Luke almost didn't hear the soft knocking on his dark wooden door. He was in "thinking mode". He would stare into space for almost an hour, thinking of his life, his father, and Lorelai. He closed his tired eyes and lifted his body from his armchair. There was another knock. He rolled his eyes and grunted. Who the hell would be at his apartment at this hour? He flung open the door, annoyed. But when he saw who was at the door, he melted.

"Hi, Luke," Lorelai stood there, and everything was washed away from Luke's mind. He was almost shivering with love.

"Why- I mean… I…" Luke mumbled, looking at his feet. Idiot, he scolded himself. Say hello.

"Hey," he exhaled. Lorelai smiled softly, and her angel eyes shone like sapphires in the dark.

"You're not wearing your baseball cap," her voice swept over him, taking him under. He automatically ruffled his bare head. God, could she be more beautiful?

"Yeah, I…" Luke smiled weakly, and his lips quivered with longing.

"I like it," she said simply. Luke didn't even know how to respond to this. He also didn't know how to respond when her hand reached out to touch the side of his face. Her fingers burned like fire, scorching hot, and Luke almost pulled away. Instead, he closed his eyes with desire, as her blazing hand ran along the side of his grizzly cheek. He swallowed his hot saliva, and it burned his throat. When she pulled away, his whole body was exhilarated, and he felt like he was floating.

Then something happened. Something unexpected and unreal, something he had always dreamed of but never thought would come true. Her stunning face quickly crashed into his, and the earth seemed to fall off of its axis. Their kiss was passionate and beautiful, full of yearning and hunger. Luke couldn't take it anymore- he pulled her perfect body closer. Suddenly, he heard a soft cry from her lips, and she swiftly pulled away.

"What- did I do something?" Luke frantically whispered, his heart beating speedily.

"No, no," she whimpered, her shoulders shaking. "I just… I can't believe this… that this is happening…" She seized the back of his head, and plunged into his lips, this time using her tongue. Luke's cock instantly became hard, and a passion surged through his blood as he ran his fingers through her silky black hair. God, he never dreamed that this would happen.

Lorelai's body was overflowing with an exhilarating passion. She felt his uneven, frantic breaths on her face, and she realized how exited he was. Taking control of him, she began sucking on his neck, and he seemed to stop breathing. Again, she fiercely kissed him, slowly but surely unbuttoning his soft, flannel shirt.

Lorelai didn't know what she was doing to him, Luke thought to himself. Or maybe she did. His passion leading him, he began to take charge. He slipped off her thin shirt and sucked on her chest, unbuttoning her silky bra as he proceeded. Soft moans escaped her lips as her bra fell to the floor, and Luke's shirt soon followed.

She shoved Luke onto the bed, his muscular chest heaving, and his mouth forming into an excited grin. She lunged onto him, and he exhaled heavily. His cock was getting harder in his jeans. She ran her fingers through his hair and sucked on his ears. Luke began to massage her breasts, and Lorelai panted with pleasure. Her nipples were getting hard.

Luke was trembling. He undid her jeans and didn't even bother to toss them to the floor. Right after, her slipped off her underwear as she undid the buttons of his jeans. Luke wasn't even embarrassed that his rigid cock was sticking out of his plaid boxers. "C'mere," he grunted, and his fingers reached to her vagina. "Oh," was all Lorelai could say. As soon as he touched her, Lorelai screamed softly. He ran his fingers along her cilt as he went inside of her. "Oh, god," Lorelai seemed to be having trouble containing herself. After Luke was done, Lorelai planted a firm and thrilling kiss onto Luke's lips. "My turn," she whispered sexily into his ear.

Lorelai gripped Luke's cock and ran her fingers along the sides, kissing him as fire raged inside of him. Luke was moaning and his head was tilted back, his eyes closed. Faster and faster. Lorelai felt the hot friction underneath her fingers. His cock was incredibly hard now, and Luke murmered. "Stop, I can't… We…" He then lifted her up to his level.

She opened her legs as wide as possible. Luke couldn't take it anymore. With one thrust, his cock entered her. A stream of ardor and passion surged through them, and nothing mattered but them. They felt the sweat on each other's body's mix with fire and fervor, as Luke moved faster and faster into her. No one had ever touched Lorelai like this. Their screams of intensity burned like fire. Finally they broke apart. They lay panting in the bed and fell asleep in each other's arms.