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Bastila walked the halls of the Jedi Temple, on a normal day the temple was quiet usually because there were still few Jedi after Darth Nilihus' attack on Katarr, as well as the Sith Assassins who from out of no where had killed Jedi. She was now a member of the Jedi Council along with Jolee, Juhani, Atris and Yuthura Ban. She now had an apprentice, by the name of Alliea, who was seven.

The Temple was busy Jedi and Republic personalities if you could call them personalities were busying themselves for something important, she had seen Jolee, Juhani and Carth talking in the council chamber. She had seen mission and Zaalbar, in the hall of a thousand fountains in discussion with Jedi knight Dustil Onasi. Something had disturbed her, she had felt a presence that she had not felt in a very long time, it was only faint but it had been there.

She made her way to her quarters, and found Brianna leaning up against the door, she immediately stood up straight. "Mistress Bastila, I have to talk to you," the Echani Jedi said as Bastila approached.

Bastila was a little confused at this request but accepted it "Please come in and I may be able to help you!" They made their way into Bastila's sparse quarters, Bastila gestured to the younger Jedi to a seat, "Please begin!"

"I saw Canderous," Brianna started.

"That is strange, he usually to busy on Dxun to come to Coruscant," Bastila said with surprise, and then realised she had interrupted, "Sorry, please continue."

"He said that he had seen, Trace I mean the Jedi Exile," Brianna said trying to gain her control, "Could he have returned?"

Bastila was surprised at this information, it would make sense if she had felt… no she thought it was a figment of your imagination. "I as part of the council haven't heard anything unless Atris knows anything," she paused, "Perhaps you could ask her."

Brianna shook her head, "I have already asked, she knows nothing."

Bastila looked at the woman Bastila could see she was distressed about the situation, "I can only offer you some enlightenment, Revan told me that he would return, I believe him," she paused to collect her thoughts "but it has been so long I don't think he will, but with only two years away I think Exile will come back."

Brianna could tell Bastila was tired of waiting, her patience had gone, "Mistress, I believe Revan will return."

Bastila smiled, "I'm sure your right, but go and centre yourself, if he comes then the business in the Temple will obviously be for him."

The diversion was working so far Revan had slipped into the Temple unknown, with only the faintest feeling that Bastila had felt him. Revan took the elevator to the top of the spire that held the council chambers. According to Carth, Jolee, Juhani and Atris were there in discussion at this time. The elevator slowed and stopped as it reached the floor, Revan walked quickly towards the door there were three Jedi standing by the door. A young man noticed he was coming and stood in the way, "Sorry, but You can't go in there."

One of the other Jedi a Zabrak that Revan thought he could recognise spoke to the younger man, "Let him alone Atton, he's here to speak with the Masters!"

"Come on Bao," The Jedi named Atton, who now looked familiar to Revan was saying, "He could have said who he was, if it was important."

"Don't pester him Atton," said the female Jedi with flaming red hair.

"Hey Mira, are you my sister," asked Atton turning to her?

"No, but to be safe I would advise you settle down," Mira said condescendingly.

"She has a point, Atton" Bao said calmly.

Revan was slowly recognising Atton and Bao, but he could not recollect ever see the woman named Mira before. "Its ok," Revan said under the hood, "I'll take my hood off for you, Jaq."

"What did you call me," Atton looked at the Jedi his hand moving to his lightsaber, "Do I know you?"

"Yes," Revan said as he pulled his hood back revealing his face. Both Bao and Atton gaped at the recognition who stood before him, Mira on the other hand bowed. "I remember you as Jaq, but I see you gained a new identity like me," Revan looking at Atton who had gained composure again, then turning to Bao, "Bao-Dur, I would never have remembered you if that calm in your voice didn't sound so grounded."

Mira spoke up now, "Master, I think you might want to see the council members now."

Revan nodded to her, "I agree with you, you seem to be a rock in a sea that rages around you, it is an honour to meet you Mira." Mira bowed again to Revan as did Atton and Bao-Dur.

Revan entered the Council chamber so silently that it took Jolee and Juhani two minutes to recognise that he was there. When they both realised, Jolee had a broad grin on his face and Juhani almost cried out with joy but restrained herself. Atris looked up from a data pad she was reading, and nearly jumped out of her skin, recovering herself she nodded to him, "Ah the Dark Lord has returned."

Revan winced at this remark, he had undone so much of what had made him the Dark Lord, but he still felt shame and guilt at being to easily pulled to the dark side. Revan bowed, "My Masters, I come to discuss urgent matters, regarding the Sith."

"Oh, have you gone and seen Bastila kid," Jolee asked astonished at how he was more worried about the Republic then Bastila.

"I was going to see her after I spoke with you," Revan said a little frustrated, at the old man.

"Bastila, would appreciated it Revan," Juhani spoke in her purring voice.

Revan looked between the Jedi Masters, "Please just hear me out for a few moments."

Atris rolled her eyes, "Haven't heard what your friends have just said?"

Revan nodded, "Yes Mistress, I'm sorry but this is important."

Jolee sat down in the chair, "Very, well then let's hear it Kid," acting like the old man Revan remembered, "I'm old and crotchety, don't take too long."

Revan folded his hands behind his back and began, "Trace and I have managed to thwart the Sith so far," he paused to look at the three Masters for a moment, "We managed to drive them deep into the unknown regions and have crippled their military power."

Jolee nodded, "Great kid, are you finished a senile old man can only stay awake for two to three minutes!"

