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Summary: Of their encounter at the teashop. –Extended One Shot-

Pairings: DeidaraXSakura

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Chapter Eight: Won't die




Before the First Meeting—

Deidara waited slowly, not bothering to deal with pain that was apparent in his right arm.

"I'm pathetic," he scoffed, shaking his head.

A green leaf fell into his hand, a tiny one.

Some tea would be great, un.

Thus the idea was planted in his head and so the story began.

Deidara stretched his neck left and right, looking around the area for any signs of civilization and possibly, a teashop.

Maybe he could to Konoha and grab a bite.

"Dead in seconds if I went in Konoha like this, un," he muttered. "I'll be damned if I ever step foot in that place."

"Too much 'family loving' there," he smirked. Konoha's will of the fire was amusing, yeah. Became the center of jokes for Kisame once he heard about it.

He walked into an area filled with the scent of herbal tea and cool mint. There were chairs and tables stacked across the ground.

"Welcome, you are new here, I presume?"

Deidara looked startled for a minute, puzzled why anyone would talk to someone that was dressed like him—a torn cloak along with muddy hair. Then he was back to his old demeanor, a fake looking smile.

'I'm here for the tea,' he reminded himself.

"Yes," he replied to the shop owner, an aged woman that appeared to be down in her last several years, "I'm here for tea."

And for something else too, but what?

It was nice having somewhere to go to.

"Deidara." Sakura's eyes widened.

She was wrong.

Shikamaru came crashing down a few seconds later. The bird that he rode on appeared to immobilize and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Shikamaru?" She ran toward the fallen body and checked for any signs of a pulse.

'Why do you always check for a pulse first?' asked Inner Sakura, 'You even do that with people that have minor injuries, so-

"Quiet," Sakura scolded. Now was not the time for Inner Sakura to be talking freely.

To her relief, Shikamaru got up slowly and scratched his head, yawning once.

"Sakura?" his eyes turned a shade of seriousness, "Where?"

Sakura gave him a questioning look.

"Where's Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi?" he asked urgently, "Are they around?"

"Well…I don't know…" Sakura looked down to her feet. Her sandals were filled with mud from the rain.

"You purposely separated yourself from the group," stated Shikamaru in his all-knowing voice. "Right?"

Sakura nodded, still avoiding the shadow nin's glare.


"I could care less about what you're about to say," Shikamaru yawned.


"Besides, Ino will kill me if I force it out of you," he continued before Sakura could finish her sentence.

'This boy knows about Deidara,' pointed out Inner Sakura.

Sakura blanked out. Was she that obvious?

"We got to hurry back to the hideout then. Your team is probably there," Shikamaru stated, no longer yawning like a lazy bum. "Do you have enough chakra to make it there and possibly fight?"

"Yes," Sakura's voice was firm. Her mind wasn't.

The meeting

Deidara continued walking down the road, feeling his skin burn beneath the cloak. The last mission hadn't gone as expected.

"This is stupid," he declared, "I'm injured yet I'm still walking to a small teashop in the middle of nowhere."

The bells on his hat sounded loudly.

He took a seat down, choosing to order green tea. It was better than what Tobi drinks.

"Hello-there-are-no-more-seats-left-so-could-I-sit-here?" A female with pink hair and a matching pink outfit glanced nervous at him, sweat running down her forehead.

She was nervous. At least she was smart enough to know he was dangerous. Too bad she wasn't smart enough to stay away. He noticed her kunai pouch. She was a ninja. Didn't she know about the Akatsuki?

"Sure, un," he replied normally, keeping his tone to casual. It would be bad to give the Konoha folks something to worry about, yeah.

"Thanks!" Her face grows into something of a happy smile as the female plopped down onto the table, making a small shake. Well, she was easily pleased.

"Tea please!" She shouted immediately.

This was a loud one. Her hands were scarred with scars and calluses, not something a normal teenager would have.

Then again, it was normal when compared to his hands that had their own mouths.

"So, what brings you here if you don't mind me asking? I'm Haruno Sakura by the way!"

"D-Deidara." For a moment, his voice falters which causes a stutter in the mention of his name. He frowns, "How did you know I was not from here?"

"Your accent. It's weird."

She looked embarrassed for a moment then apologized.

Time to go.

"It's alright, un."

Deidara made sure to disappear before she could notice. He was never good at goodbyes.

"It's silent," said Sakura, "How could this place be silent?" She started to rush in only to be stopped by Shikamaru.

"You're forgetting a shinobi rule, don't charge in an enemy's territory without a plan," he placed a finger to his mouth, hushing her, "Give me a second to think."

She fell silent at that. It was her fault that it was like this. If she hadn't abandoned her team, if she had listened to her own promise, if she had been more careful, if she had never met Deidara…

"You okay?" asked Shikamaru with a confused look on his face.

"Yes," she answered dully. "Don't worry about me. Worry on making a plan."


"I'm worried." The girl flat out said it. It was easy to tell if one saw how she looked like—baggy eyes, fractured nails, chapped lips.

