He glided along the clouds. Appa descended and his feet hit the ground. The young man jumped off the side of the giant, fuzzy monster and landed next to him, barely making a sound due to the gusts of air that slowed his short fall. He was clad in a blue hakama which had red ties and outlines. His pants were white.

"Aang!" Katara yelled, jumping into the 18 year-old avatar's arms. Aang almost fell over from the sudden attack from his best friend. He laughed and hugged the girl back.

"Katara, I missed you, so much." He said, squeezing her tightly.

"Aang, you've grown…" She said, taking a small step back to see his more masculine face. Being the giddy 19 year-old she was she was just blushing at the face she saw replacing the fat, twelve year-old face she'd fallen for. He looked down at her, too. She was wearing the same as he was, which didn't surprise him. The followers of the avatar had all begun to wear robes that contained each of the colors of the nations:

Red for the fire nation

White for the air nomads

Blue for the water tribes and

Green for the earth nation. The green didn't go with the rest of the outfit so they all wore pendants with the four nation symbols and all the necklaces had a green ribbon to tie them to the wearer's neck.

Aang's attention returned to the girl in his arms. She was awaiting something. He laughed and replied.

"I would hope so, seeing as how I've been gone for almost two years. I'm not the only one to grow though, you have, too." He said smirking. Katara smiled at the change in his voice as she compared it to the last time she had heard it.

"I'm just glad to see you again." She said and hugged him again. He hugged her back.

"HEY, Aang's back!" Sokka's manly voice yelled. The pair turned and saw Sokka walking into the clearing, his arm around Suki's waist.

"Hey, Sokka." He said, letting go of Katara. Sokka smirked.

"You're almost as tall as me, but you don't look as strong." He said flexing his muscles. Suki laughed and told him to give it a break. They all laughed.

"So where's Toph?"

"Right here, Twinkle Toes." The annoyed voice sounded from behind him. Aang turned to see an 18 year-old Toph. She was wearing her uniform like the rest of them, her hair was in a ponytail held by a bright green ribbon, which caught Aang by surprise. She wasn't wearing shoes, but her feet were covered by very thin socks.

"OH, there you are. Sorry, I didn't see you…"

"That's because I just got here." She said, her voice was just slightly tinted with the bitter taste of sarcasm. Her mouth curved upward a bit into a smirk. He took a step closer, Katara's face became lightly tinted with red in anger at his expression. Sokka saw this and changed the subject.

"So…Aang, how was your meditation trip thingie?" Aang turned back to his only male friend and smiled.

"It was good, though I missed Katara…I mean, all of you." Katara smiled, but she was still thinking bitterly of the face he had made when he had seen Toph moments before.

After dinner, Aang told his friends about his tale of how he had left to find himself and came upon a memorial in the honor of Avatar Roku. He had stayed there overnight and when he had awoken, he was in the spirit realm. He talked with Avatar Roku who had congratulated him on defeating Azula and restoring peace. Roku then continued, talking about how Aang was to be different than the other avatars. He had said:

"Aang, we…being the past lives and I…seeing what you learned from Guru Patik, we decided to tell you that you, unlike the rest of us, will get married and keep peace with your wife, we can't tell you who, but we thought that you would want to know."

Aang finished his tale with a small glance in Katara's direction. After the story, everyone decided to go to sleep. Toph, Aang, and Katara went to various places around camp and slept, but Sokka and Suki ran off together into the woods to talk.

"Sokka, I think we should tell our friends." Suki said, holding onto the fabric of Sokka's shirt. Sokka's strong muscular arms were wrapped around her small, warrior body.

"I know Katara will take it well. Aang'll be happy for us, but Toph will be pissed…"

"They deserve to know Sokka. Katara's your family and Aang may be your brother-in-law soon, Toph's love for you has changed. It's more like the love a sister had for her brother like how Katara loves you instead of a love like I have for you."

"I guess your right, Suki." Sokka said, he was defeated whether he wanted to be beaten or not. Suki hugged him and locked his lips with her own. They slowly made their way back. The camp was dark and silent. Their sleeping friends were snoring quietly, Momo was whining in his sleep as he dreamed about fighting some odd monster or something like that, and Appa was sleeping next to Aang, keeping him warm. Katara was sleeping on top of Appa, gently whimpering and rubbing Appa's soft fur as thoughts of Aang liking Toph filled her dreams.

"I love you, Sokka." Suki said and kissed him on the lips. She smiled and got into her sleeping bag. She fell asleep soon after and Sokka sat on a rock overlooking a cliff. He thought about what they had talked about and felt his eyelids get heavy. He fell asleep watching a dolphin-squirrel jump into the air and fall back into the water.

"Aang, wake up." Katara's voice penetrated Aang's dreams and his eyes opened to look upon a 19 year-old girl, her hair back like she had always done when they were 12. She had grown to being slightly taller, more filled out, and more beautiful, if it had been possible. He gazed upon her gentle face and smile. Without a second to think his actions through, he sat up quickly and captured her lips in a kiss. He hugged her to himself and felt her arms move around his neck. He deepened the kiss and pulled Katara into his lap. When they finally pulled apart, both of their cheeks were bright red.

"I love you…Katara."

"No you don't." She responded, sobering completely, getting to her feet.

"Yes I do!"

"Then why…nevermind." She exclaimed, exasperated. She walked over to the fire and thrust a dead fish over it to cook it.


Riza: That's enough for now, you know, too much of a good thing is bad for you, so, a little bit of an awful thing rots your brain.

Kago: But lemons are awesome, not awful.

Riza: That isn't proven