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The Druid: Chapter 2 Ms. Otis' Regret

Nabiki didn't go to sleep that night, so the possibility of her waking up was lost on the moment. Her eyes were bright pink from crying. Crying? Yes, crying, it started briefly with a hug from Akane; after Akane left Nabiki mutely walked back to her room, laid onto her bed, buried her face in the pillow and cried ever since. Strange thoughts went through her mind. Thoughts of love and lost, honor and betrayal, what will the future behold? Not only has she lost her love but the night prior she lost her sister, and a possible brother-in-law, but what is to come of her father? The lost of his wife broke him utterly, what will this loss do to him?

She didn't want to think about it, but what was to come of her family's style of martial arts? Akane was the heir, her father was useless, was that to die as well?

Nabiki opened up the letter that Ranma wrote to Akane, Akane didn't bother to take it with her.

Dearest Akane,

Long days and nights I have been training, but they've seem like months and years without you. The training I have had to go through is more exhausting then anything I have ever known before. Both mentally and physically I feel spent.

My sensei told me a story of the woman that he loved. He loved her for such a long time, even up to the point where she married another man, who was also a good friend of his. They were all close, but in a single day he lost the woman he loved and the man that he called friend during a battle. He lost everything that day, Akane. He was the only survivor of the battle, and he wish he died with them. That kinda got me to thinking, you know? Sometimes being the best just isn't good enough, without the people you love.

Back to the story on hand. My sensei, Zelgadis is his name, didn't care about living anymore. He wandered around, not eating, not drinking, slowly wasting his life to nothingness before he finally let the darkness take him over. But that is not the end of his story, Akane, not by far! For he woke up in a strange land, a land of fire and ice, the home of someone whom he neither liked, nor respected. His enemy, Akane, nursed him back to life. I don't know the whole story between these two, but I was warned that this person was not someone to be trusted. But there he was, reviving Zelgadis. He said something to Zelgadis that struck him that day that made him live on, 'as long as there is life, there is hope.' So simple, almost too simple, but it was that little phrase that made him live on. Of course he's a miserable son of a bitch to this day, but there's still a little piece of him, a spark of life yet in his eye. He still hopes Akane, and so do I!

Since the day I arrived here, Akane, I thought of nothing else but being by your side. I looked back on the time since my arrival at your dojo and I realized how childish I was, how we were. Since the day I left I started dreaming old dreams with a new soul. Those dreams included you Akane, both of us, side by side. I wasn't saying that I was the best in the dreams, I was saying we were the best. What I'm saying Akane, is, when I get back, would you do the honor of being my wife?

With Love, Always,

Ranma Saotome

She thought her eyes were dry, but there it was, a single tear, her last tear she had to shed rolled down her cheek. She finally ran out of tears. As hard as she tried, her family fell apart. 'Things fall apart, the center cannot hold, mere anarchy is loosened upon the world.'

Better not to think such things now, Nabiki, you got a father to take care of. Nabiki just hoped he wasn't catatonic.

Nabiki left her room and walked down the stairs, holding onto the banister as if for dear life. In reality, it was just so she wouldn't stumble down the stairs. She first checked her father's room, expecting him to be passed out on the floor with empty bottles of saki or whiskey. She peaked in to find his room neat, bed not even slept in. This was not good; Nabiki hated it when people didn't act as they were suppose to. She walked to the kitchen but there was no sign of him either, so she opened up the sliding door to see if he was by the koi pond. No sign of him. Shit, this was worse then she expected it to be. She might have to call the police to help her find him.

She went to turn around to go back into the house when she saw out the corner of her eyes the door to the dojo was opened slightly. Perhaps he went in there to pray to her mother's shrine, yeah that made sense!

She crept off the landing feeling the crisp moist grass on her bare feet. Something just didn't feel right. Not wrong, but not right either. Something just not normal, she knew how it felt because the abnormal seemed to be the normal around here so she had a lot of things to compare it to, if only by a process of elimination. She crossed the yard until she happened upon the dojo. She slid the door open to see the dojo a mess.

