Shadow of Hinata Ch 8

Now set after the Chunin Exam Arc Episode 46ish Hinata and Neji's match. This is in between that time and the Bikochu Filler Arc Episodes 148-151 (I know it's a big time span just image Hinata training the whole time or somewhere in between) Hinata's POV and some unrequited affection (maybe…hehehe). A bit more Shino POV hopefully all in character.

This chapter kinda takes off from the canon, but who knows it could have happened. My own personal filler (winks) yummy fluff ;p

Warning: lovey dovey stuff…

Translation notes: Hahaoya-Mother

I do not own Naruto…but you knew that already…

In the corner of Hinata's eye she saw Shino's hand move from the safety of his coat pocket as he slid his hand over hers. His touch was so soft, much different then the rough calloused and clawed hands that were touching hers just a moment ago.

Hinata felt a soft tingle in her skin and was beginning to feel a little dizzy. "Hn…" she thought trying to comprehend what was happening.

"I was with Shino. Then Shino left. I went to see Naruto…and that was like (what was it like?) It was like seeing someone you look up to for a very long time, someone out of reach, in a different light. I respect him, admire him. He's attractive…but… he's not… he's not… Shino." Her mind stuttered in spite of her. She had realized it the moment she saw Naruto.

He was yelling at Sakura about something, waving his hands around holding a small frog coin purse. His eyes betrayed none of his infuriated expression. They held the pink haired kunoichi in soft regard. Hinata smiled at the two shinobi. She wanted him to be happy, Sakura might make him happy one day (if she got over a certain Uchiha.)

Then Kiba came asking for ointment for Akamaru…all the while…holding my hands only releasing one hand to grasp the ointment jar. Then he was replaced with Shino's form, who excused us for "other business."

Shino and Hinata departed from their smirking teammate walking hand in hand.

Hinata wanted to ask where Shino was leading her, but her mind felt cloudy. His calming cool scent invaded her senses. All she could think about was his soft skin and how good he smelled. His hand was so warm and his fingers interlaced hers. His thumb stroked small circles on the back of her hand. It seemed to send tingles through her fingertips all the way down to her toes. Her breath caught in her throat and she had that all too familiar sensation.

Before Hinata's grip could loosen Shino sent his kikaichu to catch her as she fainted.

Shino called his insects to him and gathered the unconscious Hinata in his arms. Her head rested lightly on his shoulder her cheek pressing Shino's high collar down exposing his hidden features. He could feel her feminine form against him and his temperature spiked.

Intense heat brought Hinata back to her senses. She was being carried. She lifted her head up and glanced upwards to see Shino's uncovered face. It was not something Hinata was used to seeing. She inhaled sharply.

"Hinata how are you feeling?" Shino asked gently.

"Ummm…Shino…where are we going?" Hinata whispered.

Shino set Hinata gently on the ground. She glanced at the reflection of clouds on the lake and then returned her gaze to her stoic teammate. His jacket collar was once again hiding most of his face.

"Do you remember this place?" Shino asked.

The lake was beautiful. Hinata ran her hand along the seat of a swing. It was tied to an old maple tree. The Osakazuki had bright green leaves this spring. It's trunk was thick and had several branches, though it was not very tall. The Kohona children enjoyed this spot and would often climb the trees and enjoy the simple swings that hung from several of them.

"Yes." Hinata finally answered.

Shino pointed to a sakura tree, it's weeping branches swaying lightly in the breeze. The Higan Cherry Tree was covered in beautiful pink blooms that contrasted against the dark wood. It was a smaller tree with a slightly crooked trunk. It's imperfection gave it a distinguished look and it was nicely settled away from the lake and other trees. There was chirping and a soft hum of insects and life all around.

Hinata took in the distinguished tree then when she heard Shino speak again.

"Do you remember stealing my tree?" His voice was low as he hitched up an eyebrow slightly. "All the other children would play but you were sitting in my favorite spot."

Before Hinata started the academy, and before she had understood what her role was as being the heir to the Hyuuga clan (and what it meant to be a part of the main branch,) she was allowed to be just her. A quiet shy girl, who enjoyed observing life unfold under the shade of a sweet smelling Weeping Higan Cherry Tree.

