FoxDemonYouko590: I realize there are not many CM Punk/Jeff Hardy slash fics…so now I am on a mission to actually write one…This may be one of those stories where I never update but…eventually! How many times have you heard that?

Timeline: After WM 23 Money in the Bank Match

I walked through the curtain after the grueling, but exciting match. I was exhausted, my back hurt, and now I had to go talk to Phil…which was the last thing I wanted to do, even if I knew I HAD to. Before Wrestlemania started Phil and I had a fight, a huge one…and the one I'm willing to admit, was the worst. It was my fault this time and it all began with my…jealousy I suppose..but not exactly. I guess you can call it a lovers quarrel that didn't end up with a happy ending. He really took it to heart and it hurt him..and I'm on a mission to undo that.

I come out of my comatose state and sigh despairingly as I make my way through the backstage.

Punk and I's relationship has had a lot of ups and downs because of everything that's happened in the past. I'm the one willing to look behind that though and he's not. Him being that whole straightedge thing and me…with my problems…you wouldn't exactly think we'd be the best of pairs.

And trust me, we're not. I get so angry with him when he brings up stuff from years ago and then in my own blind fury I mention his dad…and that is not the right thing to do when talking with CM Punk. Man, he can really punch you hard.

I open the door to the locker room and am greeted by Matt. "Hey bro, you ok? That bump must've taken a lot outta you." I chuckle slightly…oh yeh, but it's not just the bump.

I am so proud of Phil right now, I mean it was his first Wrestlemania ever! His performance was awesome and I'm so happy right now…but I can't bring myself to talk to him. I'm like the cowardly lion of WWE…and everyone in the damn locker room knows it.

"Yeh, I'm fine…" I pause and run my hand through my hair, "Did you happen to see Phil anywhere?" He looks at me funny and shakes his head no. "He and I had another fight, a bad one." Matt frowns and I give him the 'don't be a smartass' look. "How bad? You start fightin'?" I nod my head and walk over to my bag. "I'm just gonna go…I'll talk to ya later bro. I gotta find him…"

I put my hair into a pony tail, grab my bag and walk out of the locker room and towards Phils', which was one the other side of the building. At least I had some time to think about what I was going to say.

Our relationship is so unstable sometimes, we've only been dating for a couple months and yet I feel like I've been married and we're on the verge of divorce. I love him, I absolutely know that, but I can't stand him sometimes! I know when he sees me drinking that he gets that look in his eyes and he sees his dad. Maybe I'm not the right person for him, maybe I don't deserve him, but I want to. I keep thinking he doesn't even love me. What's the point of staying in a relationship with no love?

I reach the locker room and walk in silently to see if Punk's in there, and he is. Alone in the corner, secluded from the rest of the guys. I tried to be as stealthy as possible but RVD noticed me, and I cursed myself.

"Hey Jeff! That spot was amazing!" I smile and say thanks and make my way over to Punk. "Go away Jeff.." He catches me off guard and I'm startled for a second, even though I knew he'd probably say something like that. "Phil..Just listen to me for one second..." I grab his hand but he pulls back and bitch slaps me. "Don't touch me."

By now we were definitely getting some attention and all the guys were watching us. "I deserved that..." "I told you not to talk to me Jeff and I meant it."

"I just wanted to congratulate did a good job tonight." He looks surprised for an instant and he gets that cocky grin on. "Well...thanks." I start to walk out of the locker room but am stopped by his hand grabbing my arm, quite forcefully I might add. "I have to think about us Jeff. I'll call you later, okay?" I smile slightly and sigh, realizing that he probably won't want anything to do with me anymore. I walk out of the locker room with all the stares dissipating.

I leaned up against the wall, closed my eyes for a minute, then started to walk back to the hotel which wasn't far. Once I got there I pounced on the bed and started to drift off to sleep. I really needed to shower but I was way too sore and I doubt that I could stand up straight that long. I feel uncomfortable in the bed without Punk by my side...but I might have to face the grim reality that it may stay this way.

I gave up everything for you Phil...I hope you can realize this.

I woke up a little bit later to the bed moving downward and I could feel someone crawl next to me. I feel fingers running through my hair and I can't help but open my eyes and smile.

"Punkers..." I said sleepily, "why'd you come back?" I heard him laugh. "I was too chickenshit to call you and I'm much better at face to face confrontation." I sit up slowly and rest my head on his shoulder. "Let's hope there's no fightin' this time...does this mean you forgive me?" "Not forgive, but I'm willing to talk it over with you..."

"Aiight, but can we go back to bed? I'm freakin' tired." I lied back down on the bed and felt him lie down too and put and arm around my waist. "I'm way ahead of you, don't worry we'll talk tomorrow...or today..whatever." I smiled, closed my eyes, and reveled in the fact that he was back..

I love CM Punk.

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