Broken boards and bricks littered the floor along with broken and busted weapons. The scent of blood and sweat was in the air, which did nothing to calm her nerves down. There, kneeling in the center of the room, with his back to the door, facing her mother's shrine was her father.

She walked up and stood behind him, he didn't turn to face her, and he kept looking at her mother's shrine. "With all of my heart, I loved her," he said, "There's not a day that passes that I do no think of your mother. She was my life, and I would do anything for her. I failed my family, utterly. She left me alone with 3 children who needed their father, and I was not there for them." Soun turned his head to face his child, "It was Kasumi who raised the family, and it was you that supported us. Of course we were not without our own means, but it was you that made sure the house was there for us to return to. But what happens to the house if there's nobody to return to it?"

"Daddy, what are you saying?"

"What I'm saying Nabiki, is that I'm getting old and I'm getting older. I don't know how many years left on this earth that I have to live. My heir is lost to me now; my legacy is lost to me now. Kasumi is not suited to be my heir; her heart is too kind, too gentle. And you Nabiki, you never really cared much for the art."

Nabiki wanted to debate, but it was true, she never really cared much for the art. "So what is left there for me to do? I must have an heir, Nabiki, so I turn to you. I would like your line to become my heir.

Nabiki's chest was starting to tighten, just what was he asking? After all, he said that she wasn't suited to be his heir. And what about Akane? "What I'm asking, Nabiki, is if you will consent to allow me to train your children, in hopes that one of them would be a suitable heir. But I'll need help, Nabiki. I'm out of shape, all night long I practiced and trained, trying to remember my art, only to find out that I knew nothing about it. I'll need your help to correct many of the mistakes. You may not appreciate all the intricacies of the art, but you have an eye for strategies and weaknesses. What I offer, Nabiki, is a partnership in recreating our art."

Nabiki didn't know what to say, so she said something else, "What about Akane?"

Soun smiled a sad smile, "I failed her because of my closed mindedness, and I failed her because of the closed mindedness that I taught her. Do not worry about Akane, though. She is a bright girl with a good spirit. If anyone can find a way, it is her."

Nabiki could tell that he is holding back his tears, he doesn't even look liked he cried at all last night. A strange switch. "What about school, daddy? What about the career that I am planning?"

"I know this is a tremendous burden I put on you Nabiki, I also know that you hurt. I hurt too, this you know. But we don't have to let it interfere with your studies, in fact, perhaps the two could be incorporated together. After all, the Anything-Goes style was meant to incorporate many ideals and beliefs. This could make it stronger."

"See, the style isn't meant just for fighting, it is a life style as well. Genma and I didn't understand this. Happosai, perhaps at one time, did but somewhere along the way it got perverted, and it perverted him. Or maybe he was the one perverted, but that does not matter now. We have a chance Nabiki, to bring back the purity of our art. I cannot do it alone, I need you daughter."

Nabiki wanted to yell at her father, she wanted scream the art must die. She wanted her mother and sister back. The art brought nothing but bad luck, but the pleading look in her father's eye, she knew she couldn't deny him. "How do we start?" Nabiki sighed.

Soun's face grew into an honest smile; neither happy nor sad, just honest, "The best place to start is always the basics, which you need to review anyway. We'll rebuild the style from the ground up!"

"Hai sensei," Nabiki bowed.

"No, there's no sensei here, it's a partnership. We are equal members."

Emily woke up the next morning miserable. Not only did she not steal the jerk's wallet, but he also caught her and is blackmailing her to go back to Solaria. "Back to Solaria," she sighed. Could she do it? Could she go back to Solaria? Could she go home again? She should probably tell that guy what was in store for them if she returned, but Emily figured that he deserved whatever he got for kidnapping her and stuff. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but she just resented the fact that he's making her go along with him.

'Maybe he's a pervert?' Emily though, naw, somehow that just seemed, wrong. Whatever it was about him, she trusted, and that's exactly why she didn't trust him. He had to have some kind of angle.

Emily rolled out of bed and went to put on her clothes, but they were nowhere to be found. 'Maybe he is a pervert! Damn it, what am I gonna do?" Emily panicked, and looked around for some sort of escape. She grabbed a blanket and wrapped herself in it and ran toward the window.

