An Insufferable Man.

Honestly, I failed to see what ticked them off this time. I can't even remember what they were talking about (or rather, disagreeing) at that time. After the first ten or so verbal rows (Duo called them foreplay), I learnt to tune them out automatically whenever they went at it. The wonders of a dedicated mind...

Anyway, we were all at an official party Quatre was hosting – fundraising for some social work or other – when their voices reached a level even I couldn't ignore. Again.

- If you think you can get away with it, think again, you insufferable woman ! growled Wufei.

By this time, the majority of people present, accustomed as they were to them (you always found the same people in those who's who gatherings), began to flee the war zone. This excluded Dorothy, who calmly took a flûte of champagne from a hurrying waiter and began sipping at it while watching the show with rapt attention.

There was now a no-man's-land of twenty meters surrounding them. Plus, they were in front of French windows, meaning that a hitman could have a clear shot, even if Wufei was in Relena's way, blocking her exit, a hand on her wrist to keep her in place. That meant I had to go over them, while my training was screaming at me to take cover.

- Insufferable woman ? Me ? Ah ! Look who's talking !

You had to hand it to Relena, she did the affronted lady really well since she went into politics.

- I may be insufferable, smirked Wufei – thus proving it – but at least I have discipline. I'm not the one being scolded because I couldn't follow my bodyguards' simple instruction of staying PUT!

That's when Relena started smirking back. Having already checked the exit, I automatically switched to the fire extinguishers.

- Who said I was referring to your insufferableness ?

Dorothy raised an eyebrow in appreciation for the repartee. Or maybe not. Difficult to tell with her eyebrows.

Before Wufei - who was catching up while his face was catching fire - could answer to that, Relena concluded :

- I'm probably wrong anyway... you wouldn't make a great woman, you wouldn't last, she said with a false pensive air. With a sweet smile, she went in for the kill. Judging by your mood swings, you'd soon be dead of hemorrhage at the speed you're PMSing.

I couldn't hear what Wufei responded to that one, but I still could read on his lips the beginning of his answer before his words were hidden from view by Relena's hair, Wufei having bent to whisper in her hear :

- Should I show you "manliness"...

He must have said something incredibly rude, for Relena was completely flushed when Wufei stepped back to look at her face, before tugging her by her still trapped wrist. In fact, she must have been still angry several days later, when Duo began teasing her about what happened that night, because she went completely scarlet. She even called Wufei an "insufferable man", but instead of being insulted, he looked incredibly smug about it. Go figure.

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