A/N: i want to thank everyone for their reviews and suggestions on coping with PMS! hopefully the wierd PMS is just a temporary thing.

I was quite amused by the review left by Perennial Rhinitis mentioning how Roy's thoughts sounded a bit like the Book of Song of Songs from the bible. i'm quite amused by that thought; i've always considered my writing to be on the complete other end of the spectrum from anything doing with the Bible, even if it was a 'dirty' part. unless i was describing the actions that would get you sent to hell cause i think i do pretty good in that area. and there's a dirty part of the bible!? i think my church left that part out of sunday school (course i can't say that i was there every sunday, either). hmm… now i just have to find my copy - it should be somewhere around the Koran and the book of Mormon and that book on satanism… :)

oops, back to my point (i'm fairly sure i have one): i've had a bit of trouble with this piece. part of me likes it how it is as a one-shot but the other wants to continue this story. so, now that PMS is done and i'm rational (well rational as i can get anyway), i've made my decision. i'm going to mark this piece as complete but create another version that continues. this one-shot doesn't quite have the happy ending i prefer, but the last sentence gives it the slightest bit of positive resolution (at least in my mind).

so, if you want to see the other piece, the beginning part doesn't have that last line of 'resolution' allowing me to continue and, of course, there will be a lemon (cause i'm writing it). the continuing piece will be called 'Walking the Line Between Want and Need' and i'm gonna post the first two chapters right after submitting this authors note. it's definately going to be a WIP cause i really don't quite know where it's heading and I swear it'll be the only fic i'll post that won't be completed in a few weeks. (see my thoughts on this in my profile)

and sorry about complaining about PMS. i kinda wrote and posted this before i had thought enough about it.