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"We have a problem," Hope said, watching the viewing globe from where they were.

Jason walked over and stood next to her. He shook his head. "I think Tommy said that Ivan Ooze also brought his form of Tengu warriors. And I'm going to assume that those are it."

"Ew," Thomas said, standing on the other side of his father. "They're gross-looking."

"Yeah? Get used to it, son."

Thomas wrinkled his nose as Jason stood next to Zordon. The two of them nodded at the five teenagers as they lined up next to each other.

"Ready, you guys?" Hope asked.

Jason bit back a grin. The other four teenagers nodded.

"It's morphin' time!" she yelled.






The five teenagers, clad in black, pink, blue, red, and white nodded to Jason and Zordon and disappeared in five beams of light. They reappeared in front of the Tengu warriors and prepared to fight.

"I'm bored," Aisha said.

"Yeah," agreed Kim.

The six rangers had long since given up trying to break out of the place. They knew that their powers weren't working and that there was no way to get out of the place.

"Do you think they know?" Rocky asked. "Anybody know that we're gone?"

"Well, I would think so," Tommy answered. "We were about to leave to go to Joey's meet." He gestured to Aisha and Adam.

"And I'm sure Joe would notice that his parents weren't there," said Adam.

"I'm hungry," Rocky said. Everyone laughed. "Well, I am."

"Me too," said Billy.

"How are we going to get out of here?" Kim said out loud. She tried rattling the bars once more.

Hayley had contacted Andros, Ashley, TJ, Conner, Kira, Trent, Cassie, Zhane, Karone, Carlos, and Ethan. Immediately, they all dropped everything to go to Reefside. Kira and Trent, being the ones who were the closest, still living in Reefside, arrived first, with baby Michael in tow.

Angela, Aisha and Adam's daughter, squealed at the sight of the baby and begged her Aunt Kira to hold him.

"Of course," Kira said, grinning. "You could take care of him while Uncle Trent and I talk to Aunt Hayley."

"Okay!" She and Lisa, Hayley and Jason's middle daughter, squealed happily as the two of them began to coo over the baby.

"I'll be right here in the kitchen, if you guys need anything."

"We won't!"

Kira smiled at Angela and Lisa as she left the two of them in the living room while she and Trent sat down with Hayley in the Oliver's kitchen.

"So, they're just gone?" Trent said, quietly. "How?"

"We don't know. It's by Ivan Ooze, though."

"What about the kids? They just became the new rangers?" Kira said.

Hayley shrugged. "I don't know. I haven't heard from Jason, yet."

Kira and Trent exchanged a glance. "They're gonna be okay, Hayles," reassured Trent. "Whether or not they are rangers, they've been trained by the best."

"I can't help but worry. Hope, Thomas, Ann, Jay, and Joey. Three of those kids are like my own."

"Well," said Kira. "They are older than Dr. Z was when he first became a ranger. Except for Jay...but...he's the white and the pink ranger's son!"

The three of them jumped at the sound of a familiar beeping.

"That'll be Jason," Hayley said, rushing off to the hidden basement. Trent rushed after her.

Kira peeked in on the girls in the living room with Michael. She turned a baby monitor on and told the two of them to yell out if they needed anything. She also told them that they were expecting Cassie and TJ to arrive since they were coming from Angel Grove, so they should've been there soon. Lisa and Angela nodded without turning their attention away from Michael. Kira followed Trent and Hayley to the basement, holding the other half of the baby monitor close to her side.

"How are they?" she asked, crowding around Hayley and Trent at the computer table.

"Kira?" a familiar voice sounded out from the speaker.

"Yeah, Jason," she answered. "How are the kids?"

"Well, they're rangers now."

Kira smiled. "I know that we're really worried about them and all, but I can't help but be proud. I remember those kids when they were just babies."

Trent nodded in agreement as Hayley and Jason laughed. "You remember them as babies?" said Jason. "I remember when you were still trying to fight Mesagog and you wanted to give it up."

