I got the idea for this story when I was re-reading the ending of my other fic "A New Power", not to mention a lot of suggestions for a sequel. So in this story, you'll probably recognize a lot of references to that other story if you've read it. I personally wanted more of the interaction between Tommy/Kim's kids when they are older with their parents after finding out they're Power Rangers.

The prologue picks up right after the end of the epilogue in A New Power, but the rest of the story takes place a little after the teenagers find out about their parents being Power Rangers.


"I can't believe you guys were the Power Rangers!" exclaimed Jason.

The older Jason, his namesake, laughed and ruffled his hair a bit. "Hard to believe, but we could be cool, too."

Thomas snorted and mumbled, "Not with that hair back then, Uncle Tommy." Everyone laughed while Tommy glared at him.

"And the coolest part is that our parents were the originals!" exclaimed Hope.

"Not really," said Tommy. "Jason and your mother were the originals. I joined up with them after a bit."

"Yeah, but Uncle Toms, you were still the first green, right?" asked Ann. Tommy nodded. "And white. So you were still a part of the originals."

"Why are there so many teams?" asked Hope.

"The power changes," answered Tommy. "The rangers change and come and go."

"We did have lives outside of fighting, you know," said Kim. "I went to train for the Pan-Globals. Jason, your Uncle Zack, and Trini, my best friend back then, went to a peace conference in Switzerland. We all had our reasons."

"So, like your contract was up?" said Thomas.

"Yeah, something like that," answered Tommy.

"There's one thing, though," said Jason. "You four have to promise us, swear to us that you won't tell anyone, ANYONE about this. We've kept this secret since we were sixteen and it won't kill you to not let anyone else know. It's extremely important that you guys don't tell anyone. Understand?" The four teenagers nodded. "You four know, so feel free to talk amongst yourselves. But be aware of your surroundings." They nodded again.

The four of them looked at each other, having a silent conversation through their eyes. "We're going upstairs," said Hope. She ran up the stairs with the other three following close behind.

"They're good kids, they won't tell anyone," said Kim.

"I'm not worried about that," said Jason. "I know we could trust them."

"And besides, those four are as close as close can be," said Tommy. "If they were to tell anyone a secret, they would first tell one of the four."

The three of them smiled as they turned to walk back upstairs. Tommy held back a bit, fixing the basement that he hasn't used in years. He hasn't even been down here in years. He stood over the computer and saw his video diary paused on when he was passing the turbo powers to TJ. He closed it and made the move to delete the file, but thought better of it and just turned off the computer instead. He smiled and followed his wife and his best friend upstairs.

Chapter One

Fifteen-year-old Jason David Oliver sat in his ninth-grade history class, staring out the window. School was a bore to him. It was even worst when he had a monotone, gray-haired, boring teacher who made the past even more boring.

"I wish I were outside," he thought. Jason continued to stare out the window, not particularly intent on the lecture nor anything outside the window. He gazed at the blue, cloudless sky. "It's such a nice day. We shouldn't even be inside."

He continued to stare at the sky when he thought he saw some sort of flash blink across the sky. Jason jumped out of his seat and stood in front of the window.

"Is something wrong, Mr. Oliver?" asked Mr. Carlson, the old history teacher. Jason didn't answer, but continued to stare out the window. "Excuse me, Mr. Oliver." Jason continued to ignore him. Mr. Carlson stood up and banged his fist on the desk. "Do I need to call your father, Mr. Oliver?"

Jason jumped at the noise and turned around to face Carlson. He shook his head. "No, it's alright. Sorry, I just..." Jason sat back down at his desk, amidst the snickering going on around him.

"Alright, Mr. Oliver. But one more inexplicable outburst like that, I'm calling your father."

"No need, sir."

Mr. Carlson nodded and resumed his sitting position, continuing his lecture. Jason buried his face in his hands, embarrassed. He was afraid to look up again, to look outside the window. Moroever, he was afraid of what his father would say when he heard that he had gotten in trouble during class.

Jason didn't usually get in trouble during class, preferring to go along with whatever the teacher expected. He wasn't exactly a teacher's pet, but he wasn't the class clown either. He preferred a quieter existence, excelling in his schoolwork with no need for extra studying. It was a skill that he shared with his older sister, Hope. But he didn't like to make his father angry. Not that his father was the type to get abusive when he was angry, Jason just did not like the feeling of disappointing his father. Or his mother.

Jason looked out the window again. He stared up into the sky. "I wonder what that thing was." He started doodling on his page of notes, vaguely listening to what Mr. Carlson was saying.

"...if it is true or not, but several eyewitnesses..." Carlson's voice was drifting in and out of Jason's ear.

"Blah, blah, blah," thought Jason. "Everything he's saying, I could read in a book and remember."

"...Angel Grove. Since then, numerous sightings have been seen, though."

