Ranma the Druid

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Ranma had had a long, tiring day. All he wanted was to lie down and pass out on the couch. It was a Friday, nothing too special except that Akane was spending the night over at a friend's house, Nabiki was at college, Kasumi was in Kyoto visiting an old friend of hers from school. Soun and Genma were forced into a training trip with Happosai. Shampoo, Moose, Ukyo, and Cologne were all at their respective restaurants, Fridays being their busiest day of the week. Kodashi was in France for some reason; he still couldn't figure that one out. Ryoga was here earlier but he could be in Albuquerque by now. Maybe Borneo. So he actually had the house and time to himself. Perhaps it was special night after all. Ryoga even learned a new move that put him in a run for his money earlier; an hour-long fight sure can take a lot out of you.

So Ranma had the whole house to himself, but he was too exhausted to do anything about it. Not that he would have known what to do if he did. Daisiku (?? i forgot his name...) suggested that he put on some music and dance around in his underwear. He sure was glad he didn't grow up in civilized society if that's the best they can come up with. He was at the moment of drifting off to sleep when his eyes suddenly went wide open.

Something is happening.

Everything was a little too bright, even with the mist. How did the mist get in the house? Akane was probably going to blame him. He tried to get up to see what in the name of the 5 hoary hordes of heck was going on when he realized he couldn't move. Very suspect indeed. Yup, something is defiantly happening. Ranma just wished he knew what it was, and who to beat up for it.

Two men, with long bushy beards and what seemed to be grayish cloaks, though gray would not be the right word for it, just the closest thing to describing it. In a certain light, it would portray a different color during movement, but it would then blend back into a shade of gray. The two men were standing over him and each grab him by the wrists to pull him up. He had no choice but to comply, and they levitated, up through the ceiling, through Akane's closet. Hmmm... Ranma didn't know she had a black patent leather bustier. He wondered briefly what she used it for. Maybe it was used for protection during some match she had before he got there. After all, he had some pretty unusual challenges and he was only there for 2 years.

He flew. Not by his own power but he flew none the less. He enjoyed flying, as long it wasn't because of Akane. Stupid tomboy. He flashed briefly on the bustier and a slight blush came to his colorless cheeks.

Before he knew it the figures brought him to a clearing from some forest. There was a small but deep thicket of trees in the center of the forest where the two figures brought him.

There were many people in the same gray cloaks surrounding a stone table. Ranma thought this was probably the weirdest dream he ever had when he notices that two more cloaked figures ushered in a little twelve-year-old girl. Ranma was starting to get nervous but he found that he still couldn't move no matter how hard he strained.

The young girl seemed to be in a trance as the attending men in cloaks disrobed her and placed her on a stone slab of a table. She lay peacefully on the stone table. Her peace was then extended to forever when on older figure slit her throat and allowed the blood to spill onto the ground from the cold stone table. As the blood was allowed to drip from the table, another cloaked figure brought a silver chalice before it and allowed it to fill with the young girl's blood.

Ranma was now being physically restrained by the other two figures, though there was no need for it because he still couldn't move. The figure with the chalice approached him slowly and forced the girl's blood down his throat. All of a sudden he had his motor functions returned to him and threw the two restraining him off him and to the ground beneath their feet. He grabbed the one with the chalice still in his hands by his throat and lifted him off the ground. Then the stench reached his nose distracting himself from his current position. He looked closely at the figure and what was human once, was now a decaying carcass with maggot's wiggling in and out of its once nose and mouth.

The thing spoke. It was an empty hollow voice, which seemed to scratch your ear as it talked.

"We know you don't like what you have just witnessed. But it was a Necessary. There are outside forces invading the earth, if continued will prove quite perilous and bring about an ultimate destruction. Perhaps I phrase this too callously, oh- humans will still exist, but it is an existence that Mother Earth tried to protect her children from in the beginning. What once was shall come again. You, my troubled troubling friend, have been chosen to safeguard against such action. It is because of your nature, that you were chosen. You are wild, but not. You are male, but are not. You are civilized, but not. You are all and nothing. You are the Druid."

