Alright folks, here's a nice little idea...

"Night of the Living Fangirls" is an idea I cooked up, inspired by a review I recieved. Basically, it is a ploy on "Night of the Living Dead" but with fangirls instead of zombies. It would feature Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi, Itachi, and basically every guy in Naruto who has a vast fanbase being trapped in a cabin by fangirls. It would be very suspenceful and hilarious, with silly escape plans, bizarre events, and perhaps even fangirl cameos. Now, I don't know if I should have it as a One-shot in this story, a full fic.

So yeah... Should "Night of the Living Fangirls" be a one-shot or a full fic?

Now, onto some interviews...

"Huh?" Sasuke blinked his eyes a few times, trying to adjust to the sudden change in lighting. "Where am I?" Sasuke looked around and realized he was sitting up on a stage in front of a crowd of...

"Fangirls..." Sasuke gulped.

"I don't know where we are..." Rock Lee's voice made Sasuke jump slightly. He noticed that he was sitting in the chair next to him.

"That's just great..." Sasuke growled.

"I know, isn't it?" a voice made them both jump. Once again, Agent HUNK was sitting behind a desk across from them. "Hi, there!"

"Who are you?" Sasuke growled.

"Agent HUNK," the Author replied. "I'm going to be interviewing you both... Just like I did your brother."

"My brother?" Flames of hatred raged in Sasuke's eyes.

"I am prepared! Ask away!" Meanwhile, flames of determination raged in Lee's eyes.

"Okaaaay..." Agent HUNK pulled a clipboard out from behind his back. "Rock Lee!"

"Yes?" Lee jumped to his feet and struck a "hero" pose.

"Where did you get the ideas for your moves?" Agent HUNK asked.

"Dragon Ball Z!" Lee boasted.

"Pff..." Sasuke scoffed. "That lame old show?"

"ARE YOU CALLING MY TECHNIQUES LAME!?" Lee snarled, now with flames of hatred in his eyes.

"Woah, don't kill each other!" Agent HUNK suddenly appeared between them out of a puff of smoke. "That's what the fangirls are for..." he muttered. "Sasuke Uchiha!"

"Get on with it..." Sasuke growled.

"Why do you hate your fangirls?" Agent HUNK asked sadly, gesturing towards the mass of psychotic women who all gave Sasuke the puppy-dog-eyes at once.

"Because..." Sasuke gritted his teeth with malice, "I-"

"You're gay?" Agent HUNK suddenly asked.

"WHAT?!" Sasuke snarled.

"HE'S DEFENSIVE!!!" Agent HUNK pointed accusingly at him. "THAT MEANS ITS TRUE!!!"

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" Sasuke yelled angrily. Lee was slowly inching away from Sasuke. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!"

"To train?" Lee shrugged.

"Hey guess what?" Agent HUNK suddenly leaned forward.

"What?" Sasuke hissed.

"ITS TIME FOR YOU TO GET MAULED!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" Agent HUNK cackled. He then clapped his hands, and Sasuke magically flew through the air and landed in the center of the fangirl mob.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Sasuke screamed as rabbid fangirls clamoured around him. "GET AWAY FROM ME!!! GET AWAY!!!!!"

"Yep, he's definitely gay..." Agent HUNK grumbled. "Lee?" he suddenly turned to face the other shinobi.

"Yes?" Lee straightened up. He didn't show any signs of fear or terror.

"I think you're cool, so I'm going to let you go..." Agent HUNK shrugged. "Off with you, then..." he waved his hands.

"But... uh..." Lee looked around. There was no exit. "How?"

"Can't you fly? I mean, you watch DBZ and copy their moves, so can't you fly?" Agent HUNK asked.

"I dunno, I've never tried it..." Lee scratched his head.

"Well, then... try!" Agent HUNK pointed up in the air.

"Okay..." Lee took a deep breath. He then ran towards the front of the stage and dove into the air. He soared upwards, arms outstretched...

And then fell into the crowd of fangirls.

"AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!" Lee screamed.

"Wow, did he actually just try that?" Agent HUNK shook his head. "Well, folks... I guess this is all for now. Remember to voice your opinions on that story idea... Should "Night of the Living Fangirls" be a one-shot in this fic, or a full story?"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!" Sasuke and Lee continued to scream.

"Music to my ears..." Agent HUNK sighed happily.

I know. Bizarre. But I'm out of good ideas...