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"What's...what's happening to me?"
"Falling...falling...into darkness."

Cold air washed over a young man's face, as his lungs sucked in air, like he'd been underwater. Or like...he'd just been born. A new body, awash with new life. His entire body felt strange to him. Foreign. He wiggled his toes, feeling a crawling sensation beneath his skin. Fingers jerked, and he realized he was lying flat on his back on...cement? Where did the cement come from? And everything was dark...so dark. His eyes twitched, and then he scowled at his own stupidity. His eyes were closed. He opened them, and found it was still dark, but he could see things. All around him were dark buildings. A city. A city aglow with neon lights. Bright, humming neons, their flourescent ghosts whispering secrets of the newcomer.

He blinked, sitting himself upright. He shook his head, images blurred in his mind.

Silver, purple, screaming. Friends, a smile.

A girl.

Dark, dark, dark...


Suddenly he heard a voice coming from behind him. He whirled his head around, squinting to see who was there.

"Demyx, you idiot. Hurry up."

"Hold on, Zexy, I thought I heard something!"

"What could you possibly have heard? There's no one out here but heartless, and there's not enough out worth fighting at this moment."

The young boy spotted two figures emerge from around the corner, both clothed in long black coats, their hoods up.

"Look! See? There's a boy here!" the taller, figure called, running towards the boy.

The boy gasped, recoiling a bit, unsure whether or not to trust these cloaked figures. The taller figure stopped, and knelt down in front of him.

"Lookit Zexy, you scared him." the man took down his hood, revealing a young man, only about 17 or 18, with dirty blonde haired styled in a bizzarre way. From the front it looked like a mohawk, spiked upwards and shaved down at the side, but when he turned his head, his hair was longer in the back as a mullet, and around his face, long strips fell down into the man's face. His eyes were a startling aqua, like the color of water. "Poor little kitten..." the boy cooed, reaching out to stroke the boy's head.

He recoiled, feeling a hiss spark up in his throat, but held it back.

"Who is he? Do you think that he is one of us?" the shorter figure, this...'Zexy', questioned the other, Demyx.

Without warning, Demyx reached forward and put his leather gloved hand against the boy's chest. The boy froze, not sure what was happening as this Demyx's eyes narrowed as a warning, or simply concentration, until he pulled away, frowning.

"...Yeah...I think he is. Go tell Superior we've got another one. I'll wait with him." he said, sitting down indian style next to the boy. Zexy nodded, and vanished in a plume of black and purple smoke.

"So what's your name?" Demyx asked with a smile. The boy cringed, biting on his lip.


The word rang through the boy's head, but it didn't register in his brain.

"...I don't know." but as he said this, a word rang brightly through his head.


"Wait...R...Roxas. My name is Roxas."

Demyx cocked a brow. "Okay, Roxas, where'd you come from?"

I was at Hollow Bastion, with Kairi!

"I...don't know. I just woke up here."

Demyx was even more confused, and he was about to ask another question when the boy interrupted.

"What are you?"

Demyx was caught off guard.


"You said I'm like you. What are you?"

Demyx sighed, scratching his head. Then taking Roxas's hand, and putting it against his chest. "Do you feel anything? A heartbeat?"

Roxas frowned, then shook his head. Then Demyx moved the hand to his own chest, nodding. "I don't have a heartbeat either. Nobodies. Beings without hearts." he stated, echoing the words of the Superior with a hollow tone, a tone of distaste.

Roxas's bright blue eyes widened a bit. "I...don't have a heart?"

Demyx shook his head. "No..you don't. No heart. No emotions. No feelings." And then with that, Zexy returned.

"C'mon, the Superior's willing to see him."

Portals....are frightening. You step inside, and it's blackness, everywhere. Nothingness. Crushing you from every angle. When you look down, you're not even there. You don't exist. Nothing.

More nothing than you already were.

As soon as panic grips you, that you have no being, and are only a thought, you step out into air.

Everyone is panicked by portals. They prefer not to dwell over it.

Roxas stepped out of the darkness, looking up to see Demyx was still there.

"Woah...can you teach me how to do that?" Roxas questioned, looking back as the portal vanished.

Demyx chuckled. "You'll learn soon enough."

"So where are we?"

"We're in front of the Superior's room. He'll call you in soon. Now remember this, his name is Xemnas, but refer to him as Superior when talking to him, or Number I. Look strong, and don't be scared." Demyx slapped the younger boy playfully on the back, nudging him forward.

"Do not worry. If little Demyx could make it into the Organization, then I'm sure you can as well." Zexy teased, walking away.

Demyx looked hurt, his lip quivering. "H..hey...that's not nice..."

"Send him in." a slow voice came from the doorway, all three went silent, and Roxas opened the door and stepped in.

".....be ready for anything, Roxas." the one called Demyx whispered quickly.

The room was entirelly white, walls, floor and ceiling. But everything else was black. The chair in the center of the room, and a desk with a man sitting behind it, were black.

The man was...frightening..in a way. With long silver hair thar was smooth, except for the sides that spiked backwards. His skin was a darker caramel color, hued awkwardly against his hair. His eyes turned to Roxas, a piercing amber. The boy shifted uneasily, trying to avoid the unnatural hued gaze.

"So...your name?" the man spoke slowly, as if registering his words carefully before he spoke.

"Roxas." he stated firmly, not moving from his spot.

"Sit, Roxas." the man gestured to the black chair, and Roxas sat down.

"How old are you, Roxas."


"Only 14? My, my, I wonder how a Somebody of that age could gain such a strong heart..."