The figure disintegrated, leaving nothing but his cloak and dust in the hands of Ranma. He looked around. He saw a figure; with a wave of his hand he brought the mist that shrouded his view. He turned his head and saw an old gray-haired woman in the same cloak. She made an upward motion with her hand and fire appeared before her. He turned to find a young boy, perhaps 7, in a cloak. The youth just nodded at him and animals from the forest appeared by his side. He turned around to find another figure, which gestured with both hands and trees and vines grew beneath his feet.

He turned around once more completing the circle. There was one last person, a woman in her thirties. The hood covered her face but red hair was unmistakable. She walked towards him slowly while removing the cloak from her head. It was his mother, Nodoka. She had a tear in her eye as she approached him and kissed him on his left cheek.


Akane returned from the slumber party to see an unconscious Ranma lying on the ground by the couch. "Baka" she muttered, "probably stayed up watching some perverted movie or something and too lazy to get to bed." What else was a girl to do in a similar position but fill a bucket full of water and splash it over her would be fiancé face. She started to worry, though when he refused to wake up. Akane reached for the Ranma's forehead and felt it hot. Akane didn't know what to do but panicking was probably bad. She carried Ranma to his room and called the clinic.

Since Dr. Tofu mysteriously disappeared, doctors from surrounding areas would volunteer at the clinic. The phone rang and Dr. Mizuna was there to answer the call. "Hello, Nerima Clinic, what seems to be the problem? What? A high fever? Yes. I see. I see. A 102(F) temperature? Yes. I see. Well, just keep him in bed and give him plenty of fluids, juice is good. If the temperature continues to rise, you could put him in a cool bath. Though only if it gets too high, if you do it now it might make things worse. No, I said if it gets too high, then you put him in the cool bath. I'd say about 105. Yes, you put him in the bath then you call me immediately. Ok, I hope he gets better. Goodbye Akane." Dr. Mizuna hangs up the phone. "What a dense girl," she says while shaking her head.

Akane quickly hung up the phone. Ranma was sick so she had to act fast. The first thing she did was fill up the tub with some cold water and poured a bucket of ice in it. "Please get well, Ranma." Akane said to herself.

Sunday, despite Akane's administrations, Ranma is recovering. At the moment he or rather she is laying in bed all covered in blankets and eating a bowl of homemade ice-cream that Kasumi made just for Ranma. It was blueberry.

Outside the Tendo home, a figure carrying a cloth wrapped katana was approaching the gate.

Knock knock.

"Oh, hello Soatome-san! How are you doing today?" asked Kasumi.

"I am doing fine, I just came by to visit Ranma." Replied Nodoka.

Kasumi got nervous, if Soatome-san were to learn about Ranma's curse, then he'd have to commit seppuku. And she has grown rather fond of Ranma and didn't want to see him. . . go.

"Oh, please come in, Saotome-san"

"Call me Nodoka, Kasumi-chan!"

"Oh, please come in Nodoka-san!"

Genma and Soun were playing shogi outside in the back yard. Playing being a stretch of the definition, but playing nonetheless. Then Kasumi walks in.

"Saotome-san is here!" Nodoka quietly shook her head.


"Genma," shrieked Nodoka, in the way all mothers know how, "I have come to talk to my son and I have no time for childish play with your curse. I SHALL SEE HIM THIS INSTANCE!" Nodoka demanded.

Genma got as sweaty as a panda could get. But reluctantly led her to Ranma's room were she was blissfully gobbling away at Kasumi's home made ice cream, that is, until she saw her mother at the door with the wrapped Katana in hand. "Genma, leave us be for the moment." And Genma did.

"Ranma, there is something we need to talk about." Ranma had the look of death in her eye, but a man has to do what a man has to do (even when he is currently a cute girl wearing bunny pajamas). Ranma tried to reconcile that she might have to commit seppuku any second. "But first, I have a present for you." Nodoka slowly unwraps her Katana and holds it out in front of her. Ranma clenches his eyes. "Happy 18th birthday, Ranma!"

Ranma blinks. "Birthday? Today is my birthday?"

"No, actually, it was Friday. But I was, somewhat busy at the moment."

Ranma gets a cold look in his eyes. "It wasn't a dream, was it?"

"No, I'm afraid it wasn't"

"Why did the little girl have to die?"

"It wasn't my choice, Ranma. She had to die for billions to live. I wish I knew how to explain it to you, but I can't."