She had it halfway open and already a leg out the window by the time she heard a knock on the door, "Emily, it's me, open up!" yelled out the guy, Ranma was his name.

"Away with you, pervert, I'll have none of you," cried out Emily.

"What do you mean by pervert?"

"You stole my clothes, I know of men like you, always thinking of one thing. A guide you say? If that is what you were looking for you'd come to the wrong place! You should have checked the brothels, they're well stacked with young girls like me, unless it's the violation of one so pure where you get you're jollies! Or maybe you like to force it on someone?"

"I didn't steal your clothes, I had them burned! They were infested, Emily, I got you some new clothes!"

"And why should I believe you? Coming into my room like a thief in the night and taking my clothes without permission, probably looking through my pockets as well!"

"You had nothing in your pockets," yelled Ranma through the door.

"SO, you have been going through my pockets! Is that what you do? Kidnapping young girls just to look through their pockets?"

"What are you talking about? I didn't kidnap you; I hired you as my guide! As for your clothes, I bought you some new ones!"

"And why should I believe a thief like you?"

"Look who's calling who a thief, I caught you with my wallet yesterday!"

"You dropped it! I just happened to pick it up."

"Look, I have your clothes here, do you want them or not?" Ranma said.

"Leave them outside, I'll pick them up when you're gone!

Ranma sighed, briefly wondering what the hell he got himself into. She was brash, and rude, not to mention insulting. But she reminded Ranma of somebody from his youth. That must be it.

Emily waited until she heard his footsteps walk away. She creaked the door open to see a traveling bag. What the hell was she doing with a traveling bag? They were only going to Solaria, right?

Emily reached for the bag and took it into the room. She unfastened the straps that bind the covering and peeked inside. Inside were traveling clothes, brown leather pants, white and blue blouses, a water bladder, and a traveler's cloak. Not to mention some rations. It wasn't top quality, but it was certainly better then nothing.

This was good. Too good. Now Emily knew something was amiss. Emily quickly dressed in some pants and a blouse, and then opened the door to find Ranma standing in her way.

"What do you want?" asked Emily.

Ranma's stomach growled, "Well, I was hoping for a little breakfast before we went on our way, but if you prefer to leave immediately."

"That's not what I mean, you don't strike me as a person who really needs a guide. What do you want with me?"

Ranma sighed. Just why did he want her as his guide? Maybe someone casted compulsion spells on him. He'd have to go visit a priest or something to check, Ranma just didn't have much experience with compulsion spells. They would always backfire when he tried to use them. "Do you know the way to Solaria?"


"Then take me there. My motives are my own." 'Heh, that sounded mysterious! Now, all I need to do is figure out a motivation.' thought Ranma.

"Motivation my ass. There must be a dozen people in town that would love to be your guide!"

"Yes, but they never stole from me!" Ranma said coldly, 'damn I'm cool.

'Asshole.' "Fine, but how are you supposing to get there?"

"Get there? What's wrong with walking?"

"Walking? Are you mad? Have you forgotten about all the bandits and stuff?"

"Bandits? I didn't see any bandits on my way to town."

Emily appraised this guy again. Funny, he didn't look like an idiot. A moron, yeah, but not an idiot. "Well, they are all around the place, and they're real mean and nasty. You just got lucky because they take Sunday's off."

"They take Sunday's off? Why do th-" Emily stopped Ranma's thought in mid- sentence with a hand jester.

"They just do."

"Well, don't worry! I'll protect you!" Ranma said smiling. Emily looked at the man again. He was about 17, maybe 18 years old. Not that much older then her, by only 6 or 7 years. He was fit though. Nice muscle tone, too slender to be a warrior. Maybe he was some kind of monk or something?

"Are you some kind of monk or something?"

"A monk, no, I'm a martial artist."

Emily took a moment to think about it, "What do you know about being married?"

Ranma proceeded to facefault, "I said MARTIAL, not MARITAL!"

What's that suppose to mean? "What's that suppose to mean," asked Emily.

