AN: First, to my readers whom have read my other stories, this is a Kou Seiya fic. No Mamoru bashing, I'm afraid (to those who are expecting one) because I am a pacifist (No, really, I truly hate fighting!) and I happen to love the guy. So, if you want Mamoru-Usagi, stick to my other stories. After all, there are nearly five of them, with two drabble series. Okay? Cool? Peace?

Okay, now for THE SUMMARY:

Set four years after the Stars Series, Kou Seiya and his comrades, Yaten and Taiki was asked by Her Majesty, Queen Kaikyu to return to Earth and extend an alliance that the Empire wished to form with the would be rulers of Neo-Crystal Tokyo.

With such an important mission, Seiya, leader of the Imperial Guards, the StarLights, was under strict orders to be at his most cordial and polite self when dealing with Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru.

So, what was a guy who had been burned by love before to do?

Whatever it was, it most definitely would not be to fall in love again. Been there and done that, after all.

At least, that was what he thought…



"Do you ever stop loving someone to whom you have given so much?"

Counterfeited Love



-Does not always mean it could never become real…-

He could no longer remember how many bottles of Spanish rum he had consumed, but judging from the disapproving look that the bartender kept giving him, it was plenty.

It wasn't plenty enough, though.

Kou Seiya needed more.

Because he could still feel the bitterness of seeing her in the arms of her destined lover had left in him. The first day, too. What were the odds?

According to Taiki the odds were incredibly slim, with a probability of one over three thousand four hundred and eight. Lady luck was most definitely not with him because he did see her the first day and yes, he was with her.

"Fuck that," he said aloud, as if in doing so, he could convince himself he truly did not care anymore.

The bar man gave him a sympathetic glance and decided the timing was right to play the role of confidant. The young man before him obviously needed someone to talk to. "Something wrong, buddy?" he asked.

Seiya gave the balding man a look of bored interest, lips pinched tight to show he was not falling for the buddy-want-to-talk routine. Instead, he held up the recent bottle he had been drinking from, and indicated he wanted another one.

The bartender sighed, and reached for another vintage bottle. Normally, he would have asked to see the dough, seeing as the customer was only in his early teens, but the arrogant air around the boy was the air of one who knew luxury and lots of it. Besides, only the very stupid or the very rich would order an expensive bottle like this. The boy with the jet black hair and cobalt blue eyes was most definitely not stupid looking.

Seth watched with grim satisfaction as another bottle was placed before him. He wasn't really surprised he was obeyed. He was used to being obeyed – not counting Yaten's moments of brattiness – and there would have been hell to pay had he been denied his order.

He was used to getting what he wanted.

He was used to getting whom he wanted.

'What Seiya wants, Seiya gets,' was Taiki's common litany about him. It goes to say that the same applied to Yaten, but Yaten was not weighed with the torture Seiya lived with every day for nearly four years now.

And this torture was a memory of a girl with long blonde hair and the warmest shine he had ever encountered.

She was the reason why he was in that smoke filled bar, a cigar clamped in his sensual lips, when all he really wanted to do was lay down and cry.

He clenched his jaw, a look of pain briefly flashing on the surface of his eyes, before he opened the bottle in his hand and not bothering to pour himself a shot, drank the whole thing nearly halfway in one long gulp.

The bartender, now safely away from his customer, shook his head in wonder. 'Poor bastard is bound to get the worst hangover tomorrow,' he thought.

Which was what Seth was pretty much hoping for, after all. That and getting drunk enough to dull the pain of not being good enough for Tsukino Usagi, the blonde angel who was unwittingly dragged into his life four years ago and taught him what it felt to finally not get what he wanted for the first time.


The room was spinning.

Seiya groggily shook his head and tried to focus his line of vision. Before him, four bartenders who looked suspiciously alike swam before him before they merged and became twins. 'Huh?' he thought.

"You okay, sir?" Seiya heard the two men spoke to him. He focused himself more, berating his discipline and for a moment, the fog in his mind cleared and he saw there was only one man before him. Lips drawn into a semblance of a smile, he gave the man a wad of money and saluted, not even bothering to wait for the change.

That would have been uncool.

And Seiya was the epitome of cool.

He drunkenly swayed the length of the floor, intent on getting to the exit, when a vision appeared before him.

The vision had blonde hair and blue eyes and Seiya's mind told him she was someone he should know. He saw she was saying something to him, but he was so focused on trying to make out her features, he couldn't understand a single word she had said.

Sun-kissed hair and baby blue eyes.

The young woman had sun-kissed hair and baby blue eyes.

'Sun-kissed hair and baby blue eyes,' repeated Seiya's inner voice as the young man tried to fight unconsciousness and the need to sleep on the dirty floor of that seedy joint and snore away to lala land.

'Usagi,' he thought drunkenly. After all, who else did he know who had blonde hair and those eye color? Without warning, he took the young woman in his arms and proceeded to give her a kiss meant to turn her bones to mush.

He felt her stiffen at first, until his expert lips slowly broke down her defenses and she started responding. When he slowly moved his hands to her side, gently brushing the back of his hands daringly close to her breasts, she whimpered in response.

It was a surprise, then, when the world burst in brilliant flashes of color and he doubled over in pain, his two hands abruptly letting go of his captive to hold his abused manhood. 'The bitch kicked me!' he thought, mind going blank for a minute as a new wave of hurt assaulted him in the one place where the 'sun didn't shine'. Sometimes, being a man could be a real pain. 'She freaking kicked me on the gro-'

"That," said the young woman, her voice sweetly laced with grim satisfaction, "was for acting like a complete jerk, Kou Seiya."

With a snarl, he raised his eyes, so that he was eye to eye with the narrowed gaze of-



Don't hit me!