Ranma looked coolly at his mother. "What happened? How did I get there? Why? WHY!" the last why was shouted at Nodoka.

"Ok, let me explain. And please, do not interrupt me until my story is finished." Ranma only nods in agreement. "Ranma, I am a 20th generation Druid, you being a 21th generation druid here in Japan. A long time ago, you're great great grandfather 20 generations ahead of you traveled from Erie to Japan along with other Druids. I'm not entirely sure how, but somehow, the lines remained strong, and each line has flourished here in Japan. There was an apocalyptic prophecy many centuries ago by someone known as Thomas the Rhymer, a very famous prophet, poet, as well as a notorious womanizer (he was very manly.) He spoke of invading spirits from across time and space. He spoke of a champion. Ranma, he was speaking of you! The marriage to Genma was arranged while I was still very young, 14 to be precise." A small smile came to Nodoka's face. "The day you were born was the happiest day of all my life. I looked into your bright blue eyes of innocence, and I got scared. Why, why were you chosen? You were my baby! So I tricked Genma into taking you on an extended training trip. If there's one thing I have to give about your father, he sure knew how to run and get lost! And with you with him, I was sure you'd be safe. Unfortunately, destiny has a way to make itself happen. You try to prevent destiny, you end up being the cause of it to happen. I swear, I didn't know about the Neko-ken or the curse." Nodoka deflated slightly, "They turned out to be the reason why you were chosen in the first place. They needed someone who was in touch with nature, you lived in the wilderness for most of you're life. They needed someone apart of society, which you are now of. They needed someone who was part masculine, and part feminine. The curse gives you that. And the neko-ken keeps you in touch with the animal nature."

Nodoka suddenly starts crying and hugs Ranma around his waist. "It's all my fault! I tried to protect you and I ended up giving them exactly what the needed. You are more of a man then your father could ever be, but all I wanted was my baby boy. If only you were manly this never would have happened!"


"Well, you see... if you weren't a virgin, then the power would have been passed onto someone else."


"Yes, power, when you drank the blood from the chalice, it endowed you with certain powers, do you remember what you saw? Each of the abilities you witnessed before you?

"Ummm, let's see, one guy made mist, another guy did something with fire, and.. ummm..."

"Yes, those. They are your powers now. Each high-priest or priestess possessed one of those powers, now they are yours."

"There is one more thing."

"What is that mom?"

"You won't be allowed to die until your mission here is finished. No matter how long it takes, no matter where it takes you, you will be compelled to fulfill your mission, and do whatever it takes. Even if it means to kill."

Ranma's face got paper white. "No, it won't make you kill any little girls. The ceremony is over. Now you must protect, not only earth but also it's inhabitants. There are strange forces brewing, my son. Strange forces that intend to make Earth it's own."

"What sort of forces, mother?"

Nodoka sighs, "I'm not sure. But we leave tomorrow morning to teach you how to use your powers. You may go pack now. I shall announce to the rest of your fiancées and friends that we shall leave."

"Yes mother."

As Ranma left the dojo, Nodoka hoped that the minor spell she used to calm him down worked, because she knew how excitable he could be.

As Ranma when to his room to pack, Raman's intuition told him that his mother tried to spell cast on him. But he knew she was worried. The only reason he didn't blow up was because if felt too right. At first, he thought it might have been feverish fantasy. However, ever since Friday, everything looked different to him. Nature was a marvel, colors were crisper. Before, he always had an appreciation for it, but now, he can see a subtle balance. There is no evil in nature. Good and Evil are man made notions. He also felt the power pulsating from nature, beckoning to be heard. It made a silent scream that only he could hear, but he didn't know how to listen. Ranma continued to pack wondering how to keep the fiancée force from following.

Nodoka marveled about Kasumi's influence. She managed to gather all of his fiancées, as well as Moose, Cologne, and even Ryoga in within 5 minutes. Then again, anything that concerned her son is likely to happen within 5 minutes.

"Everybody, I have an announcement to make!" The low roar that happened to be her son's many fiancées and rivals who spent the time arguing and bickering promptly shut up. "I called you here for two reasons, one, to celebrate my son's 18 th birthday."

"Is Airen's birthday?"

"Wow! I didn't know Ranchan's birthday is today?"