"Well, it's a form of unarmed combat that makes use of the body as a weapon."

"You mean like using magic?"

"Well, actually, I just started using magic, but when I say using your body, I mean the whole body. Something that's physical, I don't think I can really explain it completely with words. I can give you a little demonstration as soon as we leave town, if you want."

"Fine, let's go."

Ranma got this pleading look in his face, "but. but."

"What is it now?" complained Emily.

"We didn't eat breakfast yet!" It was Emily's turn to facefault.

Mousse was miserable. Not only was Shampoo lost to him, and he acquired visuals of his grandmother and Ku lon that have been burned into his brain, but also Tiem Pon was in town. It's not as if there's anything wrong with the girl. Well, if you don't count that she's insanely jealous, a few bushels short of a peck, and a bit clingy as anything wrong. And worse of all, to everybody else, she just appeared to be a perky 15 year old. Damnit, it just wasn't fair, what did he do to deserve this? If he was Ryouga, at least he could have blamed Ranma for this. However, since he wasn't, he'd have to find a different answer.

He needed to go talk with his grandmother about this, she'd know what to do. Mousse gently tapped on her door, "Grand mama, there is something that I" as he was opening the door, what he saw would haunt him for the rest of his natural life. What did he see but his grandmother passionately kissing Ku lon while massaging her withered naked breast.


Mousse proceeded in covering his eyes and thrashed around trying to make good his escape, only to crash out of the window, and into a barrel of water. "Quack." He said, but what he meant was 'thank god I'm outta there.'

"DUCKIE!" Squealed that perky 15 year-old, whom he had grown to loathe. As she squeezed and cradled him in her arms, he couldn't help but think, 'Saotome, this has gotta be your fault. I don't know how yet, but I'm sure you did it somehow!'

And thus Tiem Pon took Mousse in her arms and ran off into the sunset.

Nabiki looked out of her window, towards the sunset. She ached and was sore all over. She had forgotten what kind of taskmaster her father could have been before her mother died.

"Hurry! I think I saw him duck into that ally!" He heard one of the police officers yell. Damnit! It wasn't fair, he should have been living the easy life in retirement like any self respecting father would, off the sweat of his son. Just what the hell did he ever do to deserve this?

Unfortunately, Genma honestly did not know the answer to that question.

Ring ring. Ring. Ring.

"Hello, Jocasta's House of the Rising Son, how may I help you?" Answered the voice at the end of the telefon line.

"Hello? Mirelle?"

"Emily, dear? Is that you? You've had everybody here so worried about you. Where are you?"

"I'm fine, Mirelle. Is my mother there?"

There was a pause at the end of the line. "She's. with a client right now."

"That's fine. Just tell her I'm coming home, and I'm bringing a friend. We should reach Solaria in about a day or two," replied Emily.

"That's great! Your mother will be so happy you're coming! Everybody here will be so glad!" Said Mirelle on the other side of the telefon, you could almost hear her smile.

"Listen, Mirelle, I gotta go now! We'll talk when I get there!"

"Ok, Bye Emily, see you soon!"

Emily hung up the telefon and took a breath. This was why she left, she just couldn't stand her mother's. clients.

Then a thought hit Emily, and an evil evil smile grew out under her nose. If her mother was married, then she would stop doing what she was doing, wouldn't she? It would just serve Ranma right if he was the man to do it too!

Emily walked out of the lounge that connected the restaurant to the bathrooms and walked back to the table where Ranma was just finishing eating and, at the moment, paying the bill. The raven-haired boy turned to look at her, "Ready to go?" he asked. Emily nodded mutely, wondering how she is going to handle the meeting between Ranma and her mom.

"Ranma, when we get to Solaria I know a place were we can stay?"

Ranma perked up his eyebrow. Well, this was a change of pace, someone's being helpful, and maybe it'll start a new trend or something? Ranma smiles, "thanks!"

Micharu came home after a long day's work. Her new boss, Ms. Mieo can be hard sometimes. She opened the door to her and Haruka's run down apartment, only to see a sight that she wasn't sure if she should be happy to see, or scared out of her wits!

