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"What do you mean?" Dean asked, making sure that he had heard his younger brother right.

Sam looked confused for a moment, but answered his brother nonetheless. "I mean, where's Jess? Is she okay?" Sam asked as if talking to a child, and not a grown man. "For that matter, where's dad, shouldn't you two be hunting or something?" His tone was bitter, and Dean couldn't help the shiver that ran through him at the harsh words.

"Sam, Jess is dead, she has been for well over a year now, and Dad died a few months ago," Dean choked, and seeing the look of utter disbelief on his little brother's face, he added, "s-saving me..."

"You're lying, joking," Sam's voice was firm, and his tone told Dean that he truly believed the words that he had spoken. But as moments went by, and Dean did nothing to confirm the statements, Sam paled, "Please, tell me you're lying."

"I can't Sammy. Both dad and Jess were killed by the demon that killed mom. You saw Jess being murdered, and, well, you found dad lying on the floor of his hospital room, after we had a bad wreck." Dean watched Sam, as his brother searched for some sort of memory to tell him that Dean was either lying, or telling the truth, but none came to mind.

"See I know that can't be true, because I was just looking for engagement rings for Jess yesterday..." Sam trailed as he saw Dean pale even further.

"Sam, it's June, 2007; and you haven't seen Jess since the night I came to get you from Stanford to search for Dad when he went missing. When I brought you back, Jess was already pinned to the ceiling, she was already dead." Sam looked as if he might pass out at the information, and Dean seriously reconsidered telling Sam anything that he just had.

"No... Nah, n-n-no... You have to be lying. It's not true. Jess and Dad are fine, they have to be!" Sam yelled, trying to convince himself of the idea, trying to make Dean tell the truth, or at least what he wished was the truth.

"I'm sorry Sammy, it's not a lie." Dean told him quietly, moving closer to his little brother, trying to convey the gravity of the situation, making sure that Sam knew he was telling him the truth, that he would never lie about something so serious.

"Yes, yes it is!" Sam all but screamed, reaching around him for something, anything that his hands could reach to throw. Dean recognized the move, and grabbed Sam's wrists, keep him steady and calming him at the same time.

"Sam, little brother, I wouldn't lie about something like this." Dean whispered sincerely.

Defeat seemed to engulf Sam, stopping his struggles and his eyes watered. "God, I was just looking at engagement rings yesterday... Or at least what I thought was yesterday." Sam whispered, looking up at Dean for a confirmation of something, anything that would tell him what was happening to him.

"I'm so sorry little brother," Dean's voice was laced with sincerity, as he wound his arms around his little brother for the first time in a long time. Sam clung to Dean, his hands twisting in the fabric of Dean's well-worn Blue Oyster Cult tee-shirt. Sobs shook his tall frame, and Dean tightened his hold on Sam, trying to make everything right again, despite knowing that nothing could ever make it okay. "Shh- It's okay Sammy, you're okay. Everything's going to be okay."


"So Sam, who's the hotter psychic..."

"That fabric softener teddy bear, Oh, I'm gonna hunt that little bitch down..."

"We are so screwed!"

'His father lying on the floor, not moving, not breathing...'

"Yeah, wish I could say the same about you. What were you thinking shooting

Casper in the face you freak?"

"Jess! No!"

Sam jerked awake, startling Dean with the movement. "What is it? What happened Sammy?" Dean asked, trying to calm his shaking brother.

"Bad dream," Sam breathed, gripping onto the hand that Dean presented to him. "Actually it was more like flashes of a bad dream or something." He admitted confusedly.

"What did you see Sammy?" Dean asked, afraid that his brother had had a vision. He had warned his little brother about his psychic powers, but he didn't know what Sam's reaction to actually having a vision would be.

"Ah, we were in an asylum or something, and you were asking who the hotter psychic was. Then we were in a hospital, and you were saying something about hunting Snuggles down. Then the Impala, and something about us being screwed. Then dad... he was lying on the floor at a hospital, god, he wasn't breathing Dean." Sam looked up at Dean, fear and hurt shining in his eyes. Before Dean could say anything, Sam continued, "Then I was saying something about you shooting a ghost in the face. After that, Jess... She was on the ceiling, bloody, burning... screaming."

Dean ran the fingers of his bad hand through Sam's hair, glad that the cast was off, and all that was left was a brace to limit his movements. He wished for all the world that he could tell Sam that those things he had seen in his dream, were just that, dreams; but he knew that he had to tell his brother the truth, that those things had really happened, that they weren't just figments of Sam's imagination.

"Sammy, those weren't dreams;" Dean said slowly, his voice low. "They were memories, they really happened. I did ask you who the hotter psychic was, you, Hallie Joel, or Jennifer Love Hewitt. I did say that I was going to hunt down Snuggles when I was sick in the hospital, and the doctors didn't think I was going to last more than a month. You found dad dead in the hospital... you saw Jess burn. I shot a ghost in the face, and we are screwed, because the FBI is after us now."

Dean felt drained telling his brother these things, but he knew that Sam needed to know that they had happened. Looking at his brother he could see that telling Sam the truth had taken a toll on the younger Winchester, but he knew that Sam was glad that he hadn't lied, and told him that it was just a dream.

"Are you okay little brother?" Dean asked, seeing Sam searching himself for the memories of the past year and a half that had deserted him.

"Yeah Dean, I'm okay, it's just a lot to take in." Sam told him quietly, and when he looked up, Dean could see the gratitude practically radiating from his little brother.

"I know Sam, and I wish I could make it all better for you, but even the great Dean Winchester can't pull that off." Dean told him softly, and Sam snorted.

"Yeah, well, I think that the 'Great' Dean Winchester is getting sentimental and soft." Sam told him with a smirk.

"Oh you wound me bitch." Dean said, mockingly grabbing his chest, and throwing himself into a chair.

"At least I'm not a man-whore," Sam shot back.

"Geek-whore's more like it."

"Stick it Pinky,"

"Suck it Brain,"

Sam looked down, and Dean grinned to himself, thinking that he had won, but just as he was getting comfortable Sam looked over and with a smirk on his face told Dean to, "Bite me, Sadie!"

Dean groaned, and turned away, but inside he was laughing, glad that he had his brother back, that Sam was okay. Glad that although they both had a lot of work ahead of them, that Sammy was going to be his Sammy again…

Good to have you back little brother...



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