Kira pursed her lips and rolled her eyes as she smiled. "I guess I can't get away from that."

"So how are they?" Trent said.

"Well, Thomas is the black ranger, a mastodon, like Zack and Adam. Joey's the blue ranger, triceratops, like Billy."

"He always loved blue," Hayley said, smiling.

"Yeah, and we named Annie right because she's the pink pteradactyl like Kim." Hayley and Kira exchanged a grin. "And Hope's the white ranger, taking after her father."

"That was unexpected," Trent said sarcastically. He grinned, knowing that Hope was already a lot like her father.

Jason laughed. "I know, right? And the best part: dear nephew, Jason. The little boy who was named for the best red ranger in the world..."

"Get on with it, Jase," interrupted Hayley.

"Has become the newest red tyrannosaurus ranger."

Trent, Hayley, and Kira grinned. "I guess he was named right, too," said Kira.

"I can't believe they're rangers," said Trent.

"I know," Jason agreed. "But, they had to go and fight some of Ivan Ooze's Tengu warriors. I don't know where they are, though. Hayles?"

"Yeah," she answered, sitting down in front of the computer and pressing a whole bunch of buttons. "I'm gonna lock in on Tommy's energy signature since it is still in stored in this computer. So that should lead us to Hope and Jason."

"What about using Tommy's energy signature to locate him wherever he and the others are?" asked Kira.

Hayley looked at her and winced. "I've tried. I don't think they're anywhere on Earth. And wherever they are, whatever is keeping them did a pretty good job at throwing us off of their scent."

"That's not good," Trent said.

"It's really not." Hayley pressed a few more buttons and exclaimed out loud when she locked in on the energy signatures of Hope and Jason. "I think I found the kids...they're in...South Dakota."

"South Dakota?" exclaimed Kira, Trent, and Jason.

"Yeah, that's what it seems."

"They seem to be doing fine from the view here," Jason said, watching the footage of his children, and his niece and nephews fighting.

"Yeah," Hayley said. "I'll keep a close eye on them, though."

Kira lightly hit Trent on his shoulder. "Do you think we should help them? We've still got our powers, right?"

"Actually," interrupted Hayley. "Ivan Ooze has destroyed the fortress where your powers were kept."

"So we're powerless?" said Trent.

"Unfortunately, yes."

"Aw, that sucks!" exclaimed Kira. "I can't believe we don't have our powers! I didn't even get to say goodbye."

"Yeah, cuz everyone does that when they lose their powers," said Trent, rolling his eyes.

Kira hit him with a soft tap of her hand. "I'm sure that even Dr. Z had to say goodbye a few times." She counted off her fingers. "Green. White. Red. And even black cuz he became white again."

"But he didn't say goodbye to black. I don't think he even said goodbye to red or white. I'll give you green, though. That was a pretty messed up way to finish out being a ranger."

"But he wasn't finished being a ranger, he--"

"Are you guys really arguing over Tommy's rangerhood?" asked Jason in exasperation. "Fact is: he was a ranger and he said goodbye to the power a few times."

Kira grinned at Trent and mouthed 'told you'.

"But that doesn't mean that he actually said goodbye."

Trent gave Kira a pointed look and smirked.

Hayley smiled at the exchange and continued to watch the screen. In a flash, the Tengu warriors disappeared and the remaining five teenagers gave each other hi-fives and cheered.

"All right, you guys!" Hope exclaimed, raising her fist and bringing it down to her side. "Great job! Nice roundhouse, Jay. You kinda looked like Dad out there."

"Thanks," Jay said with a smile in his voice.

In five beams of light, the five teenagers disappeared to Eltar, with Jason, Zordon, and Alpha.

At once, the five rangers started talking about how they were fighting the Tengus, while Jason watched in admiration.

"Just like you all when you were younger, isn't it?" Zordon said, smiling upon the five teenagers in a grandfatherly sort of way.