Haruka, wearing nothing but an apron was cooking dinner!

Micharu froze in fright as Haruka turned towards her and smiled, "You're home... I got a surprise for you!" she said as she walked towards her lover and wrapped her hands around her. Micharu instinctively wrapped her arms around Haruka's warm buns and gave her a kiss.

"Cooking tonight I see?"

"Yes, this is to celebrate our first week in our new apartment!" replied Haruka. Just then, both smelled something nasty. They turned around to find the dinner Haruka worked so hard to prepare ignite in flames. Micharu grabbed the fire extinguisher and put the flames out over the ruined culinary disaster. Micharu was quite relieved.

"I worked so hard on it too!" Haruka looked as if she was going to cry. Of course Micharu should be there to comfort her lover in her time of need.

"There there, everything will be alright!" she said as she wrapped her arms around Haruka as her head fell to the cradle of Micharu's neck.

Just then the doorbell rang. Micharu asked Haruka if she could just stay there a moment while she got rid of whoever it was.

Micharu opened the door up a crack to see her boss standing there with a bag full of take out food. "Setsuna, I mean... Ms. Meiu, what are you doing here?"

"Well, Micharu, there is something I need to discuss with you. It might take the whole night so I brought dinner." She said as she pushed her way through the door, to see a bare-assed Haruka running towards the bedroom. "Don't go too far," she yelled after the fleeting girl, "this involves you too!"

"'You're kicks are like a baby's,' he said. So of course I just had to keep on dodging whatever he threw at me. It was all that I could do to keep him from cleaving my head with one of his punches, or, heaven forbid if he blew me up with his new technique! So," Ranma said as he cracked his knuckles, "I had to then implement my family's most horrifying technique imaginable!" Ranma had finished explaining to Emily what martial arts was, so was now briefly recounting one of his classic battles with Ryouga.

"What is it?" asked a wide eyed Emily. She didn't really believe the stories he was saying. Really, how could anyone punch someone 300 times in less then 5 seconds? But she had to admit, he can really tell a story! "What is this horrifying family technique that you were forced to use on him?" Emily really did want to know. Maybe this guy was really a bard or something? That could explain why he wasn't afraid of the bandits! Bandits, just like real people, always did love a good story, probably even better then most!

"I can't tell you. It's the Saotome Secret Technique! I could tell you," Ranma winked at Emily while flipping his finger in an eerily familiar position, "But then I would have to kill you."

"Hey! You can't end a story like that! Why'd you go and tell a story that you have no intentions of finishing anyway? Are you some kind of tease or something? Tell me what happened next!"

"Fine fine fine! I'll tell you. The Saotome Secret Technique. First, you face your opponent, look him straight in the eyes, concentrate all of your energy, and then you turn around and make a fast break!"

"You mean you ran away?" Emily deadpanned. "What kind of technique is that?"

"Hey," said Ranma, "it's harder then it looks! You see, the secret technique of the Saotome clan is founded upon the tenets of 'motion', 'contemplation', and 'opposition.'"

"So, you ran away until you could think of someway to attack."

"Well, yeah. basically. It worked though.

"So, how did you defeat him?"

Ranma was about to explain, but then it started to rain.

Emily stood there, wide eyed. "Forget it. This looks more interesting.

"So, you're saying that in a past life, we were princesses of Uranus and Neptune, and our job was to protect the solar system from invading forces, is that right?"

"Yes, that is correct, Haruka Ten'ou."

"That's the biggest load of bull-"


Haruka just looked at Michiru.

"Akane, it sounds. ridiculous , but. but."

Haruka just looked at her lover, "It just feels too. familiar?"

Michiru just nodded her head silently, and bit into her egg-roll.

"So you're saying that cold water changes you into a girl, and hot water changes you back?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, it's no big deal or anything. I mean, I'm use to it by now, but it can be kinda annoying at times." Ranma-chan noticed that Emily wasn't walking besides him at the moment. She turned around to see a wide-eyed Emily deep in thought. "Emily, is there something wrong?"

"Yes. no. ummm.. It's just. when we get into town, can you. do you mind not changing back. I mean if we see my mother she might get the wrong idea." This is defiantly something that would make her freak.