Roxas only blinked in reply, not understanding what he meant by that.

"Roxas...do you remember...your true name?"

"My true name?" Roxas blinked, shifting again. "My true name is..." he stopped. It was there in his mind, but he couldn't place it.

"You don't know your true name?" Roxas only shook his head. "I see..." Xemnas continued, then narrowed his eyes. He rose from his desk, hands flat against the desk.

"You're lying to me..." his voice dropped down to an icy level.

"Wha...what? Why would I lie about something like that? Maybe I have like, amnesia or something." Roxas tried to negotiate his arguement, the tone of the man's voice sending chills down his spine.

"No. All nobodies remember their true name. You lie!"

"Really, I don't know!"

Then suddenly, without warning, there was a flash of red, and in his hands, Xemnas held two sword-like, red sabers in his hands, and he leaped forward towards Roxas, slashing at the boy.

Roxas instinctively jumped backwards, backshuffling to avoid devastating blows from the wildly spinning blades.

"I'm not lying!" Roxas shouted, leaping away to the side, feeling one of the blades slash a tear in his shirt. The red blades whirled around, and in desperation, Roxas wished he had a weapon, any kind of weapon.

And then...his energy began to dwindle. His dodges became slower, and seeing this advantage, Xemnas whirled an Aerial Blade down towards the defenseless boy. Roxas put his arms up to block the blow.


Roxas gasped, opening his eyes to see that the attack was blocked. But not from what he expected. In each of his hands, were a key of some sort. One key was white and blue, with savage spikes on the end. The other was black and purple, with a thicker end. His sapphire eyes widened in shock. Pushing his weight against the keys, he managed to flick the Aerial Blades out of Xemnas's hands, and they clattered to the floor about 8 feet away.

Roxas whirled around on his attacker, the keyblades glowing white with a strange light. He smashed the man to the side, watching him fall to the ground. The black keyblade held at the man's neck steadily, Roxas breathed heavily, eyes narrowed. Then the man spoke.

"Roxas. The Key of Destiny. Number XIII. Weapon: Dual Keyblades. Element: Light." the man stated slowly, not even at a loss of breath. "Welcome to Organization XIII...Number IX!!" the man shouted the last bit, and from the door entered the familiar face of Demyx. Roxas looked bewildered. Why did he suddenly attack him like that, then just acted like it never happened? And what were those keys that came? He looked down at them in his hands, clutching the handles.

"Y..Yes, Superior?" Demyx interuptted Roxas's thoughts.

"Show Number XIII here around the castle. Tell him the rules." Number I said slowly, standing up and walking back to the desk.

"Y..yes sir!" Demyx nodded, and grabbed Roxas by the wrist, and dragged him out. Once outside, the older male turned towards him, a smile on his face. "So you made it in? Great job! I knew you would! So..lucky thirteen, eh? Those are some cool weapons you've got there! What's your element?" Demyx bombarded the breathless boy with questions until he put his hands up to stop the man's speaking.

"Hold on a sec'. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME I HAD TO FIGHT HIM?" the words burst from his mouth in a scream, hands tightening around the keys. Demyx recoiled, looking hurt.

"I...I couldn't. If I did..you would have anticipated it. And then you wouldn't have any desperation. That's what called forth your weapon. Sheer need to protect yourself. But don't worry, after some training, you'll be able to summon them whenever you want!" Demyx shot him a peace sign and a goofy grin. "Like this!" he said, putting his hand up. From his hand burst a sphere of water, that spread down around him. Something glittered into view in his hand, and a large musical instument appeared, blue with white outlines and spikes on the end. He spun it around once, before letting it rest against him, his arm draped over the top.

"Your weapon is...a giant ukelele?" Roxas asked, raising a brow.

"No!" Demyx recoiled, clutching his weapon protectively. "It's a Sitar!"

"Doesn't look very dangerous to me. Lemme' see it." he put down his keyblades and reached out a hand, and after hesitating, Demyx let the younger boy take it. When Demyx released his grip, Roxas suddenly lurched downward, almost dropping the instrument.

"Fuck! This thing is heavy!" Roxas gasped, lifting it up, the sitar towering over him. Demyx looked smug.

"And I'm able to spin that around."

Roxas sneered, shifting it off of his body. "It's stabbing me in the shoulder."

"Imagine getting whacked upside the head with it."

"Okay, okay. I guess it's a good enough weapon." Roxas sighed, giving the sitar back to it's owner. "So...you're water, right?"

Demyx nodded. "Yup! I'm Water! And you are...?" he circled his hands for an answer.

"Light...apparently." he said, looking back at the keyblades he'd put down. "So those are...key...blades? Xemnas called them that. Dual Keyblades..." he said, recalling what the chocolate skinned man had said after the battle.

"Keyblades, eh? Never heard of 'em." Demyx paused, and there was silence for a few moments, until he broke it. "O-kay, so apparently I'm supposed to give you a tour! Well, we'll start with me! I'm Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne. Number IX. Water. And as you know, my weapon is a Sitar! And the guy you just met, was Xemnas. But you should know that too. He's Number I. The Superior. His element..is nothingness. Kinda creepy, huh? But Xemmy's a creepy guy."

"Xemmy?" Roxas repeated, raising a brow.

"Nickname. But don't let him hear you say that!" Demyx joked, beginning to walk down the hall, his sitar vanishing at his side. "C'mon, there's more to see."

Roxas looked down at his keyblades, and suddenly they vanished in a cloud of light. He blinked, then looked up and scurried after his blonde friend.