The sun was shining it's rays on Konoha Village as a young kunoichi awoke from a deep slumber. Her long dark hair fanned out on her shoulders and her eyes, which were of the lightest purple gleamed at the prospect of going out on another mission. Hinata Hyuuga was ready for anything. Packing an apple and a few extra kunai in her bag, she left her apartment. It had been six months since she left her old room at the Hyuuga training grounds. She was now 19 and decided to be more independent, both in missions and in daily life. Today, Team 8 had a new mission. They were to go after a rogue ninja from Kirigakure. He was currently hiding in the Land of Fire and had to be found immediately. As she came up to the village gates she noticed that her teammates Kiba Inuzuka, his dog brother Akamaru and Shino Aburame waiting patiently for her.

"Hey babe,"said Kiba with a toothy grin. He called all girls babe, so she did not mind much. Shino just nodded, as he was busy coaxing fleas out of Akamaru's coat. Being a bug-master, he collected insects a lot and was very loyal to his team. Akamaru let out a short bark and brushed at Hinata's face with his soft black nose

"Hey everyone,"Hinata called out as Kurenai-sensei dropped out of a nearby tree.

"Everyone here? Good. Lets go!"

Team 8 ran at top speed for four hours straight. As morning slipped into afternoon, the team stopped by a waterfall to rest for the day.

"WOO-HOO!"whooped Kiba as he and Akamaru went for a "walk",which consisted of swinging wildly through the trees at breakneck speed. Kurenai sighed and closed her eyes in exhaustion, wondering how Kiba and Akamaru could possibly have energy to move at all. Shino could be heard muttering under his breath something along the lines of " Damn fools gonna break their necks one of these days" before releasing his bugs for a while so they might enjoy the sunlight as well. Hinata lingered for a few minutes before setting off in search of a place where she could bathe in seclusion.

Finding a small pool that was surrounded by large rocks and a few trees, she stripped off all her clothes and realized she was sweating. Grabbing a bar of soap, she slowly entered the pool until the water reached her mid-section. She scrubbed hard at her back and cleaned out her hair. Just as she stepped out of the water, she heard a rustling sound. She paused, startled, and looked around before coming to the conclusion that the rustling must have been caused by a small mammal in the bushes. Deciding it was too hot to put back on her old clothes, Hinata instead just put on a pair of close-fitting shorts (a perverted birthday gift from Kiba and Shino) and a fishnet shirt that was commonly worn by other shinobi.

As she walked back to the small camp her team had made, she noticed a green patch of grass that was situated in the middle of a clearing. Growing inside the patch was a large bed of wildflowers. Hinata always had a soft spot for flowers and, after breathing deeply sat down. Flowers reminded her of Kiba's sister, Hana, who was a role model to her. However, there were certain flowers that reminded her of sadder things. Stroking the petals of a large rose she was kneeling in front of, she thought of how her father told her that one of her duties to the clan was to bear children as the next generation. He was trying to get her to marry another shinobi whose clan was similar to the Hyuugas. Hinata wanted love, not children, and even love seemed impossible as she gazed at the rose before her. Naruto, the one she cared about was her friend, but did not seem to care for her as much as she cared for him. Assuming that she was in complete seclusion, Hinata kissed the rose and lay down, lost in her thoughts.

Hinata, however, was oblivious of the fact that she was being watched. Hiding in one of the bushes was a young shinobi who had been following her for quite some time. Fascinated by her actions, his red eyes did not let her escape his sight. Even though he had orders from his leader to capture her, Hinata Hyuuga, it seemed, had caught his interest. Pulling back his shiny black hair he stealthily approached her, his dark robe making no sound as it rubbed against his skin.

Hinata sat up when she heard a tiny rustle. She was about to jump up a tree and sprint away but before she gathered her muscle power into her legs she felt a hard blow on the back of her head.

Just before a wave of darkness and silence engulfed her, she saw a pair of rose-red eyes looking directly into her eyes.

Is that Sasuke?

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