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Steven Hyde was sitting on his porch watching his three children play in the yard. His oldest, Maggie was trying to teach her twin brothers Adam and Danny to play basketball. They had a tiny hoop because they were still just little kids. Maggie was six and the boys were three. Hyde laughed when the boys started fighting over the ball and Maggie got upset because they weren't playing by the rules. His wife came out onto the porch and handed him a beer sitting next to them.

She laughed. "What are they doing?"

"Well like me…the boys don't like to play by the rules. And Maggie isn't so happy about it." He said taking a swig of his beer. His smile faded for a second and Jackie placed a hand on his knee.

"Hey…penny for your thoughts."

He looked over at her and memorized every part of her face. "I was just thinking about the day of your bone marrow transplant." He whispered.

She took a deep breathe, they never talked about it. "Oh? Why…?"

"I don't know…I guess I just never thought we would make it here…"

She smiled and scooted closer to her husband, resting her head on his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her. "I love you too Steven."

He smiled and kissed her head. "Love you doll."

Hyde closed his eyes for a moment and thought about that horrible day and how scared he had been.

The day of Jackie's surgery

Hyde was sitting in the waiting room, Kitty on one side of him and Eric on the other. He was resting his elbows on his knees, tapping his fingers nervously. He kept glancing up at the clock, they had told him it would take only two hours. But it had been three hours and he couldn't take it anymore.

"Um…you want some coffee?" Donna asked him.

"No." He said without looking at her.

"I have candy…I don't normally share them…but in this situation I will…" Fez said quietly.


"Hyde man maybe you should eat something…or do something to keep your mind off it." Eric said.

"No man. No…just stop. Alright? Just…stop."

The gang looked at each other and backed off letting Hyde fall into his shell, there was nothing they could do at this point to make him happier. They knew that he needed Jackie…and if this didn't go well…they weren't sure if he was going to make it. Hyde stood up and went over to the magazines and saw a travel magazine about Hawaii. There was a happy couple on the cover, the girl kind of looked like Jackie and he threw it across the room. His breathe was coming in shallow, labored breathes. The room seemed to be spinning and all thoughts of Jackie dying were consuming him. He felt a hand on his back and he screamed, spinning around ready to attack anyone who dare interrupt him. He was shocked when he saw a fearful Doctor Monroe standing before him.

"Shit…I'm sorry. I…god. I'm so sorry Dr. Monroe…I wouldn't…I…"

"Its ok Hyde…just take a deep breathe alright?" He said sitting Hyde down.

"Is she…is she ok?" He asked not looking at him, hiding behind his sunglasses.

"The surgery took longer than we had anticipated…" He started.

"Yeah no kidding…but…is she ok?" He said finally turning to look at him.

Dr. Monroe smiled. "Yes. She's ok."

Hyde's heart was doing back flips, twists, and every other trick it could think of. He grabbed onto the arms of his chair and felt wetness in his eyes, he was crying. He felt Donna's hand on his back and he looked up at her, she had a huge smile on her face.

"She's ok man…she's ok."

Hyde smiled and looked back at the Doctor. "Can…can I go see her?"

Dr. Monroe smiled. "Yeah…one at a time. You go first."

Hyde jumped up from his seat and followed the Doctor to Jackie's room and was about to turn the knob but Dr. Monroe stopped him.

"Look…she's still a little out of it. So…if she doesn't remember you at first…or doesn't really make sense…don't be upset ok?"

"Alright. And…thank you. Thank you so much." He said shaking the mans hand.

"No problem." He said smiling at Hyde as he walked in the room.

Hyde walked into the room and saw all the machines Jackie was hooked up to. He looked up at the heart monitor and the beeping sound indicating she was alive was probably the greatest sound he had ever heard. He smiled and knelt down beside her bed and took one of her hands in his and kissed it gently.

"Hey Jacks…its me. Um…you just…you made it through the surgery…so if you could just open your eyes and look at me…I would be really happy ok? Can you do that?"

He felt Jackie's hand move under his and she opened her eyes slowly. "St-"

"Yeah…babe…come on…I'm right here." He stood up and bent over her, staring down at her face, brushing some hair off of her forehead. "Jackie…" He whispered.

"Did you pick a wedding song yet?" She said smiling at him with her eyes still shut.

Hyde laughed until he couldn't laugh anymore. "Nah…I wanted to wait for you."

