"Sasuke-kun wait. Please don't leave me," a pink haired girl the age of twelve pleaded to her black headed teammate.

"Sakura-chan," he huskily whispered now behind her.

"I'll do anything for you…just don't leave," she pleaded again.

"Sakura-chan…Arigauto," he said and with that he pushed her pressure point and left her asleep on the bench.

"Arigauto for teaching me to love."




For teaching me to love.

A pink-headed girl went running through the gates of a town hidden in the leaves called Konoha. She was on another mission. It was an S-rank unlike many she ever had. She jumped up and on a tree limb going from limb to limb.

Just in case your wondering this fifteen year olds name is Haruno Sakura. The once girl member of Team 7 before they lost her dear beloved Sasuke-kun…or her used to be crush. After Sasuke had left she lost her power to love. She was still nice, but a little on the bad side. She was now the 5th Hokage's apprentice and the strongest Kounichi in Konoha.

Naruto, another one of her teammates, and Sai, her newest teammate, had left to go on a mission after the traitor Sasuke. Sasuke was being trained under the Sanin, Orochimaru. Naruto was trained other another, Jiraiya. And Sakura was trained under the 5th Hokage and Sanin, Tsunade.

Sakura was still rushing through the trees. She had changed. She has curves, probably one of the curviest person in the world after Tsunade. He hair hadn't grown much since the chunin exam. Her once dress was now in her closet. She wore a red shirt and a white skirt, very short. Yes, our little Cherry Blossom has changed.

If your wondering why she's isn't why she is not with Naruto and Sai is because she was sent on a much harder mission. To capture Naruto's target's brother…Uchiha Itachi.

Uchiha Itachi killed all of his family except for he and Sasuke. He left him alone in Konoha when he was only eight. He now worked with the Akatsuki and was a mass murderer. SO why was she on this mission alone? Because she wanted to prove to everyone she has changed and this might be the only way.

After Sasuke left something terrible happened to Sakura. She was raped. She was raped by none other than Orochimaru himself. He left her with scars on her back. which usually gave her pain. Only she knew about this and she wanted to get stronger to show the world who she really was.

That damn Orochimaru will die one day. I will make sure of that. Sakura thought with hatred in her eyes. She was now miles away from Konoha and about to get to the border of Suna where Itachi and his group was seen last.

Almost there.


"Why don't we stop to get some sake," a blue colored fish man asked in a cape.

"Because we are nearly out of Suna so shut up," a red haired man answered back. He too, was in a cape.

"Saosori-san, be nice, yeah," a blonde-headed one answered back. He too was in a cape.

"That's easy for you to say," Saosori said, "you're all about being nice."

"Well it's good to be nice, right Itachi-san, yeah?"

"Hn," a raven headed man stared forward leaving his companions in the back. He could tell something was coming…or someone.

He's close…I can feel it. Sakura was still running forward. She was just about to meet with her fate. Sakura had also learned a few new jutsus. She now had a huge fan like Temari, but was stronger. She was called the princess of Wind because of the kinds of jutsus she knew. She could fly one her fan forever if she wanted to, but wanted to give her enemies a little surprise. She had changed after those words she had heard in the wind.

"Arigauto for teaching me to love."




For teaching me to love


"Sasuke-chan, give up," a certain blonde yelled out. It was everyone's favorite Naruto Uzumaki. He along with Sai, Neji, Shikamaru, and Akamaru went after Sasuke. "We've got you this time."

"Hn. Really dobe, 'cause it looks like I who have you guys," He said with authority in his tone. Out of nowhere Sound Ninja came out. Probably about a thousand. With a raise of his hand they all started attacking. He was scanning the area looking for something…or someone.

"Sasuke-kun wait. Please don't leave me,"

"Where is she?" he said outloud. Naruto had soon caught up to him, but before he could say something he was pinned to the ground.

You see, all the many times they went after him he had grown accustomed and began to fall in love with her. Today was the day he was going to take her and make her his. His forever.

"Naruto, where is she?" Sasuke nearly growled.