Jason's ears perked up at the sound of Angel Grove. That's where his mom grew up and where his parents met. He's also visited there a bunch of times, visiting friends and family. But he didn't really pay attention to what was being said.

The bell rang and a collective sigh was heard across the room.

"Everybody got that? I want it double-spaced, typed, on my desk by Friday. No later or no credit," Mr. Carlson yelled over the scramble of everyone making their way outside the class.

Jason's head snapped up while he was gathering his stuff. "A paper?" he thought. He turned to the girl next to him.

"What has to be double-spaced, Jasmine?" he asked.

Jasmine looked down at her notes. "A paper on how the world today would be different had there been no Power Rangers. An opinion piece. Either a do it or don't. Full credit if it's done, none if it's not."

Jason looked a bit surprised. "The Power Rangers?"

Jasmine rolled her eyes. "We've been talking about them all period long, Jason. Maybe if you weren't seeing things outside the window, maybe you would've heard it."

Jason smiled. "Well, a paper on the Power Rangers? Piece of cake. Thanks Jas." He gathered the rest of his things and began to walk towards the door.

"No problem."

Thomas John Scott closed the door to his locker when school ended. "This week couldn't be over faster," he thought. It was only Tuesday and already he had numerous things to read, too much homework to keep up with, not to mention everything else that went on during his life. "Jason, where are you? We were supposed to spar today." He looked up and down the hall. No sign of Jason. Thomas groaned as he turned around to look the other way.

"Well, hey, to you to," said his twin, Ann Leigh Scott. She was standing with her best friend, Hope Trini Oliver, Jason's older sister.

Thomas rolled his eyes. "Where's Jase?" he asked Hope. She shrugged. "We were supposed to meet after school so we could spar at Dad's dojo."

"We were gonna find out if you wanted anything to eat though," said Hope. "We're passing by McDonald's later. Want anything?"

"Sure, just get me the same thing."

Ann nodded. "Sure thing." She turned to walk away. "And there goes Jason."

Thomas followed Ann's gaze to Jason running down the hall.

"Sorry man, I got held up," he said. "Carlson was talking about some paper and I wasn't listening and I had to ask Jasmine what the paper was."

"It's cool," said Thomas. "But you just need to stop being late, man. I have places to be, people to see. And waiting around for you is just not gonna cut it. Sixteen years of waiting for you is not cool."

"You're a year older than me, Bro."

"Well, then, fifteen years. Whatever. It still ain't gonna cut it."

Jason rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He took off toward the entrance to the school, with the other three following him.

"I don't exactly know what I should do, though," said Hope as she and Ann took off for home. They waved goodbye to their brothers who were heading for the local dojo in the opposite direction.

"I think Aunt Kim's going to be expecting something though," said Ann. "She usually expects things like these from your dad and stuff."

Hope laughed. "That's why Dad wanted me to plan her birthday party. He told me he didn't want to have anything to do with it because Mom was going to be able to get it out of him."

Ann smiled. "So have you decided exactly where you want to go after high school? I mean, you've only got 4 more months."

"Honestly? No, I haven't thought about it at all. I want to stay near Reefside because I'm going to miss everybody so much. But I really have no idea."

Ann nodded. She was going to miss her best friend if she left Reefside. Ann knew it would only be a year, probably, since she was graduating the year after Hope, but there's never a guarantee that they would end up at the same college, anyway.

"But I do have bigger things to think about at the moment," said Hope.

Ann looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Like what?"

"My mom's party, of course!"

They turned the corner near Ann's house as they were both discussing how to best surprise Hope's mother.

"She'll probably be expecting it if we have a surprise party at Mom's," said Ann, referring to her mother's cafe.

"And Angel Grove," said Hope.

"So we need something more outrageous."

"Cuz it is a big birthday for her."

"And your parents' anniversary."

Hope nodded. "Do you think we should make the party for the both of them instead? I mean, Mom and Dad...yeah, they celebrate thier anniversary and birthdays every year, but this year I want to make it special for them. I know it's three more years until their twenty-fifth anniversary, but still."

Ann's eyes widened. "We should! But we've got to tell your dad that it's still a party for your mom."

Hope laughed. "Duh, Ann." She went to the kitchen and grabbed a soda for her and Ann. "Where are we gonna have it?"

"Again, it'll be obvious at Mom's or in Angel Grove."

"We should do it somewhere else."

"Where? Mariner Bay?"

"I don't know...what do you think?"

"You know what we should do, we should plan the next big reunion with all of Mom and Dad's friends."

"But it'll pretty much be the anniversary party," said Hope. "I mean, who else are we gonna invite besides all of them?"

"You forget one thing, Hopie."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"Mom and Dad. Mine. Yours. Patrick's. Joey's. Angela's. Lyn's. Ronnie's. Steve's. And everyone else."