"You're mother lives in Solaria?"

'Shit,' thought Emily, 'I wasn't going to tell him about my mother. Tell her? Whatever.'

Ranma thought about it. If things happened as they usually did, he might end up getting engaged to her. "S-sure. great idea. No problem!"

"No! it's nothing like that. It would just makes things, a lot easier!"

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing," mumbled Ranma-chan.

"Well well well, what do we have here," said the requisite bandit leader, with his hoard of bandits. "Two little girls all lost and alone wandering through the woods? Let me guess, are you on your way to grandma's house? I wonder what treats you have for us!" On cue, the rest of the bad guys started laughing at his little joke.

Ranma-chan almost sounded disappointed, "But there's only 12 of you. This will barely be a workout."

"You seem pretty arrogant, for a little girl with no one to protect her from the harsh realities of life."

"When it comes to fighting, I'm the best!"

"My, aren't you modest!"

"Heh, Modesty is over rated!"

"Oh, how do you suppose that is?

"Don't you see modesty is the ultimate form of arrogance? After all, who has more reason to be modest then the person who doesn't need to be? The only reason a person would be modest is if he had nothing to prove to anyone else!"

"Then why aren't you modest?"

"'Cause I'm good enough that I don't need to be modest," responded Ranma cheerfully!

"Enough of this, you little bitch! I'll show you why the Green Grocers are the meanest, toughest band of ragtag ruffians on this side of Solaria!"

"The Green Grocers?" inquired Ranma.

"Hey! Off my back, all the other good names were taken! ATTACK!"

Ranma was almost homesick. The way these guys were attacking almost reminded him of the old morning fights Akane had when he first moved into the Tendo Dojo. After all, these guys seemed to be almost as skilled as high schooler. He almost felt sorry for their chosen profession, especially if these were the best bandits out there. Ranma quickly squashed that thought as she ducked a diagonal swipe that was aimed at her cranium and side-kicked one of the bandits in the stomach.

The bandit grasp his stomach with both his hands and started to puke. Again, it reminded him of Akane. 'I wonder what Akane is up to right now. I hope nobody decided to kidnap her while I was out of town, or I'd be really pissed.' "FLAME ARROW" shouted Ranma as she let out, well, an arrow of flame at whatever bad guy that happened to be standing in it's path. She walked over to their burning unconscious bodies and poked them with a stick. "Well that was boring."

"BORING? We were just attacked by the Green Grocers for crying out loud! Shit, this is bad this is bad this is bad! What if they come after us again?"

Ranma-chan just shrugged. The fact that the dozen bandits were lying behind her fried extra crispy just infuriated Emily all the more. She said as they started walking away from the smell, er, bodies, "sure, you beat up a dozen of them, but the Green Grocers didn't get their bloodcurdling reputation for planting vegetables! They got it by plundering and murdering all those that opposed them! There's like over five thousand of them out there! They got their hands in every city in Ralteague!"

"Point being?"

"The point being is that there's no place in this entire kingdom that's going to be safe for us. Us as in you and me, it's not just you they're going to be after; they're going to be after me now too!" Emily nearly screamed at Ranma-chan.

"So, what do you suppose we do?"

"We keep on going to Solaria, I know people that can get us out of the kingdom. When we leave Solaria, it'll probably be better for you to change back to whatever."

Ranma just eyed her, "you done this before, haven't you?"

Emily suddenly froze up, "Ha! I knew it!"

Emily just huffed and lead on; back home, to Solaria.

Meanwhile, the Inner Senshi were having a slumber party.

The rest of the Senshi were with Usagi as she was trying to cope with Mamoru being mean to her.

"I just don't understand, if we're suppose to be together, why does he keep hurting my feelings?" Sobbed Usagi.

"Forget him, Usagi," said Mokato, as she was leaning against a pillow lieing down on her bed.

"Yeah, if he can't appreciate you, then he doesn't deserve you!" added in Rei.

"But, why is he doing this? It must be some sort of Dark Kingdom conspiracy trying to keep us apart.."