"It's that hentai's birthday and he didn't bother on telling me?" Damn! I had this really good present planned, why didn't he tell me? "That BAKA!"

"So, son-in-law is 18, now he's old enough to marry my Shampoo."



"It's Ranma's birthday?" Everybody looked at a confused Genma.

"No husband, it was Friday, we're just going to celebrate it today.

There was a look of relief on Ryouga. After all, it just wouldn't do to have the same birthday as his most hated frie... er, rival/enemy of all women.

"It... it was on Friday?"

"Yes husband, it surprised our son just as much as it surprised you!" She said in a tired way.

Just then Ranma came downstairs with his backpack in tow. Ukyo and Shampoo immediately launched on him with a double glomp, a too too secret Amazon technique for the last 278 years, though, they did it mainly on instinct, so Cologne didn't get too worked up on an outsider knowing it. She remembered with pride recalling her and Lo Xian helped develop it together, then she blushed remembering the results of the incident and that the result was Shampoo's great grandmother, as well as Moose's great grandfather. This was the real reason that she didn't approve of them being together, they were cousins. She made a mental note to write to Lo Xian later, she missed her and wanted to update her on her great great grand son's development. On technical skills, he was very good. But his social skills needed work. Maybe she could get Lo Xian to come and visit, she thought evilly. A grin appeared on her face. Lo Xian can be such a prankster.

After things calmed down from the "marry me, die Ranma" debate things went pretty civil. As civil as things could get when you put some of the world's most powerful martial artist in the same room together who all had strong feelings one way or the other for a certain birthday boy.

Most unexpectantly, but not full, Kasumi brought out a cake that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANMA AND RYOGA." Everybody congratulated the pair. Though Ryoga felt a little sad that Akari wasn't here. Just then, Kasumi whispered in his ear "She's on her way!" Ryoga looked at her questioningly, she just smiled.

Then Akane noticed something no one else did. "Ranma, why do you have your bag packed?"

Nodoka interrupted, "That was the other thing I wanted to tell you, Ranma and I are leaving on a training trip tomorrow so he can be manly!" Nodoka smiled, and she left everybody wondering what she meant.

"Well, if it's a training trip to show son-in-law how to be manly, then he should take Shampoo!"

"Ranchan, mind if I come along"


"I am NOT going on a training trip with that hentai."

"Hello, am I interrupting something?" Everybody stopped and stared at Akari, but only for a brief moment.

Before they could get back at being violent, Nodoka interrupted. "Who said anything about any of you coming along? We shall be traveling alone."

"Son in law is honor bound to marry Shampoo." Said Cologne.

"Elder Cologne of the Amazon, might I have a word with you in private?"

Cologne worried a bit about being referred to by her title. But she was determined to make Ranma her son-in-law, "Very well, shall we use the dojo?"
Cologne looked at Kasumi, after all, nobody referred to Soun on anything anymore. Not since the passing of his wife.

"Oh, be my guest" replied Kasumi cheerfully, while her father and Genma were getting drunk while playing shogi.

As soon as they were in the dojo, Cologne spoke up on behalf of her tribe, "According to Amazon Law, he has to marry Shampoo."

"Ranma doesn't have to do anything that he doesn't want to do, least of all he doesn't have to marry Shampoo. If he were to choose her, however, he would certainly have my blessing. She is such a lovely child. Though, the potions and the drugs have not endeared her to me." Replied Nodoka.

"One way or the other, son-in-law will be part of the Tribe."

"Do not force the issue, Elder Cologne, you will not be happy."

"Though, the mother's blessing is very good, it is not required."

Nodoka said nothing. She simply undid part of her Kimono. Cologne looked admirably at Nodoka's bosom, until she noticed an ancient rune tattoo on her top left breast. The color in Cologne's face paled. "That's..."

"Yes, yes it is. The Amazons and we have had our alliance for centuries. If you force a member of the tribe without his or her consent, we might be forced to break that treaty." Nodoka covered herself up, and walked out. Nothing more need to be said. Cologne stayed where she was to contemplated this matter. This was not good, but there might be something salvageable from this piece of information. Now there was a reason to bring Lo Xian here, which only cheered her up a little.

