The Ebon Hawk flashed out of hyperspace above the city world of Coruscant. It headed towards the planet like so many other vessels were, and dipped and swerved as it missed out-going traffic. In the pilots seat sat Trace Aram, the Jedi Exile who had left to find Revan, he smiled "HK," he turned to the Assassin Droid, "It's nice to be home."

Statement: "How is this your home, Master?

Trace smiled, "I grew up here" he paused, "I never thought I would be so happy to see this planet again!"

"It's because you like hustle and bustle," replied the figure walking the hallway towards the cockpit.

"Hey Rev," Trace gestured out the window, "Don't you miss, this?"

Revan shook his head, "No" and paused in thought, "I only miss her," his thoughts drifted to Bastila, "She's important to me."

The Hawk cruised past some bulk freighters and zigzagged a few slower craft as they entered the atmosphere. The Ebon Hawk streaked past the Jedi Temple with its five spire. Revan gazed at it intently; his thoughts were interrupted when T3-M4 rolled into the cockpit, "What T3," Revan turned to the little astromech droid. T3 twittered at him about a holo communication, "Oh right I'll go see to it."

Leaving Trace and HK together to pilot the ship, Revan made his way down the hallway to Anteroom. Where remembered all the good times he had, had as Kallan Halcyon when he stopped Malak his former friend from control of the Republic. He remembered his friends, Carth, Canderous, Jolee, Juhani, Mission and Zaalbar. He closed his eyes trying to picture them all, the one person he tried to remember the most was Bas. The only image that he saw of her was when he had left that fateful morning. She had been lying on her front with a small length of her hair dangling over her face; he had kissed lightly and left. The image had seared into his conscious self; he no longer could image her any other way.

T3 twittered at him and broke Revan line of thought; he shook his head and turned to the console. Leaning down Revan keyed in the receiving signal. A brief flicker and an image of a familiar figure, Ebon Hawk, this is Admiral Carth Onasi please identify yourself. Revan grinned, Carth was still his old self he still didn't trust to easily Trace had told him that Carth was still wanting to know how he, Revan was doing. "Admiral Onasi, hey" Revan entered the recorders visual scan. RevanRevan chuckled as Carth almost jumped out of his skin, "Hey Carth, I bet you 50 credits you were either going to ask how the pilot got the ship or Where I was, weren't you?"

Yeah, well I guess you know me well enough to guess that, what are you doing here Rev?Asked the flickering image of Revan's friend.

Revan shrugged, "I'll tell you when we land!"

Wait, when you land what do you mean by that! Hey Rev, Don't leave me hanging like that,Carth image gestured

Revan smiled as he switched of the holo transmission, "See you soon Carth."

Revan turned and made his way back up the hall, Trace turned, "So how did that go?"

Revan smiled, "Lets head on over there, shall we."

Trace nodded, "You got it, Rev."

The Ebon Hawk swung in a tight arc and headed directly to the Republic Fleet Command building, Trace landed the freighter on the pad and the ship touched down lightly. Revan made his way to the hatch release and activated it and the ramp lowered. Revan, Trace and the two droids walked down the ramp. At the foot of the ramp a junior officer waited, he wore to normal naval uniform except for one thing he wore an Aide-de-camp braid on his shoulder. Revan walked down the ramp, he wore the Qel-Droma robe he had found on Korriban and his lightsaber hung from his belt. His hair was still at length just above his shoulders but it now had a few grey streaks, he also wore a moustache and goatee he still was an impressive sight, but he had the look of one who was be exhausted and drained. Trace wore a more formal Jedi Knights robes, his double- bladed lightsaber hung from his belt, he his blue eyes still had that playful mood in them and his blonde hair was cut short. The HK-47 and T3-M4 followed behind the two of them were bickering as usual.

The young officer saluted as the two Jedi reached the foot of the ramp, "If you would follow me, the Admiral will see you immediately."

The officer turned on his heels and made his way towards the double doors, Revan and Trace shrugged and followed.

HK turned to T3, "Statement, don't make me hurt you trash can." T3 warbled, something a bit sinister.

They moved on.

Revan and Trace moved through tiled halls and rooms as they followed the officer into an elevator and walked into a large waiting room. Seated at the desk was a young woman, she looked up with surprise, "Go right in Master Jedi."