She opened her eyes slowly. "How about "Tiny Dancer"?" She said staring up at him.

"Sounds perfect." He said before his lips landed on hers.

Hyde looked down at his wife and kissed the top of her head, pulling her closer to him. Their son Adam ran over to them holding his finger up to show his parents with the "Jackie pout" on his face.

"Hey little man…what happened?" Hyde asked.

"Maggie hurt finger!" He yelled.

"Maggie…play nice."

"But Dad! They don't play right!" She yelled, hands on her hips, as stubborn as both of her parents.

"Maggie…honey…there three years old. Be nice." Jackie said picking Adam up and he wrapped himself around his mother crying silently.

"Momma hurt…" He whispered into her neck.

Jackie smiled at her husband sympathetically since their moment had been ruined. "Come on baby…mommy will make it all better."

Hyde patted her butt as they walked into the house and Jackie smile mischievously at her husband as she carried Adam into the kitchen. Hyde shook his head; sometimes he just couldn't believe how lucky he truly was to have all of this. A beautiful wife, three amazing and healthy children that he would kill for, and a home. A real home…something he never imagined himself having. He remembered how after Jackie's surgery, she insisted Hyde find a house for them right away. So before Jackie got out of the hospital, Hyde and WB went to look at houses and purchased a perfect little house near the Foreman's. Six months after the surgery, Jackie and Hyde were married in a small ceremony in WB's backyard with just their closest friends and family their. He remembered the exact moment when the priest named them husband and wife…and how they both cried because they both knew there had been a chance they wouldn't be able to get married. And when they danced together for the first time to Tiny Dancer, he remembered how his wife kissed his neck softly and promised to be the best wife she could be and to never leave him. She was the best wife ever…the perfect wife…and she had given him three children. When Maggie was born he knew he was in trouble…she looked just like Jackie and acted like her too. Stubborn, and tough yet oh so adorable. He made a vow to never let a boy like him enter his daughter's life otherwise he would loose his little princess. He remembered the exact moment that Jackie handed Maggie to him.

Maggie's Birth

"Do you want to hold our daughter?" She asked tears in her eyes.

"She's so tiny…maybe I'll break her." He said nervously.

She laughed. "Baby you won't break her…just be careful with her. Support her head and just hold her real close." She assured him.

Hyde held his daughter in his arms and he had always thought he would feel like his life was over the second he had kids. But in this moment…his life seemed to be just beginning…he was living to support this little girl, and his wife and whoever else came along. He stared down at her, she had Jackie's face and he smiled. "She looks just like you…" He whispered.

"You are in so much trouble." Jackie said laughing at him.

He laughed. "Yeah…I really am." His face fell for a moment. "She's not dating until I'm dead!" He yelled at her.

Jackie just laughed and brought him closer to her so they could sit together as a family. "Steven…I want another one."

"Geez babe…I know I'm good but I can't work that fast."

Jackie slapped him. "Steven! I'm serious."

"I'll tell you what…we'll see how this one goes…and then we'll talk ok?" He said looking at her.

"Ok." She said kissing her husband and then her daughters head.

Hyde smiled at the memory. He couldn't believe that his daughter was already six years old. She was growing up way to fast for his liking and before he knew it he feared she would be getting married herself. She was already the most beautiful girl her age and someone had stopped them in a restaurant asking if they thought of enrolling her in modeling classes. Hyde picked Maggie up so fast Jackie didn't even have a chance to jump up and down in excitement. When Maggie was three, Jackie told Hyde she was pregnant again and he couldn't have been more excited…and then came the day when he found out it was twins. Double trouble. When the boys were born…he knew he was looking back at himself.

The Twins Birth

"Oh my god…there's two of you." Jackie had said staring at he two boys. "We are going to have so many parent conference meetings!"

Hyde laughed. "Yep. My boys are going to be the new rebels of Point Place! Just like their father…" He said proudly.

"Oh stop gloating." She said handing Adam to him while she held Danny.

Kitty peeked her head through the door with little Maggie holding her hand beside her.

"Hey…someone wanted to come see her new brothers." Kitty said.

"Hey Sweetie." Hyde said. "Can you pick her up and put her on the bed Mom?"

"Sure." She picked up Maggie and placed her on the bed and she stared in awe at the little baby in her mothers arms and then noticed the one in her Dad's arms. "I'll leave you all alone." Kitty said smiling at them and leaving.