"About what, un?" Deidara asked.

She hesitated, biting her lower lip.

Maybe it was some girl problem he wasn't supposed to know about. He probably didn't want to know about it.

"It's all right if you don't want to talk about it, un," he shrugged.

She turned a nervous look, "It's not that I-I-I-" she was stuttering.

"No seriously it's all-

"I'm afraid of my evaluation report Tsunade wrote up!" she shouted. The pink hair medic looked around the shop, turning redder as she saw other person looking at her.

"Uh…" she paled, looking like she was about to bang her head on the table.

"I'm sure you did fine, un," he stated, exactly what Zetsu said to Tobi to calm him down. Would it work for Sakura? She wasn't exactly Tobi…

"Thanks!" Her smile came back, bright and happy.

Was a comment all it took to get a girl to smile?

He would never understand.

"So you understand the plan right?"

Sakura nodded, grabbing a pair of black fingerless gloves from her pouch. They had been chakra enhanced, allowing the maximum amount of potentiality for her strength.

"But," she paused, allowing a long silence to pass through the two of them, "Are you sure? You might…"

"Yeah," Shikamaru heaved a sigh, "Just find the blond Akatsuki member called Deidara and capture him. It's troublesome but I can't let a girl have a bigger job than me."

Sakura forced a laugh; she supposed it was all right to laugh at a joke, even at this situation.

"You allowed Tsunade to be Hokage."

"Girls are too troublesome," Shikamaru shook his head.

The road between them split. Sakura was on her own.

It was only long after Shikamaru left that Sakura walked towards her destination.

"I'm coming back…to all of you too."


"Hey Deidara, what do you to do in your free time?"

"What, un?"

"Come on, answer me!" Sakura's voice was enthusiastic, "Unless…you go around scaring little children!"

"I don't, un," he stated. He did not harm anybody that didn't need to be harm, only the ones that stood in front of his goal.

"Then what do you do?" Sakura narrowed her eyes and he knew he was trapped right then.

"I…" he stalled for an excuse. Anything would do, except that he was in Akatsuki, an organization bent on world domination, "…do art in my spare time."

It was half true, which was good enough.

"What do you do in your free time?" he asked, changing the focus onto her.

"I already told you so!"

She bought it.

"I don't have any free time," she sighed, "All my time is spent at the hospital."

"Your sitting here," he pointed out, a half smile to his lips. Oh how she contradicts herself.

"Oh," she got up, "So you don't want me here…I'll go then!"

Wrong comment dumbass.

"So," she loomed around him, "I'm going to leave"

"Go ahead then," he sulked, covering his mouth with a hand, "Fine with me, un."

"Just go," he waved her away.

"I'm going…" she sang.

"Go then, un," he said, sipping a cup of tea, "More peac-

Her fist landed straight on his head.

Haruno Sakura never really enjoyed eating ramen. First of all, it was unhealthy with all the things they put in it nowadays, no matter what Naruto and his buddies claimed it to be. Secondly, cakes and sweets were real better. Why eat ramen when there's something else better?

Heh, what she would give for a bowl of ramen now. To be eating normally in Konoha, like this had never happened.

A smirk appeared in the lines of her mouth as she climbed the cliff, grabbing hold onto the rough rock with her hands.

The rock crashed underneath her weight.

Backpack and girl hurled down the side of the mountain at an impossible speed.

'Use your chakra!' shouted Inner Sakura.

Her black gloves had just fully disintegrated from the swiftness of her fall.

"Stop!" Sakura shouted.

She quickly activated her chakra, sending it straight into her hands and sighed in relief.

The fall had stopped.

'Your hands, idiot!'

"It's just a little…wounded," scolded Sakura, "I'll heal them back on the way up."

'You better!'

"Yeah, yeah," Sakura rolled her eyes, continuing her hike.

Sakura was like a needle dangled on the string dangerous ready to fall.

'Hurry up!' yelled Inner Sakura, 'Your hands can't heal themselves.'

The needle fell.

Sakura's back faced the bottom of the cliff, her hands dangling freely in the air.


Her hands reached for the cliff…though they never reached. The heart in her chest beating loudly.

'I'm going to die.' The words were imprinted into the very depths of her mind.


The scene transformed into an underwater painting, creating a soft blue light in the background.

Where was Inner Sakura?

She was nowhere to be seen.

She could feel it; her mind was slowly closing down, becoming dark. The surroundings were void of color, only black and white.

An arm grabbed her.

She looked up.



He stood on a giant clay monster desperately calling her name and telling her to hold on.

But the words were gradually being blocked, like a barrier separately the two of them.

There was always a barrier.

Of course, he must have hated her.

He never responded every time she wanted to learn more about him. Never.

He wanted her to die.

"…Let go of me."

Sakura slapped his hand away and continued to fall in to the abyss.


Maybe things would have been different, if she had stopped and considered why he had grabbed her hand.

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