It was a rare occasion. Despite the odds Ranma, was actually having fun on his own birthday. The girls seemed to make a truce for the night and they all got to dance with him, though he was happy to dance with Akane. He didn't really mind dancing with the others, but it seemed that everybody was getting along too well. It got really weird when all the girls teamed up, splashed him with cold water and made her dance with both Ryouga and Moose. At least they only did it once, but having to face combined fiancée fury was something Ryouga didn't want to do. Kasumi thought it was cute. A smile crept on her face knowing that Nabiki couldn't sell any pictures of this. It got really awkward when Akari arrived just when Ranma was dancing with Ryouga though. Thankfully, the fiancées three decided to own up that they were the masterminds behind the idea. Though, throughout the rest of the night, Akari seemed overly protective of her Ryo-kun. After a little sake, Ukyo and Shampoo began flirting with him just because he looked so kawaii blushing. At first Akari was mad at the two, but then after they explained, she joined right it. She even mentioned something about a birthmark on his left butt cheek. Ryoga tried to get lost after that, but for some reason, he kept on ending up in the living room.

They all passed out lying on the floor of the Tendo Dojo. When the party moved to the dojo, no one can rightly say. But when they woke up, both Ranma and his mother were gone.

Three days later.

Ranma and his mother have been traveling on foot for the last three days, Nodoka in her travel kimono, and Ranma with his pack with the Katana strapped to the side. Nodoka said that he should carry it, but Ranma said that he was better without weapons. They traveled into a town to get supplies for camping, but they decided to get a hotel for the night before heading out.

At the moment, Ranma was Ranma-chan due to old lady with ladle. She found away to escape all of her fiancées, yet the ladle ladies find her every time. This had to mean something but Ranma-chan couldn't figure out what it was. They were in a twin room for the night.

"Ranma, I know it's been hard on you for the past two years, but do you mind wearing this?" Nodoka took out a white silk teddy, though quite modest, Ranma couldn't help but wonder what Akane would look like in it. "After all, you still have to get use to your female form, and it'd be nice to have a daughter for a few days. PLEASE?" Ranma didn't know Nodoka knew his doe-eyed routine. Ranma just sighs. He was just starting to get use to his curse, but he still didn't want to change if he didn't have to. It wasn't that it felt uncomfortable, in fact there was a myriad of sensations that seemed quite enjoyful. It just didn't feel like him though. The perspective was all off, it felt like he was looking through someone else's eyes. It just may be.

"GREAT! We can go shopping in the morning and then we can go out for a nice lunch. There was also a show the inn keeper was telling me about that seemed really nice!" Nodoka kept on talking. This was a different side of her mother that she never saw before. Then she remembered something. Her mother was married at 14, she was 18. That means that her mother was only 32. She was still rather young, and all those years apart must have been hard for her. She saw her mother thirst for her attention. Well, if she wanted it, damnit, she can have it. So, they might stay an extra day, what could go wrong?

Later that night...

How can things go so wrong? Shopping wasn't as bad as she thought it'd be. But Nodoka was treating her more like a friend then a daughter. Perhaps she was new at this too. Do mothers and daughter really spend so much time trying on clothes? She really didn't know. It got really awkward when some of the shoe clerks were trying to flirt with them. She could have sworn that he was looking up her skirt. She swore to her mother that she'd behave so the guy got to live an extra day.

Lunch had to be annoying though. Theu just wanted a quiet lunch to just sit around and talk, and perhaps consume mass quantities of food, well, that's what Ranma wanted anyway. When they got there, the place was full, so they had to wait at the bar. These two drunkards came over, thinking the two of them were sisters, and figured it'd be cool if they got to score with sisters or something. They were trying to ignore them, but they just wouldn't take no for an answer. Finally they got to sit down, but who should sit next to them? Those two drunks!

Ranma turned to her mother, "Can't I just beat the crap out of them?"

Nodoka thought about it for a moment. "Let me just talk to the manager and let's see what I can do."

Nodoka went to the manager of the restaurant, "Excuse me sir. There seems to be a couple of very rude people who are bothering my daughter and me. If these are the type of patrons that I should expect from this establishment, then perhaps me and my daughter might have to fine another place to eat."