"Thanks," Trace said politely, "Did anyone tell you have beautiful eyes!"

Revan rolled his eyes and pulled the Jedi knight through the door, "Your not going to start that again," the girl was blushing as Trace looked back.

Revan and Trace passed through the door; Carth sat at the desk the widow behind him had a view of the bustling skyways of Coruscant. "So Rev, what brings you to the fair capital of the Republic," asked Carth in his usual untrustworthy voice. Revan sat down and Trace spoke up, "The fact is Carth we weren't able to stop the Sith."

"Why is that, " Asked Carth not liking anything he had been told so far.

"Truth is Carth, we haven't the resources to do anything," Revan replied matter of factly.

"So your coming to me to get resources," Carth said sudden realisation of what he said, had him shaking his head vigorously, "Sorry, it ain't happening, no way."

Revan smiled and shook his head; "I thought that might be the case, seeing that the restoration project worked on Telos."

Carth nodded, "Yep, We haven't been given a credit since it worked."

"Oh," Trace shrugged looking over at Revan, "This wasn't the only reason we came!"

Carth looked interested, "Oh, and what other purpose do you have here in Coruscant," he said looking directly at Revan. Who blanched at the stare and tried to get the embarrassment and defensiveness out of his voice, "Carth I've been busy for a while you know."

Carth nodded, "I know and now you're going to change that!"

Revan was now sitting in the right berth of the Ebon Hawk, he still felt nervous it had been two hours since he had gone and seen Carth. The plan was simple Carth was going over to the Jedi Temple, Carth would take both he and Trace over to the temple and try and see if they could sneak into the temple. Now they waited for Carth secret weapon, there was a knock on the door to the berth and the door slid open. Carth walked in, "Well, Rev I've got your secret weapon."

"Hey look who we have, Revan," Canderous emerge into the light, he wore the Mandalore armour but his helmet was removed and Revan could see the grin from ear to ear. "Canderous, What in freezing Hoth are you doing here," Revan looked at his Mandalorian friend with surprise. Canderous still grinned, "I'm part of your diversion." Trace walked in, taken completely by surprise of who had arrived, "Hey, what's Mandalore doing here?" Revan sook his head and looked at Canderous, "You didn't tell Trace your real name?"

Canderous shrugged and turned to look at Carth, "It was his idea!" Carth played the pained friend who had nothing to do with it, "Hey I don't remeber commanding you when you contacted me." Revan looked incredulous as his two friends performed their time-honoured ritual of arguing over nothing. It was that his comlink alerted him to someone wanting to talk to him.

Revan picked up the comlink, "Yeah, go ahead!" Statement, Master there are two familiar beings moving towards the ship, HK was saying, Incredulous statement, I believe Master it is the Walking carpet and the Twi'lek meatbag.Revan looked up at Carth and Canderous, "You two wouldn't have anything to do with this, would you?" Carth shrugged, "Well we may have had something to do with it, but they volunteered their help," he paused and then continued, "They actually, were here to present to the senate a report on how the Taris Restoration Program was going." Canderous then spoke up, pointing at Trace and Carth "Fly boy and Exile here, suggested I should go see if they'd come, they obviously did!"

Revan picked up his comlink, "HK, let them come aboard." Resignation, very well Master,HK replied. Revan rose from the bunk, "Well, everybody let us plan our attack." The four of them made their way to the anteroom where many plans of attack had been discussed, over the last seven years. As Revan walked in Mission and Zaalbar saw him. Mission raced over to him squeezing him hard, "Hey Rev, I've missed you heaps," tears Filling her eyes. Revan found himself, feeling the sting of tear in his eyes as well, "Hey Mission, I've missed you as well."

Zaalbar gave a howl of missing him and Revan felt the big Wookie squeeze him hard, "Hey, Zaal steady on big fella," Revan said struggling for air.

Once Zaalbar had released him from his grip, Revan stood with everyone for a council of war. "Ok, here is the plan, I have to go consult Atris with a plan of attack to deal with the remaining Sith," Revan said thinking strategically, "I want you to cause a diversion to keep, Bas busy until I'm ready to surprise her."

Canderous whispered under his breathe, "She may surprise him before he does!"

Carth scowled at him, "Shut up, its not our place to say anything."

Revan looked at them both, "What was that?" Canderous smiled, "I hope she is surprised," covering his tracks.