Chapter 10

Even though the heartless had fled from the amitheatre, they had yet to flee from the residential district. Luckily, Cloud and Tifa had made the option of evacuation from the world via gummi ship leaving the market availiable for all of those who felt that their lives in Radiant Garden were over. Yet still, Leon, Aerith, Cid, Vincent, Cait Sith, Yuffie, and Axel fought on in the residential district. They were beginning to notice the heartless' retreat, but as was said before they were not yet gone.

A group of the smaller darkside like heartless (sorry, I forgot their name! They're those flying guys with the swords at the KH1) swarmed Axel and Yuffie. The two fought them as well as they could, but Yuffie was taken down by one of them. Axel was filled with more rage than he had ever been in his entire life as a human and he tore through the heartless that had attacked Yuffie.

He threw himself at her side and held her up. He closed his eyes and engulfed the two of them in an inferno that did not harm them, but destroyed the heartless around them. He pulled a potion from his pocket and held it to Yuffie's lips.

A warm tear welled up in his eye and he said, "I'm sorry, I can't do any more."

Yuffie smiled weakly and optimistically said, "I'll be fine."

Axel had never felt that way about anyone, and he never wanted to leave the ninja's side, nor did she him.

At that very moment the heartless began to leave en masse from the residential district and Vincent, Cid, and Cait Sith came running up to the scene.

"Ahh, heck. We really came in at the wrong time, didn't we boys?" stated Cid flicking the twig in his mouth with his thumb.

Axel gingerly helped Yuffie to her feet and walked over to their allies.

"Who's this?" said Axel gesturing at Vincent.

"Vincent, you're back!" shouted Yuffie jumping up into the air.

"Wow, she can act like this even when she's hurt?" asked the cat riding on the mechanical moogle.

"So it seems..." said Vincent calmly.

"You guys seen Leon 'n Aerith." asked Axel.

"No, but I've heard some...interesting things..." responded the collected vampiric figure.

At that time the rest of the group came into the revendoux and saw the pyro and the ninja holding hands.

"This date night or somethin'?" asked Cloud seeing that he and Tifa, as well as Leon and Aerith were together.

"About what you said, about the light...thanks." said Leon to his blonde haired friend.

"I got a couple of things like that in me." said Cloud with a smirk.

"Hear anything about the guys at the ampitheatre?" asked Tifa.

"No, but we were just on our way over there." said Axel.

"No we..." began Cid, but he stopped as soon as Yuffie's foot hit his shin.

"Then let us go." said Aerith with a smile.

Sora and Kairi touched down just in time to see the great explosion, and as they began to wonder about their savior's safety, an orange and blue ship was jettisoned from the great vessel.

"Dude, why are the heartless leaving?" asked a dumbstucked Dan.

"Kill the head, the body follows." said Riku.

"Still, I've never know the heartless to act like this." stated Zack cautiosly gazing upon the battle zone.

"Well they're gone all the same." said Sora.

It was then that the other group casually strolled up to the group with the keybearers.

"They're gone." said Leon.

"Yeah, that's what everybody's been saying." said Riku.

"I still don't think that it's because Sora took down their leader." added Zack.

Riku was relieved to see that his new guitar had survived the battle. He picked it up and strummed whatever chord is the first accoustic chord of Black Balloon by the Goo Goo Dolls and then happily slung it onto his back.

"Is everybody safe?" he asked Cloud and Tifa who were in charge of the evacuation.

"Everybody who wanted to be is." said Tifa.

"Guess we can't make people choose what they do." said Axel, who even though he had come into the ampitheatre with that party, he still wasn't present during the actual evacuation.

"I wish we could..." said the silver haired teen gritting his teeth.

"Traverse town's gonna be getting some traffic." stated Sora almost jokingly.

"Sora, this isn't funny." said Kairi smacking himself on the back of the head, an act that had become her trademark throughout this journey.

"We need to go if we're ever going to find the rest of the organization, we probably need to go." advised Matt.

"We all probably need to go to Traverse Town first though and meet up with the King." added Leena.

"Well me and Zack got no business with the king." stated Dan.

"As much as I hate to say it, you guys are gonna need somebody to take care of you." said Axel moving up and placing his hands on his friend's shoulders.

"Axel, you can't do anything on your own; in fact you'd just make it worse." said Leena in a sarcastic manner.

"Are you saying that you're gonna go with us?" Axel asked his female friend.

"I don't want to, but you guys are gonna need it." she replied.

"What about me?" asked Yuffie to her newfound special someone.

"I'll drop in for a visit sometime." said Axel with a wink.

"So it's settled, the rest of you go to Traverse Town and meet with the King, these guys go out on their own, and we stay here and take care of the rest of the people in Radiant Garden." stated Cloud.

"Sounds about right." said Kairi.

And so the new adventure truly began...Oh yeah, if you're reading this on April 25, sorry about chapter 9, I musta saved too early.