"I'm sorry ma'am," the manager brought her in close, "since you are not from around here, I might as well give you this warning. Those are the local yakuza. If we do anything out in the open, then they are going to burn down my restaurant. I've been slaving for the last 23 years of my life to have my very own place. So please, don't do anything to them. There's this nice French place down the street, the owner if a friend of mine, just give him this note and your dinner will be on me for all the trouble you and your lovely daughter have been through."

Pathetic little worm. "Thank you very much. My daughter and I greatly appreciate it." Knowing Ranma's appetite, you'd probably be better off with the yakuza.

Nodoka walks back to the table as if she were the Queen of the World. "Ranko, sweetie. Although this place is nice, the menu isn't" short pause "quite what I expected." She said it formally and a little cold. Not being rude but it was obvious that she was applying that the restaurant isn't quite up to her standards. "Come daughter, I heard about this nice place down the street. I'll let you eat whatever you like." To Ranma, it was permission to eat a whole lot of food. To the rest of the patrons, it implied that Nodoka had a lot of money, and didn't mind using it. "Come daughter, let us leave this. . . quaint little café."

As soon as they left the restaurant, Ranma asked, "Why couldn't I just beat up those people."

"Ranma, for one thing, that was a nice restaurant. We would have caused a lot of damage. Plus, those were Yakuza back there. If we did anything, they would have taken it out on the owner of the place once we left. And lastly, the owner said he'd pay for our meal at the next restaurant."


"Yes dear?"

"You know they're following us, right?"

"Of course!"

"Do I get to beat the crap out of them now?"

"Wait until we turn into this next ally."

"Yes mother."

After Ranma put the drunken Yakuza in traction, they went to the next restaurant. "Mom?"

"Yes dear?"

"How come there are no prices next to the food?

"Oh honey, don't worry about the price, just order whatever your heart desires!" 85,000 Yen worth of food later and another 10,000 Yen for tip, they left the nice little French Restaurant. Ranma left with a full belly, and Nodoka left with a smirk.

During the show, Ranma and Nodoka wore matching Kimonos. They met up with a couple more Yakuza and beat the crap out of them during intermission. Ranma did it with her usual flair, and Nodoka did it more subtly using mainly aikido. One guy charged Nodoka, she simply caught his right wrist, snapped it in two, and with the same motion, flipped him on the refreshment stand. They never got to see the end of the show because they were asked to leave. It wasn't that good of a show anyway.

The next day, they resumed their journey, and went deep into a forest not far from the last town. Much of the journey was pretty uneventful. For about a week, they practiced with bokkens in the morning, and then they walked around. Nodoka taught him about plants and animals. About potions and poisons and healing herbs. After lunch they would break camp and move on.

One day, they went up to a large clearing, with a ring of trees in the center. "This... this is the place, isn't it mother?"

"No, this is a different place. There are many places like this. You see, the rings of trees are where the faeries make their homes. It is also a portal to another world. Come, I have someone you have to meet.

When they reached the outside of the ring, the met a dark skinned woman wearing a sari. She said with a pleasant tone, "Hello, young warrior. I am Izanami. You and your mother, please, sit down. I have a story I want to tell.

"A hundred thousand years ago, Man was still in its infancy, the Moon goddess made a pact with her brother and sister planets to form an alliance. Granting the Moon princess power over all other planets, creating the Golden Age of the Luna. And there was peace throughout the system. That was all well and good for the rest my brothers and sisters, though, I was young. I did not care to follow into the pact. I liked my freedom and the freedom of my people, so instead, I formed a loose alliance with my brothers and sisters to remain in peace, though the Earth was never part of the kingdom. Over the next fifty thousand years, the Moon Kingdom excelled in magic and science, and the kingdom grew great over the knowledge of its citizens. Though the earth was slow in learning. It too developed it's own magic and technology. But unlike the other inhabitants, the inhabitants of Earth could choose it's own destiny. They were truly people of the land. And I couldn't be prouder of them because they got there on their own power." Ranma smiled at this. "They were my children after all, and I didn't care for them to be thrust into the politics of the Moon Kingdom. I'm not saying that the Moon Kingdom was good or bad. But I liked seeing my people grow into their own.