"Who?" he asked not knowing who he was talking about. He couldn't be talking about Sakura could he?

"Where is…

Sakura was closing in on the four Akatsuki members. She could feel it. Now's the time. Sakura thought as she stood on a cliff and saw them standing there. She threw something a shuriken.

Itachi just looked up in time to block it. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up. There they saw a pink-headed girl standing on a cliff looking down at them with a smirk graced on her face.

She came down.

"Do you know who we are!?!?!?" the blue colored one asked.

"One of the Akatsuki's best group…possibly the best. Kisame," she pointed to the blue one. "Deidara, Saosori, and…Itachi Uchiha," she said as she pointed to them in the order that she called them by.

"Very good little girl, now who are you?" Saosori asked annoyed that she knew their names, but they didn't know hers.

"My name is-

"Sakura Haruno," Itachi finished for her. "Possibly the greatest girl shinobi there ever was."

"So this is the Sakura everyone at base has been talking about, yeah," Deidara whispered to Kisame, "She's kind of hot." He nodded in agreement.

"Well, to what do we owe this lovely coming together with?" Kisame asked in his joking way.

"Well, actually I'm on a-

"MISSION TO CAPTURE MY BROTHER AND HIS COMRADES!" Sasuke practically screamed in Naruto's bloody face. "Why the hell would Tsunade send her on that kind of mission?"

"Because she has changed," Naruto answered back with a tone that Sasuke didn't like in his voice. "Can't you tell…she is stronger now."

With that Sasuke threw Naruto to the ground and ran straight to Suna. He would make sure HIS Cherry Blossom would be safe. No one could touch her or kill her. Or the would DIE!!

Before Sasuke left, though, he threw a bomb kunai straight at-

A kunai was jetting straight at Kisame. The fight had begun. Sakura took out her fan Seshmadia and hurled it straight at Saosori and Itachi. They dodged just in time.

"She's gonna give us a run for our money isn't she?" Saosori asked panting. He was looking at the shinobi who just got her fan back.

She positioned herself to throw it again. This time she hurled it at them, but made it curve and hit Kisame. Blood came out of his mouth.

Behind her Deidara stood ready to attack her neck with a kunai.

"I got you know," he said as he thrusted the Kunai into her neck, but was surprised to find out it was a replacement jutsu. She had shown up behind him and said something:

"Gaton: Flower Tree Sakura Jutsu," she said. She soon infused into a Sakura tree and grabbed him with her tree branches. She then came out of the tree and stabbed him in the neck with her kunai. He fell to the ground.

"Sexy and strong, just the way I like them," he said before he fell to the ground.

Saosori then looked up from his position only to be kicked in the face by her knee. He fell to the ground, but not without sending a puppet to grab her from behind. She struggled.

"Not so tough now, huh?" Saosori asked with a bit of joke in his voice. "Itachi now!" he exclaimed.

Itachi ran with his sword and went straight torwards Sakura. It plunged into her, but was surprised to find a replacement jutsu for Kisame and his sword was in his sholder.

"Up here!" Sakura yelled from on top of her fan, Seshmadia. She stook out her tongue. She then threw kunai at him from above. He easily dogged it. Hmmmm this will be fun.

She was just about to jump off when Itachi grabbed her from behind and used his mengekyogon (a/n: how do u spell it?) she soon fainted on his chest. He looked down at her. Deidara's right…she is beautiful. He then picked her up bridal style and carried her.

"Let's go…I sense my brother," Itachi said not looking away from the girl.

"I don't know why she gets to be carried," Kisame grumbled.

I was Gonna Show the World, Sakura thought before she slipped into the world of darkness.

Their gone and…they took my blossom. Sasuke was pissed he would get her back. The Souind were afraid to go near him. Then the snake sanin poped up.

"Thissssssssss will be fun. See you ssssssssssssoon SSSSSSSSSSSSSSakura-Chan, My SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSakura-chan," Orochimaru said.

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"Welcome to our Akatsuki Manor!" Deidara yelled.

"What the Hell," Sakura screemed as she jumped back in her bed.

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