Rei sighed, "You know, the Dark Kingdom isn't involved with every bad thing that happens to you."

"But, but" as if on cue, Ami turns on the karaoke machine, "Does he love me I wanna know How can I tell if he loves me so?"

Mokato, Rei and Ami start dancing behind Mina and sings, (Is it in his eyes?) and Mina replies, in song, "Oh no, You'll be deceived" MRA:(Is it in his eyes?) Mina, "Oh no, He'll make believe" While Mina keeps singing, MRA sing: Shoop shoop shoop

If you want to know If he loves you so It's in his kiss"

MRA (Or is it in his face?) Mina, "Oh no It's just his charm" MRA(In his warm embrace?) Oh no That's just his arms (MRA, singing Shoop shoop in the background)

Mina, "If you wanna know If he loves you so It's in his kiss" MRA: That's where it is!

Mina, "OH YEAH! Kiss him and squeeze him tight And find out what you want to know If it's love if it really is It's there in his kiss

MRA (About the way he acts?) Mina, "Oh no That's not the way And you're not listening (MRA, shooping in the background again) To all that I say If you want to know If he loves you so It's in his kiss"

Usagi, cheered up after watching her friends sing and dance and make general fools of themselves giggled, "Mina, how do you know this is true?"

Mina just blinked, and took an arrogant post, "Well, I am the Senshi of Love, am I not?"

As one little girl gets cheered up, another little girl returns home, under the cover of night. She knocks on a door, the sign on the wall says, "Jocasta's House of the Rising Son"

Emily knocks on the door.

"Go away! We're closed! You can't come in!"

"Mirelle? Is that you? Let me in!"

"Emily? Emily is that you? You're not supposed to be here until tomorrow!"

"I made good time! Now open up!"

Mirelle opens up the door and gives Emily a big hug, "Oh, sweetie! Where have you been? We've missed you so much!" She then notices that Emily isn't alone, "And you are?"

"Cold and hungry," replies Ranma-chan, dryly.

"Oh, oh, please please excuse me! Come in, come in! Can I get you anything? Some tea perhaps? Has it rained? How did you get so wet?"

"Lucky I guess."

"Mirelle, is mom home, or. is she with a client?"

"Yeah, where's Emily's mom anyway?" Mirelle suddenly got this sad look in her eye. She couldn't bare to look at Emily, so she turned to Ranma. A sad sad violin begins to play in the background.

"Miss Otis regrets she is unable to lunch today, Madam

Miss Otis regrets she is unable to lunch today. She is sorry to be delayed, but last evening down in lovers lane she strayed, madam.

Miss Otis regrets she is unable to lunch today.

When she woke up and found that her dream of love was gone, Madam. She ran to the man that led her so far astray.

And from under her velvet gown, she drew her knife and slashed her lover down. Ohhhhhhh, madam. Miss Otis regrets that she is unable to lunch today."

Mirelle turned away from both of them, and leaned against a window, looking out of it.

"When the mob came and got her and dragged her from the jail, Madam... They strung her up on the old willow across the way.

And the moment before she died, She lifted up her lovely up her lovely head and cried. Oh Madam, Miss Otis regrets she is unable to lunch today"

Ranma and Emily looked out of the window, and in light of the moon, she saw a beautiful young lady, swinging from a branch of the willow tree.

Emily bursted into tears, and hung onto Ranma, as if she were the only thing that could keep reality at bay.

To be continued.

Author's notes: After the first version of this draft was released. I was pretty much told that the song sequence featuring the sailor senshi should just not be. but after much consideration.. I decided to ignore that advice. but there has been editing done. and it promptly sat in my hard drive for the next 3 months.

I've been terribly busy.

I think I updated the first two chapters too. I might go back to them later though. I'm not terribly happy with them. for some reason. as I write down these words I hear myself speak them with an English accent.

I do hope that this does not become a fad as such, for it would be entirely inconvenient for me. Well, not so much as inconvenient as annoying.. .but you get the picture.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not. but a lot of the words in this story are spelled incorrectly on purpose. don't quite remember what I was thinking, but I'm sure I had a good reason for it.