"The Kingdom grew powerful indeed. But powerful kingdoms have a lot to lose if they were invaded. So my brothers and sisters appointed their own protectors. They choose females, which I did not agree, for in choosing only females, they ignored the full nature of their people. But since I wasn't part of the kingdom, I didn't have any voice in the outcome. They became known as the Warriors who Sail the Cosmic Winds To Protect The Queen. Later they were known as the Sailor Senshi. And they were beautiful and kind and refined, and they kept peace throughout the kingdom.

"However, what they did was create a cosmic imbalance in our system. By focusing on everything that is good and pure, they disrupted the balance. For how can there be good with out evil? How can you have order without chaos?
By rooting out all evil, they created a vacuum by which an even greater evil was to form. For the whole universe favors a balance. So in destroying all the evil in their realm, they made an even greater evil in it's place.

"A great war broke out that lasted a hundred years. The war devastated the rest of the solar system, though the Earth was barely scarred.

"Eventually, the Earth on it's own reached a power that could rival the moon it's self. Queen Serenity decided to combine the power of the Earth and the Moon by arranging a marriage between her daughter and the Prince of Earth. I did not go against the marriage because it was the choice of my people.

"The Earth was then brought into the great war. Many of it's inhabitants were peaceful creatures, or creatures that abhorred the purity the Moon Kingdom had to offer, so I made a haven for those who wanted their freedom, and they named their Kingdom Sidheim, and it became a refuge for more of Earth's unique creatures. Though some of them did decide to stay, and the greater portion of them was wiped out, some still survive to this day.

"It seems that I created this haven not too soon, for the climax of the battle has just been reached, and in order to stop the evil that infested the system the Queen of the Moon used the last of her power to wipe out this evil. Though the repercussion devastated the rest of the system. My brothers and sisters were weak from the war, for whenever there is great strife on our planets, it is we who are weakened. The energy surge from Queen Serenity put my brothers and sisters to a slumber. Not to be awakened until their respective avatars returned to them. All except for Pluto, who took the brunt of the assault. He shall be asleep until all of us together unite our power to awaken him. He is quite near death already; the only thing that keeps him alive at all is that his avatar visits him constantly. Though he cannot speak with her anymore.

"Now, it seems as if the souls of the Moon Kingdom want to make the same mistakes twice. They did not listen the first time and are already plotting on resurrecting their kingdom here on Earth. This I will not allow. I will not allow them to ravage me like they did the rest of my brothers and sisters. I feel my brothers Mars and Saturn are the strongest of them at this point. They might have the strength for reason if for only a few days." Izanami smiled, "But you don't have to worry about that right now. Now is the time for your training in Sidheim!"

"I have one question though." Replied Ranma, "Why did you have to murder the little girl?"

Izanami responded in a sweet but robust laughter, "She was not a girl, but the personification of power I presented to you. That was power made flesh, as you drank her blood, her power became yours.

Ranma and Nodoka both looked at her stupefied. Though, Nodoka was certainly glad that it wasn't a real girl, she still wish that she was told before.

Izanami drew a circle of salt on the ground, "Ranma, enter the circle, there will be someone waiting for you on the other side."

Ranma looked apprehensive, then looked at his mother then back at Izanami.
"Ummm, well, you see, it's been a long time since I spent much time with my mother. After the 10-year training trip and then spending over 2 years in the Tendo household, well, I was thinking... I was hoping...

"Ranma, you are mumbling"

"I was hoping my mother could come with me."

Izanami smiled. "Of course she can come. Now, both of you step in the circle.

As they both stepped in the circle, there was a flash of light. They got transported to another circle surrounded by trees. Very similar to where they were before, but instead of Izanami, they were met by a man in a white cloak. As he took off the cloak, his skin looked like that of stone, though his hair looked soft and white.

"Hello Ranma, I am Zelgadis. And I will be your tutor to train you in the ways of the magic arts.

Somewhere in the Gates of time, Sailor Pluto felt a disturbance. "Perhaps it's time for Artemis to awaken Venus?" She thought to herself.

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In Japanese Shinto-mythology, a primordial goddess and personification of the Earth and darkness. Izanami ("the female who invites") is the wife and sister of Izanagi. Together they created Onogoro, the first island of the Japanese archipelago. She died giving birth to the fire god Kagutsuchi and since then she rules over the underworld.
She is also queen of the dead in Shinto belief.