Revan smiled Jolee hadn't changed a bit since the moment he had met him, "Almost, be patient for a little longer," he collected his thoughts again, "I request that the Jedi, seek the Supreme Chancellor's approval to totally destroy the Sith and thereby receiving more star systems into the Republic, what are your thoughts, Masters." Revan had finished, he had expended a lot of energy in getting his idea out and now he fell silent.

Atris now seeing how his tactical mind work was impressed, "An idea Revan, I can see that would make the Chancellor sit up and listen," she pause and the three masters conferred, "We will seek an audience with the Chancellor later today."

Revan bowed, "Thank you My Masters."

Carth stood in the hall of a Thousand fountains, Dustil stood there with him, "So you mean he's bypassed her to speak with Atris?"

Carth nodded, "Yeah, son he seems a bit preoccupied at them moment."

Dustil shook his head, "The man was head over heels for Mistress Bastila before he left."

Carth shrugged, "People can change, Dus" he paused, "Take you, you hated me with absolute hatred and look at you now you can't seem to stop wanting me around."

Dustil smiled and put an arm around Carth, "Dad, that's different you showed me the truth, the truth set me free and your different to you know, besides I want to hang out with you for as long as possible I mean you are old."

"Old," Carth exclaimed, "Who are you calling old."

"Oi, you two don't start," Mission said walking over with Zaalbar.

Dustil had always liked Mission; now he took it upon himself to be a tour guide, "Let me explain the Fountains to you."

Mission laughed, "Sure."

Carth rolled his eyes at Zaalbar who nodded back agreeingly; Canderous, Mira, Atton and Bao-Dur came through one of the other halls. Visas and Brianna were walking in from another hall. The group gathered together, it was Brianna who noticed Trace first. He was walking up the steps the sun shining at his back. "Trace," Brianna shouted at the top of her voice and was running hard towards him, arms outstretched as she ran. He was laughing with joy as she jumped into his arms, and he twirled her around. They kissed and spoke for a brief moment, before walking towards the others.

Helloes and welcome backs came from every direction, finally when they had settled down Trace asked, "Has he gone and seen her yet?"

Zaalbar roared something and Trace looked around frustrated, "Sith spawn, come on Rev."

Brianna hugged him, "I knew you'd be back soon." Trace held he tight, "I am not going anywhere without you, now."

The lift that went up to the council chambers opened and Jolee, Juhani stepped out followed slowly by Revan. He saw everyone standing there in front of him and he blinked hard, "Wow, everyone's here!"

Trace looked at him hard, "I think its time you went and saw her, you've put it off for far too long." Revan was going to say something but Trace cut him off, "Look I know your worried about her reaction, but Rev you need to trust in the Force."

Revan nodded, "As always Trace you speak truthfully."

Revan left everyone where they were he made his way through the halls and training rooms till he arrived at Bastila's Jedi Quarters. He found Bastila's rooms fairly easily and now he pressed the button to enter. Upon entering he found the quarters hadn't changed since he had left, then Bastila's voice spoke up "Alleia, sweetie who has come in?"

A little girls about six or seven poked he head round the corner of the kitchen, the girl looked familiar he couldn't make out who she looked like. "Mummy, there's a man out here," Alleia said nicely.

"Ok, go see if you can find Grandpa Jolee," Bastila said sounding closer then before.

"Ok, Mummy," Alleia said as she brushed past Revan.

Bastila came round the corner by the bedroom, and abruptly stopped, "Freezing Hoth!" she gasped going white. Revan seeing that she could faint at any moment, rushed over to her. "But…But," Bastila's voice trailed off as her hands touched his face.

"Yes, its me Bas," he whispered, there were tears in her eyes and then her resolve broke and she was crying and gasping for air as she realised he had come home. "Hey…Hey," he whispered, "It's ok I'm back."

Bastila couldn't control the crying and Revan found tears forming in his eyes now as well. "It's…it's just I missed you so much," Bastlia finally got out in between crying and gasping for air. Revan kissed her lightly and then kissed her longingly.

Then Revan heard the door open and Alleia came in disappointed, "Mummy, Grandpa Jolee…" Bastila and Revan parted and Bastila smiled at her wiping away tears around her eyes, "Alleia, come here sweetie."

Alleia walked over to Bastila, and held on tight to Bastila's leg as Revan gave the girl room, which he now realised looked like him and Bastila.

"Alleia, you know how I told you that your Daddy, went away to save us from bad people," Bastila said looking down at her daughter. Alleia nodded, "Yes." Bastila smiled her eyes still a bit red and puffy, "Well, this is you Daddy." Revan bent down and looked at his daughter, as Bastila said, "Revan Halcyon, meet Alleia Shan Halcyon." Alleia looked at the man who had a kind face.

Revan smiled, "Hey Beautiful."

Alleia cried out, "Daddy." Revan felt her arms wrap around his neck, his resolve gone he gasped as tears ran down his face, he was happy. He gasped and held the little girl tightly to him, Alleia whispered into his shoulder "Daddy, don't go, don't leave ever again!"

"I won't I promise beautiful," Revan smiled as tears ran down his face, "Bas, I am a Dad,"

Bastila now happy as well hugged Revan and Alleia, there first family hug.

"When did you and I, you know," Revan asked, surprised he was still a dad.

Bastila smiled, "The day you left!"

Revan hugged her and whispered, "I'm not going anywhere," The door slid open and Trace stood with Brianna in his arms, and as a whole group Jolee, Juhani, Mission, Carth, Dustil, Canderous, Atton, Visas, Mira, Bao-Dur, Zaalbar, T3-M4, and HK-47 stood there watching the reunion.

"You did great, Kid" Jolee said proudly, "You did great."