"Maggie…I want you to meet your brothers." Jackie said.

"Two." She said pointing at them both.

Jackie and Hyde laughed. "Yeah sweetie…there are two of them. This is Adam and this is Danny…"

"Two!" She giggled. She scooted closer to her Mom and Danny and peered down at the little boy. "Momma love me still?" She asked.

Jackie looked up at her daughter and smiled. "Oh honey…of course we still love you. We just have two new members of our family…but that doesn't mean we love you any less. I promise ok?"

"Ok Momma." She said kissing Danny's head.

"You're going to be a good big sister right?" Hyde asked.

Maggie nodded and scooted over to her father and placed a kiss on Adam's head. "Yes Daddy." She said giggling when the baby's made any small little move.

"Steven?" Jackie asked.

"Yeah babe?" He asked looking over at her.

"I love you."

He smiled and leaned over to kiss her. "I love you too babe."

And they stayed like that as one big happy family.

Hyde smiled and took a deep breathe, realizing just how lucky he really was. He jumped up from his spot on the porch and ran over to his two other children and started playing basketball with them.

"Daddy!" Maggie yelled when he picked Danny up and let him dunk a basket.

"Oh you wanna go too!?" He asked.

She giggled and grabbed the ball and ran away from her father, he laughed and ran after her. "Oh I'm going to get you!" Danny was right on their heels as Hyde picked up his daughter and started ticking her.

Jackie watched from the slider door holding Adam in her arms, his crying had turned into small sniffles and she saw him stubbornly trying not to laugh and his Dad and siblings.

"Look at Daddy…he's so silly huh?" She asked.

"Maybe…" He whispered.

"You want to go play?" She asked.

"No…" He lied.

She laughed. "Yep. You are definitely our son." She sighed and then looked over at saw the boy's water guns on the floor and she got an idea. "Hey…you want to get back at Maggie?" She asked laughing because she felt like a kid again.

Adam's face lit up. "Uh huh."

"Ok babe…mission soak Daddy and the kids is on!" She placed Adam on the ground and handed him a water gun and the two ran outside and began soaking the three unprepared victim outside. Maggie yelled and started chasing her brother with Danny and Hyde turned and glared at his wife with a wicked grin.

"Oh you are dead!" He yelled chasing after her.

Jackie screeched and ran from her husband but she wasn't fast enough. He grabbed her hips and picked her up spinning her around and then he grabbed the water gun from her and started soaking her with it.

"Steven Hyde!" Jackie yelled trying to get the water gun from him.

They wrestled with each other laughing like little kids, ticking and soaking each other until they felt a steady stream of water hitting them. They both stopped and looked over and saw their kids holding the hose spraying their parents.

"Yep. Just like Mom and Dad." Hyde laughed as he stood up and pulled his wife with him as they chased the kids. When all was said and done, and the kids changed into warm dry cloths and were but to bed. Hyde was sitting in bed and Jackie came over and sat with him and noticed the smile on his face and the distant look in his eyes.

"Hey you…you've been reminiscing all day. What's going on in that head of yours?" She laughed as she placed a kiss on his cheek.

"I've just been thinking about how lucky I am." He said honestly.

"We are both lucky baby…we are happy and healthy, and we've got three great children. Who could ask for anything else?" She said snuggling up to him.

He smiled and kissed the top of her head. "It's just that if it wasn't for you…my life would be so different. You've taught me so much. You taught me how to love Jackie…that's something I never thought I would be able to do. So thank you…" He whispered.

Jackie smiled at her husband and sat up so she could straddle his hips. "Steven…love is the greatest thing in the world. And we've had our ups and downs. But…we took one day at a time and now were right where we belong. All that matters is that you love today…tomorrow will come but today…today is what is important."

He smiled at his wife and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. "I love you."

"I love you too…" She said leaning down to kiss him.

"Now…I say we celebrate our love…" He said raising an eyebrow at her.

She sighed teasing him…"Fine…if you must." She said lying down next to him.

Hyde laughed and rolled over on top of his perfect, healthy wife. His life was perfect…and he couldn't be any happier. His wife was right…you had to take one day at a time…Love TodayTomorrow will come in time. But Todayis what matters the most what do you think? You know what to do! REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW:D