"So why are we going to see Keiko first and not Yukina?" Kuwabara asked for what seemed to Yusuke like the millionth time.

"Because Keiko has ramen and I'm hungry."

Kuwabara fell silent, and they kept walking. They hadn't made very good time, and it was getting dark. It would have gone so much faster if these stupid youkai hadn't been behind every corner. Really, you'd have thought they didn't have anything better to do.

At long last, the boys could see the lights from the Yukimuras' diner. Kuwabara ran up to the door, shouting, "Dinner time!" He threw the door open and stopped short. The door swung closed again, but he didn't notice. Sensing something was wrong, Yusuke and Hiei ran over. Yusuke pushed open the door and threw up. All the patrons' throats were slit. Yusuke pushed past Kuwabara and ran into the kitchen. He clapped his hand over his mouth and backed into the wall. Opposite was Mr. Yukimura, pinned to the wall by his own knives. Hiei came in, looked around, and said, "Well, looks like we missed some. Are we still eating here?"

"I'm not. Ramen's in that pot over there if you're still hungry."

Hiei walked over to the pot and lifted off the lid.

"Hey, you should come see this," he called.

Yusuke walked over, half hoping it would just be a joke, half scared it wasn't.

It wasn't. It was Mrs. Yukimura, floating in the broth, her face sticking out of the noodles. Yusuke turned away and groaned. Then a thought came to him: Keiko! He dashed out the back and ran up to her room.

Yusuke fell to the ground. His fiancée was hanging from a rope made of the letters he had sent her. Keiko's throat was cut, and her shirt front was stained red. Her stomach was cut open too, and her entrails littered the floor.

There was a note on the wall: "Urameshi, you killed my mother. I will take away everything good in your life until you are begging me for mercy. Then I will come for you."

Hiei laughed softly.

"What's so funny?" Yusuke snapped.

"Just thinking of how all the youkai tease Kurama for loving Shiori, but they're all the same."

"What do you mean?"

"Some brat wants revenge because you killed his mommy."

"I did?"

"You forgot already? You remember that youkai in the Lucky 99?"

"That was a woman? How can you tell?"

"Women smell different."

Yusuke snorted. He was picturing Hiei running around a flowery field, sniffing women in long, flowing skirts. Mental-Hiei looked quite happy there.

"Hey, Hiei, can your jagan tell us anything about this guy?"

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Right. Botan's got your jagan."

Hiei growled. Yusuke continued, "I still think of you as you, isn't that funny? Man, I totally forgot. Do you think we should go find her and try to switch you back?"

"It's not bothering me so much anymore. It's more important to make sure everyone's okay, and by everyone I mean Yukina."

"Yeah, okay. But on the way, let's check on my mom."

"And Shizuru too!" Kuwabara reminded the others.

They called the paramedics and the police, and made sure everything would be taken care of before they left for the Urameshi house to check on Atsuko since her house was closest.

"Hey, Urameshi, did you see their faces? When they saw you there, they were like, 'Hey, you delinquent,' and they so would have arrested you if I hadn't told them it wasn't your fault."

"Yeah, yeah, that's so funny."

"At least they didn't see Hiei, what with his sword and all. I bet they would have tried to shoot him."

"And then he might have killed them, and then there would be even more dead people, and would you just shut up?"

"Gosh, Urameshi, what crawled up your pants and died?"

"I know you guys didn't really talk and all, but can we pretend that Keiko and her family are dead and it's a little sad?"

"Oh… Okay, I'll shut up. I promise I won't say another word until-"

"Okay, pretend Yuki…" Hiei glared fiercely in Yusuke's general direction. "Shizuru is dead. That kind of quiet? That's good."


Kuwabara was silent for the rest of the trip.

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