Note and Disclaimer: This is indeed an AU fic based off of one simple premise. One day I was asking myself "What if Luke had never been kidnapped?" as it seems that one event so drastically altered many things in the course of the game taking place. However, despite the serious amount of differences that occur with this one event not happening, there are still spoilers til Grand Chokmah. Anyway, enjoy! Also, these characters do not belong to me, they belong to Namco Bandai. Of course as always if Namco Bandai is willing to give Asch to me, I would be happy to take him. But until then, all I can do is play around with them in my writings. This is a creation of my own overactive imagination and serious boredom, nothing more and nothing less.

A blond-haired man was standing before another, taller man, this one with his brown hair tied back.The brown-haired man was stroking his goatee as he thought something over before speaking.

"Yes, you may have your revenge. But the son is to remain unharmed, and the woman only harmed if she interferes, understood?"

"Understood. The son likely won't even be there to get involved, if I've heard the rumors right."

"Ah yes, I had heard some talk during my last visit. It likely will keep him busy until his time comes."

Baticul, Remday, Rem-decan 16, ND2018

Night had fallen over the city. It was quite late, and everyone had retired for the evening, except the guards on duty and few others who for whatever reason had yet to seek their beds out.

One of these people was a young man from the castle. As of late he had been coming to the harbor at night for some peace and solitude to calm his nerves.

And he was definitely in need of it, with all that had been happening as of late. That could be why he had been here for the past few nights. Without the usual hustle and bustle, it gave him time to think.

The air felt cooler this night though than it had other nights. He suddenly felt a chill. Maybe it was time to go back to the castle. He started walking towards that way, when suddenly someone came running by and collided with him. Whoever it was, they were wearing all black, including a black cloak and hood. He turned around quickly to see if he could get a better look.

The person ran right onto one of the ships and got onboard it, as he boarded, the hood slipped a bit, revealing familiar blond hair. Once the man boarded, the ship departed.

"Guy…" he said to himself, "I thought you left the city for good. What are you doing here?" Then suddenly he remembered and took off running towards his parent's home, ignoring all friendly greetings from the few guards on duty at night.

He reached the manor house, the usual guard was standing by the door, nothing seemed amiss. But he knew something had happened. That was the only reason Guy could have returned was to make good on his promise. He approached the gate. The guard recognized him right away.

"Master Luke! It's unusual for you to visit this late! Is everything well at the castle?" the guard asked.

"Everything is fine at the castle. But I was out walking and saw something unusual. Have you noticed anything strange here tonight? Or heard anything?" Luke inquired of the guard.

"Nothing until you walked up, Master Luke," the guard answered.

"May I go in and check on Mother and Father? I know its late, but for some reason, I sense something happened and I won't be able to rest until I assure myself they are both fine," Luke asked.

"Of course. You have enough on your mind lately, I would be happy to do whatever I can to ease it," The guard told him and opened the gate up for Luke, who walked inside.

"Lock the door behind me and stay there until I come out. I don't know what I am going to find, but I have a feeling it isn't going to be pleasant," Luke told the guard.

"As you wish, Master Luke," The guard answered.

He waited for the door to close and to hear the familiar click of the lock before going further in. Right now he was in the entryway, and everything looked normal here. But then, Guy likely didn't come in this way, or else the guard would have seen something, and Guy knew the household well, having served in it for years.

Luke walked further in, heading towards the drawing room. There was still nothing unusual here, other than the silence since most were abed. He then slipped through the door to the hallway leading towards his parents' chamber. They likely were abed and he would just upset them by visiting this late, but he needed to make sure they were okay.

His steps slowed as he got closer to his parents' chamber. He felt worse and worse the closer he got. Once he reached the door, he lightly knocked on it and waited a moment for an answer, no answer came. He knocked louder, still no answer, which was strange. While his father was a deep sleeper, his mother usually was not, due her illness, and she would usually at least say something. He tried the door, it was locked. He could break it easily enough, but that would not be the best idea. He would have to go get the key.

He headed over towards the servant's quarters, as Ramdas, the head butler, would be the one with the key to his parent's chamber. However, Ramdas would be asleep at this hour, since the butler had to be up bright and early to make sure everything was ready for his Mistress and Master. Luke hated waking Ramdas, but the ominous feeling worsened with no answer from his parents.

He reached the quarters he knew belonged to the head butler, having been to the servant's quarters many times in the past. Odd that it was a former servant who caused this late night visit.

"I'll be right out, and this had better be good!" the butler yelled. Some banging could be heard and then the door opened. "Master Luke! What are you doing here at this time of night? I expected you to be at the castle."

"I was out talking a walk when I saw something unusual. I felt a need to check on Mother and Father, but they weren't responding. Could you loan me the key for a bit so I can ease my mind and know they are all right?" Luke asked worriedly.

"Of course, Master Luke. One moment." Ramdas closed the door, some shuffling sounds could be heard and then the door opened again. "Here, Master Luke. Would you like me to accompany you, or would you prefer to go alone?"

"I think I should go alone. I am sure they are just asleep and nothing is wrong, but I have to make sure, you understand, right?" Luke asked of the butler.

"Of course, I understand." The butler said. "Now be off with you. You can leave the keys with the gate guard after you have eased your mind."

"Thank you Ramdas. I will do that. Good night."

"Good night, Master Luke." Ramdas said, closing the door.

Luke headed back to his parents chamber and slipped the key into the door and turned they key in the lock. He then opened the door.

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