Jason grinned. "Not quite. I think, in some ways, they're a bit more smarter than we are."

Zordon smiled before he cleared his throat. At once, the rangers grew silent.

"A job well done, rangers! However, that is only the beginning. There are three rules that you must follow. Your parents followed it many years ago and I hope that you will all do the same."

The five teenagers nodded in unison.

"The first is to never use your powers for personal gain. Second, never escalate a battle unless you are forced to by the enemy, whether it be Ivan Ooze or even any other enemy that you may stand against. The third rule is to keep your identity a secret. No one must ever know that you are a Power Ranger." Zordon looked at the five standing before him and thought a bit. "Except, in this special circumstance, I should think that your parents should be allowed to know of your identities. After all--"

"We did it first," Jason interrupted, grinning. "Just remember to keep to those three rules and you guys will be fine." He hooked his arms around Thomas and Jay's necks. "Now that you guys are back, there are a few people that would like to speak with you." He pressed a button and the sound of cheering was heard over the speaker.

"Great job, you guys!" Kira exclaimed. "You guys did awesome! We were watching here at Dr. Z's."

"Aunt Kira?" Ann said in disbelief.

"And me," added Trent.

"And don't forget me," said Hayley, laughing into the phone. "How are you guys feeling?"

"Great," Hope answered. "That was amazing."

"Any luck on finding anything, Alpha?" Hayley asked.

"None, Hayley," he answered. "I've tried using their energy signatures, but nothing has come up."

"Same here. I'm not getting anything."

Immediately, alarms started going off.

The five teenagers looked around in alarm as Jason, Zordon, and Alpha jumped up and faced the viewing globe. Through the communication system, they heard the punching of buttons as if Hayley was sitting at the computer, also.

"Whoa," exclaimed Thomas, looking at the viewing globe next to Jason. "Gross. What is that thing?"

"That," Zordon said. "Is Matagot. Ivan Ooze has created it to aid him in his destruction and takeover of the world."

"So what else is new," said Jason. "They always want to destroy the world, take over, whatever."

"Not Mesagog," said Kira over the speaker. "He wanted to bring the world back to prehistoric times."

Jason rolled his eyes at Kira's response. "So where is this guy?"

"Ironically, or maybe not so, he is in Angel Grove Park," answered Zordon.

"Angel Grove? Why do they always pick Angel Grove?" Jason wondered out loud. "It's like...that place has some sort of strange attraction with monsters and evil beings and stuff."

"Not Mesagog," Kira said again. "He picked Reefside."

"Okay, yeah," agreed Jason, rolling his eyes again. "Not Mesagog, not those Ninja people before you guys, not the other teams that came after us, but still for the most part, they picked Angel Grove. And I'd like to believe that Mesagog only picked Reefside because Tommy was there."

"Jason," Hayley warned in a firm voice over the speaker. "It is not the time."

Jason shrugged and smiled as he looked at the kids. "Go do your thing, you guys."

Hope nodded and readied herself. She looked at her teammates before opening her mouth to say something.

Jason raised his hand to interrupt them before they continued. "Wait, you know, you guys don't have to say 'Ready' before you morph. 'It's morphin' time' is fine enough. I know Tommy's Dino Thunder team did, but you guys don't have to." He laughed a bit, hearing the same over the speaker.

"Oh, right," Hope said. She put a hand on her morpher. The rest followed suit. "It's morphin' time!"






The five of them disappeared in five different colored beams of light.

"Aunt Kira!"

Kira turned her head in the direction of the baby monitor sitting on the desk, listening to Angela and Lisa call her name.

"Michael stinks!"

Kira, Trent, and Hayley started laughing.

"I'll be right there." Kira went upstairs, leaving the monitor next to Trent.