"What about them?"

"Power rangers."

Hope nodded, not following.

Ann rolled her eyes. "Make the party a Power Ranger party. A big reunion with everybody associated with the rangers. I know there has got to be more out there than just Dad, your parents, and the people that we see all the time like Aunt Ashley and Uncle Andros. Aunt Aisha and Uncle Adam. You remember that video that we saw. There was that woman, Katherine. And the one who replaced Aunt Aisha, Tanya. And the one who was a kid when he was a ranger, Justin. He replaced Uncle Rock, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember. So let me ge this straight, you want to get all the rangers together for a party?"

"Why not? They're all friends, right? I mean, our parents already see half the ranger teams have the time. All we have to really do is convince the others to come through."

Hope smiled, wheels turning in her head. "And keep everyone from finding out."

Ann nodded. "We still need someone's help though. How are we going to find all the old rangers? And we do need to plan the party, of course."

Hope nodded. "I don't know. Because if I ask Mom or Dad, they'll wonder why I want to the numbers of the old rangers."

"Well we do have Thomas and Jason."

"Yeah, and we could call Patrick. I'm sure he'd be willing to help."

"Hope. We can't call Patrick. Does he know that Aunt Ash and Uncle Andros were Power Rangers? I think we're the only ranger offspring that know."

"Alright, first of all, don't refer to us as 'ranger offspring'. It sounds like we're some sort of experiment or whatever. And second of all, you're right. I forgot that the parents probably don't want us to know."

"So we don't invite the kids?"

"I guess not."

Hope and Ann smirked at each other. They heard the door open and Ann's nine-year-old sister, Monica, came bouncing into the room, followed closely by Lisa, Ann's eleven-year-old sister. They ran through the room, without even a word of hello to either Ann or Hope, not even acknowledging them.

Hayley walked in soon after, looking like she's had a long day. "Hey girls, how's it going?" She walked over to Ann and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and followed the same gesture with Hope.

"Nothing, we're just trying to...plan Mom's surprise birthday party," answered Hope.

Ann snapped her head at Hope. She raised an eyebrow. Hope stared at her, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Well, that sounds like fun," said Hayley. "Do you guys need any help with anything?"

"...And then we decided to change it to an anniversary party for my parents," Hope continued as if she didn't hear Hayley. She continued to stare at Ann, engaging in silent conversation with her.

"Okay," Hayley looked at her weirdly. She glanced at her own daughter. "You know, I really hate when you guys do that." Hayley laughed. "Have a silent conversation with somebody else." She shook her head.

"And then we decided to change it again," continued Hope.

Hayley took this as her cue and sat down. "What's going on girls?"

"Well, you know how we stumbled across the video diary by Uncle Toms a couple of weeks ago?" started Ann.

"My version of that tale seems to recall four certain teenagers snooping..."

"Well, whatever," interrupted Ann. "Two sides to each story, right, Moms? You've got yours, and we have ours." The three of them laughed.

"So, you know how we found out about Mom and Dad and Uncle Jason, right?" said Hope.

Hayley nodded.

"And you know how we found out about Uncle Zack, Uncle Billy, Aunt Aisha, Uncle Adam, Uncle Rock, Aunt Ashley, Uncle..." said Ann.

"Yeah," interrupted Hayley. "What do you guys want to know?"

"Long story short, can you help us find the old rangers?" asked Hope.

"Our final decision is that we throw a Power Rangers party." said Ann.

"But the other 'offspring' aren't allowed."

Ann nodded. "Since they don't know."

"But we know."

"So we're going."

"Especially since we're planning it."

Hayley looked incredulously at both of them, amazed first at how fast they were talking and second because of how they finish each other's sentences, although it shouldn't surprise her since they've been doing it forever.

She held up her hands. "So let me get this straight. You guys want to throw a party for the Power Rangers."

"Yeah, sort of a reunion party," said Hope.

"Yeah, when was the last time the whole group was together?" asked Ann.

"Well, we all got together a couple of months ago when your Aunt Kira gave birth to Michael."

"No, that doesn't count," said Ann.

"Not all the rangers were there. Just you guys."

"Well, the nineteen of us are pretty special to each other."

"Okay, but we want all the rangers there."

"What exactly were you guys planning on doing?"

Ann and Hope turned to each other and shrugged.

"The important thing is that we wanted to get everyone together again. Under good circumstances. Mom was telling me how she used to only see everyone whenever somebody would get captured, like her, or when evil would take over."

"I'll help you guys. Don't worry about that. I could probably find all the rangers."

"Thanks, Mom."

"Don't worry about it. You two just figure everythng else out. When, where, and what you guys are doing."

Ann and Hope nodded. "We're on it." They run upstairs to Ann's room and shut the door. Hope pulled out a sheet of paper and sat down at Ann's desk. "So where do we start?"

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