a chuckle, she walked over to the blonde. "Okay, well, since I have no choice and free time," she said with emphasis, "I guess I'll help you out. First off I think we should introduce ourselves, I'm Sora,"

"Sora?" Regina tilts her head back and scrunches her eyebrows together. "What kind of a name is that?"

The girl looked at her a bit baffled but then laughed. "It's Japanese, and it means 'Sky', and though it might sound weird to you I really like my name, "

Regina stared at her for a second as if inspecting her but then nodded. "Okay," she said and grins, "Well then I'm Regina, Regina George,"

"Well nice to meet you Regina," Sora replied with a smirk, and stood beside her behind the pole. "Let's start our lesson shall w-"

"Just asking but do you go to school here?" Regina asked suddenly out of nowhere.

Sora looked at her for a second in surprise from the sudden question and laughed. She shook her head. "No, not yet," she said, "I just moved here so I still need to get situated,"

"Oh really?" Regina asked, quirking an eyebrow with a smile on her face.

Sora nodded. "Uh huh,"

"So you haven't heard of me?"

"Of you?" She paused and thought to herself for a second. "No, nothing really,"

"Oh okay," Though usually being one of the types to like the attention of being known, for some reason a small bit of relief and mixed feelings washed over her when she heard that. Shrugging away those feelings, she turned her attention back to the pole. "Well then, let's get started,"

During the next week, Regina begun to slowly regain back her ability to walk as Sora continued to coach her everyday with tireless effort. Amazingly, Regina found what Sora said about her not wanting to lose help her with her enthusiasm to learn how to walk again. As days passed by, the blonde found that being at the hospital wasn't as bad as she thought now that she had some company. Gradually, Regina found herself growing accustomed to Sora. Oddly enough, when they talked about various things, they never told each other about their social or family life. Two weeks and a half later, Regina finally finished her rehabilitation and was allowed to leave.

"I guess this is it huh?" Regina flashes a bright smile hoping it would be able to hide her disappointment.

Sora nods. "Yeah, well, good luck with things then Regina," she said as she slung her bag over her shoulder, "Take care of yourself," A grin formed on her lips. "And remember to look to the left and right of the road before crossing, or else a certain familiar bus might come along"

-End of Flashback-

Regina chuckles to herself as she remembers sticking out her tongue at her for saying that. Funny, I told her so much about myself but I never got to know much about her. Regina sighs. And she was the first to help me without some kind of motive.

She gazes down at her coffee and frowns when she touches the cup to find the drink cold. Not wanting to stay any longer, she pays for her drink and loops her purse over her shoulder. Suddenly, a soft breeze flies by caressing her face as if helping her ease her mind. Closing her eyes for just a second to enjoy the comfort, Regina walks towards her red convertible and pushes a button to unlock the door. Thank goodness I have late arrival.

A few minutes later, she arrives to school and enters her Creative Writing classroom right before the tardy bell. The class wasn't something she isn't interested in but she took it for the credit. Though she did have to admit that at times the assignments she had to do was more enjoyable than some of the other classes she was interested in. But that's at times.

After saying hi to a couple of her friends and waving towards a couple of people that she knew, Regina takes her seat and gazes up at the front to see her teacher walking towards the door after hearing someone knock. Rolling her eyes, she leans back in her seat but finds herself sit back upright as another student enters the classroom.


"Well everyone, it seems like we have a new member to our family, welcome our new student, Sora Kusanagi," he introduces, and instruct her to sit at the empty desk to the left of Regina.

Does she remember me? Not knowing why, Regina gazes down at the ground as Sora makes her way towards her seat. For some reason her heart beat is pounding a bit more loudly than usual in her ear.

"Regina George, right? You seem well," she hears Sora say next to her and glances over at the dark haired girl to see her smiling brightly at her.

Regina smirks. "Yeah, you too,"

"Hey Sora," says Olivia, another girl sitting beside Sora, "I guess you were able to manage to swap classes,"

Are they friends? Regina stares over at Sora to see her nod at the other girl.

"Yeah, the guidance lady was pretty nice about it," she says with a grin.

They are. Regina feels a weak feeling of stomach sinking.

"Okay class," the teacher exclaims to get everyone's attention and while also at the same time breaking Regina's attention, "I have a new project for you." The class groans. "Yes yes I know, but I think you might like this one." A large grin appears on his face. "You see this project is pretty special, and for those that participate will get three 100 test scores," The class looks at him wide eyed. "And for those that don't, I'll assign you another one,"

"What's the project then?" one student cries out from the back.

The teacher chuckles to himself and then looks back up at the class. "It's called Polar Opposites. You see, we'll be reading a new book soon about two characters from two seemingly opposite worlds and two incredibly different point of views becoming friends. So for this project- to get you in the mood and to boost you into our reading, is to live with someone else in this classroom for two months. The condition," he says with a bright smile, "is to live with someone not of your 'clique' nor of someone that is similar to you."

Abruptly, the class breaks out into a outburst and begins to chat amongst each other. Regina feels a sly grin spread from ear to ear. Partners huh? This is just one of the times why she liked this class, but this time, more than all the others.