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Summary: Of their encounter at the teashop. –Extended One Shot-

Pairings: DeidaraXSakura

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Chapter One: The First Meeting


Haruno Sakura dragged her feet across the dirt road. In short, she was tired from a mission she had barely completed.

Who knew escorting that brat would be that hard? She scowled inwardly.

Currently she was on her way to one of the many teashops outside of Konoha. There had been a sign a few miles back, indication that there was a teashop ahead. Seeing how there didn't seem to be anymore for the next few miles, Sakura chose this one.

I see it! She sighed a breath of relief. Her legs were so numb she couldn't even feel them anymore. What's worse? She ran out of chakra to heal herself.

Grudgingly, she started looking for a spot at the teashop, but it was so small! There were only five or six tables suited for two people.

Please, let there be a spot for me…she prayed desperately.


A strange sound of bells filled the air. The world seemed to grow quiet, except for the strange sound of bells.

Then it was loud again, with the teashop. Sakura blinked and scratched her head.

I must be hearing things now…

Sakura looked around to the teashop, pretty certain that there were no more seats until she spotted an empty seat. A shady guy wearing a black cloak with red clouds all around sat there.

"That person seems fishy," she mused.

She noticed that a large conical hat suspiciously covered their face. So that was were the bells came from…

What the heck? She shrugged and walked over to the mysterious ninja, the first fatal mistake.

For all she knew, they could be a murderer of some sort but the chances were slim. They were right outside of Konoha. Why would someone that dangerous be here?

Wait…what if he's escaped from Konoha Prison? Her face turned pale. He could be a murderer!

Her stomach growled.

Screw it! I'll take the risk than starve!

"Hello-there-are-no-more-seats-left-so-could-I-sit-here?" smiled Sakura, feeling sweat on her neck.

The mysterious ninja tipped over their hat, revealing a blond with a weird ponytail.

"Sure, un," he replied.

"Thanks!" she grinned, wasting no time to take a seat. Her legs were killing her.

The other merely smiled softly in response.

He doesn't seem so bad…guess my imagination got all weird again…

"Tea please!" Sakura shouted. She was going to wait till she could get home and eat some real food cooked by her mother. Besides, her mother was going to kill her if she didn't eat. It was something about "diets". That was years ago! She wasn't so foolish to not eat after Kakashi-sensei's bell test.

The tea was brought swiftly and Sakura gulped down a cup, despite the fact that it was hot. Her throat was dry so she needed some kind of water.

"So, what brings you here if you don't mind me asking?" Sakura beamed at her new found friend, "I'm Haruno Sakura by the way!"

"D-Deidara, un," he answered and blinked, slightly tilting his head. His eyes seemed to be worried about something, "How did you know I was not from here, un?"

"Your accent," she pointed out, "It's weird." She flinched and covered her mouth embarrassingly. "Opps, didn't mean to say that outloud. Sorry." She scratched the back of her head and laughed weakly.

I have such a big mouth…

"It's alright, un," "Deidara', if that was his real name, placed on his hat. A strong wind blew, causing Sakura to clock her face with an arm.

"What was tha-

Sakura widened her eyes. That person was nowhere to be seen.

It was like he was never there.

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