"I had to find a new spot to be…well…anti-social." Shino continued despite the confused look on Hinata's face.

"The first time I saw you were sitting at the base of my cherry tree. It was the day before we first joined the academy. One of my kikai was chasing a ladybug and you watched and giggled as they flew by you." Shino formed a small unseen smile.

"That was the day Kurenai-sensei told my father that being a kunoichi… would be dangerous… for the heir of the Hyuuga clan--He told her to take me away…" Hinata's voice trailed away. "Maybe he would have been relieved if I…I-I didn't…s-sur-vi…if I didn't come back." She regained her voice as she spoke in a detached tone.

Shino gathered Hinata in his arms and held her close as she buried her face in his soft gray coat. He felt her tense body relax into him.

"W-why did y-you l-le-leave Shino?" Hinata spoke without looking up.

Shino sighed. He knew she was asking him about his rash behavior earlier that day. He didn't know how to respond.

"I don't love him." Hinata felt Shino's body stiffen.

Shino knew she spoke the truth. It was more then his clan's ability to sense deceit, he knew because he felt it was true. His kikai buzzed in agreement. Shino's mind brought him to his childhood. He was searching for his stuffed kikai. His insects had already imprinted themselves to his favorite toy and he easily found it neatly tucked away in his father's closet.

Shibi looked at his son with a playful smirk on his face.

"So son, you imprinted your kikaichu on a stuffy?"


Shino's gaze were trained firmly on his feet.

"It is true that the Abarume Clan has the ability to imprint their insects on people or things (Shibi raised an elegant eyebrow at his son) that are important or precious to them. It is not unheard of that a bug user imprint on a close friend or teammate." Shibi's voice began to soften. "But son, you're a bit old to be imprinted on a stuffed beetle."

Shino's father smiled at him. "Plus you want to save imprinting to a limited amount of people. Imprinting divides the attention of your kikaichu and uses a lot of chakra. You probably want to save it for a few people that are very special to you, like your family or your mate." His father's eyebrows wagged at those last two words.

Shino rolled his eyes, but before Shino could resign his beloved stuffed kikai to his father's closet he heard a blood curdling scream. Shibi flashed out of Shino's sight as Shino fell to his knees, tears rolling out of his eyes.

"HAHAOYA!!!!!" Shino screamed in terror. His connection with his mother was gone. He knew what it meant. His first act after receiving the kikai was to imprint them on his mother, and from that moment on he knew if she was happy and well. But in that moment he heard the scream he knew the worst had happened.

Shibi's mate had died before he was able to reach her. All he was able to do was hold her in his arms and bring her back home.

Shino held in all the emotion that threaten to break through his stoic features. He embraced Hinata with all the feelings he could not show. His father had always been there for him, while Hinata's father seemed not to care what became of her.

He wanted to tell her that he cared. That he loved her.

Hinata reached her hands up towards Shino's high collar pulling it down uncovering his face. She raised herself up onto the balls of her feet bringing herself even closer in their tight embrace.

She had felt everything that he felt. She knew what he was thinking. She saw a plush faded black kikai… the face of Shino's father. She had felt Shino's heart ache at his mother's death…and the love that he had for her.

"I see you Hinata. I have always seen you." Shino spoke to her as she raised herself up to him.

Hinata's soft lips pressed into Shino's full mouth. Her hands ran through his thick hair as she pulled him in closer for a deeper kiss. She parted her lips as a soft sigh escaped her, their tongues caressed each other savoring the kiss' sweet taste. His mouth was liquid warmth. His gentle hands reached under her jacket to find the curve of her hip and small of her back stroking the length of her delicate form.

Pulling away from the kiss Hinata looked deep into Shino's dark sunglasses. She took one hand from his soft hair to the rim of his sunglasses her eyes focused on him. And with his silent acceptance she slid them of the bridge of his nose.

His beautiful hazel eyes locked with her milky opal eyes.

"I see you too Shino."

This seems like a natural ending for this story. I might make a sequel, how the two clans would react to their little relationship or a post time skip story. I'm not sure yet. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me during this story. Love you (invisable stuffed kikai to those who who review! soft and cuddy! warms up when happy!)

(Guess Hinata was finally able to read people's "intent.")