"So these three here are the best essays?"

"Yes, Mr. Director. When should the boys come in for the interview?"

"Tomorrow would be the best day. I want to know where they got the ideas! They are each so similar, yet unique ideas. I want to know how they were inspired."

The Next Day

"Names and schools, please," said the secretary.

"Urameshi Yusuke, Sarayashiki."

"Kuwabara Kazuma, also Sarayashiki."

"My name is Minamino Shuichi, and I go to Meiou."

"Thank you, boys. Please put on these nametags and follow me. The director wants to interview you three about your wonderful essays."

The three boys shared a glance, wondering what they were in for.

Kuwabara was the first to notice that something was wrong with the situation. "Hey, Urameshi, you actually wrote an essay for school? Did Keiko force you?"

"Yeah, I wrote it, but Keiko didn't make me. I heard that we were studying demons in Mythology, so I figured I'd check it out. I thought it was fun studying everything I've killed. Then it got more interesting. The teacher announced one day that the next section would have an essay, so I almost left, but she mentioned that I shouldn't go because we were gonna study some great thieves. So I'm thinking maybe it's Kurama and that other guy, and I was right! It was the most interesting five weeks at Sarayashiki ever!"

"But you wrote the essay too!" Kuwabara interjected, "Why did you write it? You even got picked to be one of the top three!"

"He is right, you know," said Kurama, "the essays were ten pages minimum. I would have figured you'd back out."

"Yeah, but it's about yo-Youko Kurama."

"Sorry to interrupt, boys, but we're here now," the secretary said, "Please come in and sit down. This is the director over here, and these two are the reporter and the cameraman."

The boys sat on a couch in the middle of a huge room. The director sat across from them on an overstuffed armchair near the hovering reporters armed to the teeth with recording devices.

Meanwhile in Reikai…

Hiei had just returned from a solo mission to find Koenma, Jorge, and Botan watching something happen in the human world.

"Hey, I got your…" Hiei held up a misshapen blob and glanced over it, "thing back. Tell me where to put it or I'm leaving it on your desk."

This got Koenma's attention.

"No, Hiei! Wait! Jorge! Get me a jar!"

"Me? Why me?" asked Jorge.

Naturally, this upset Koenma.

"Because I said so! Now, ogre!"

Jorge had no choice but to comply.

"Yes, Koenma sir."

Botan bounced over to the desk by Hiei and said,

"Hey, Hiei! Guess what we're doing."

"You're staring at the screen watching humans."


"Can I go now, Koenma?"

"No, Hiei, Jorge isn't back yet. Besides, this is interesting. You should watch too. Kurama, Yusuke, and Kuwabara each wrote top essays. It's getting good now. That man there is going to question them on the essays. It's really funny!"

"How is an essay funny?"

"'Cause it's about…well, you'll see. Yukina and Genkai are coming here to watch it too."

"Fine. I'll stay. Now where is Jorge?"

In the Director's Office

"So, boys, where did you get your ideas for the essays?"

Kurama was first to answer.

"I just thought about the possibilities that Youko Kurama might have had after his death. It just came to me."

Yusuke and Kuwabara were certainly not good at making up excuses.

"I met a friend online," Yusuke said.

"Yeah," added Kuwabara, "He thinks he's Youko Kurama's reincarnation."

"Kuwabara and I met him in this chat room. We were together."

"Yeah, I got it from him too."

"Do you know his name? It's for the article."

Yusuke stared at the director for a time before shouting,

"His name was Hiei."

"Yeah, me and Urameshi know him. He's from America."

Yusuke glared at Kuwabara. After all, even he knew that not many Americans were named Hiei. On the far left, Kurama was trying to keep from laughing. Trying to help the detective, Kurama looked pointedly at the other two and asked,

"You met him on that Youko Kurama forum, right?"

Luckily, both of the boys caught on.

"Yeah. His name isn't really Hiei, but his screen name is, um, hieiflameboy."

"Oh," Kurama added, "Then you must have been reigan007! I was on there too."

"You were there as well? Were you smartypants?"

Kurama winced at his new, made up screen name. Seeing this, Kuwabara jumped in.

"I'm yukinasman! Wow, that's cool! We all met each other online looking for info on Kurama, and we meet again as the top essay writers!"

'Oh man,' Kurama thought, 'Please don't let him notice the big gaping holes in our excuse!'

Fortunately, the director didn't give their story a second thought.

"Would you boys tell me about your essays and why you chose the topic you did?"

Kuwabara spoke up first.

"Okay, here goes. Mine's what I think would happen if Youko Kurama and Kuronue had escaped to the human world and lived as neighbors, but they don't recognize each other. I think they'd hit it off, but they don't reveal that they're demons, so they realize the other's hiding something. I think they'd be trying to figure out what the other one's hiding while keeping their own identity a secret. It's a funny essay about keeping secrets."

"Thank you very much, Mr. Kuwabara," said the director. "What about you, Mr. Minamino?"

"My essay addresses the possible adaptations that a demon would have to make to fit in with the human world while not getting caught. For example, he would have to learn how to act like a human and to get along well enough with other humans so as not to draw attention to himself."

"And you, Mr. Urameshi?"

"Mine's a funny essay from Youko's perspective. I figured that, if he took a human form, he'd be aware of everything happening around him. I figured his reactions to Shio- um, his mother doing everyday stuff like nursing him or changing his diaper would be demeaning. I mean, in the demon world, who would baby talk to him or talk about how cute he is or pinch his cheeks? Also, he'd be going from a stronger, faster demon body to a pretty much useless human baby body. Like, he'd try to move, but his muscles haven't developed that much yet. I figured he wouldn't like it."