She got up the stairs and headed toward the living room, laughing at the sight of Angela and Lisa holding their noses, still trying to play with Michael. He gurgled happily when he saw his mother, who grinned at him as she picked him up. "Can you grab the diaper bag, Ange?" she asked the twelve-year-old, who had dark curly hair and medium brown skin. She was the perfect mixture of her parents, Adam and Aisha. Ange followed Kira to a spare bedroom on the main floor, with lisa close behind. They heard the doorbell ring and Kira looked at Lisa to answer it. "Make sure you check who it is first! If you don't recognize them, don't open the door!"

"I KNOW, AUNT KIRA!" Lisa exclaimed, walking out of the room. "YOU DON'T HAVE TO TREAT ME LIKE A BABY!"

Kira's eyes followed Lisa as she headed towards the front door. She knew that at twelve-years-old, Lisa was old enough to know to check the door before opening it, but Kira wanted to be extra careful. She proceeded to change her son's diaper, with Angela at her side, helping her, passing along a new diaper, baby wipes, and powder. The only thing she refused to do was to toss the dirty diaper and dirty wipes in the garbage, even after Kira wrapped it up in a plastic bag.

Kira, holding Michael, and Angela walked out of the spare room, leaving the diaper bag in the room and were greeted with the arrival of Cassie and TJ, and their group of kids: Lyn Marie, their oldest at 14 years old, James Philip, more affectionately known as JP, who was 10 years old, and the youngest, David Aaron, who was six years old.

"So, what do you guys want to do?" asked Aisha.

"I don't know," answered Rocky. "There's really not much to do, you know. We can count the dots on this wall. Then we could do the same on that wall. Then we could add it all together and then recount everything to make sure we're right."

Everyone looked at him and rolled their eyes.

"So, Adam, Aisha," Billy started. "Was Joey excited about the competition?"

"I think he was a bit more nervous than excited," answered Adam. "That's the kind of kid he is."

"Yeah, kind of like someone else I know," said Aisha, smiling at her husband, who shrugged.

"He placed first in regionals last month, but he's always been nervous before all of his competitions."

"I miss those," said Tommy, suddenly. "Don't you guys? Competing in karate tournaments. Remember when I first moved to Angel Grove? And I was in that one against Jason. It was the only one that ended in a draw."

"Was this before or after you were the evil green ranger?" teased Rocky.

Tommy rolled his eyes.

"Has Hope decided on what college she wants to go to?" Aisha asked, changing the subject.

Kim pursed her lips and shook her head. "No," she answered. "Hope can't decide whether or not she wants to stay close to home or go away for school. I told her we'd be happy for her no matter what, but she needs to hurry up and make a decision fast because her place at all the schools she was accepted to is gonna fill up fast."

"Well, at least she has choices, though."

"Yeah," Kim agreed.

"I hope they're all okay," said Tommy.

"I hope they even noticed that we are all gone."

"Well, Hope and Jay are smart. They would've called Jason and Hayley, and if anything, those two would've made sure to get in touch with everyone and maybe even Zordon if they suspected something like this was up."

His wife and friends nodded in response.

"We should've listened to Jay," Kim said as Tommy sat down next to her. "We should've thought more about that flash that he saw?"

"What?" said Rocky. "What did Jay see?"

"Some sort of flash," answered Tommy. He looked at the expectant faces of Adam, Aisha, Rocky, and Billy. "He saw it while he was in class...the last time we saw him. Yesterday or the day before or whatever. His history teacher said he made a bit of a scene."

"I wonder if it had anything to do with this." Adam gestured around them.

"I'm about a hundred percent that it does."

"I was afraid you'd say that." Rocky raised his eyebrows and took a seat next to Tommy. "I just wish that we got snacks or something. I didn't even get to eat breakfast. I was gonna pick something up for all of us."

"Would there have even been enough to go around?" teased Adam.

"Of course!" exclaimed Rocky. "After I had made a few extra stops to pick some more breakfast up." Everyone laughed. "The point is that I was thinking of you guys!"

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