This isn't really like my other stories. This set of stories is dark, twisted, haunted… and I'm rating it 'M' just to be safe. I'm usually against posting 'M' rated stories - it's not really necessary for a teenage cartoon - but I couldn't resist for this. I'm not going to bother to tune down the violence or the gore like I do in most of my stories. They're not really bad (I don't write smut and lemons, so they're not in here)... but don't read this if you have a weak stomach. You've been amply warned.


I've always had these questions digging around in my head...

-What was Amity Park like before the Fenton's arrived?

-How did it come to be called the most haunted place in America?

-Why did the Fenton's decide to move there?

-Why are the ghosts of Amity Park considered 'evil' and why is everyone afraid of them?

-What's the REAL ghost story behind Butch Hartman's spectral universe?

And so I've decided to try and answer it. Thus... the 'series' known as 'Fentonless' was born.

Amity Park was a small, quiet town in lower Michigan near the shore of Lake Eerie with really nothing to call its own. No famous stars, no sports teams... not even a Spelling Bee champion. The only thing they could really say that was 'neat' about their town was that they shared a name with the famous Amityville Horror.

The town's sign proudly proclaimed to any cheery visitors that it was "A Nice Place to Live." Little did the twelve-thousand people in the town know that it was about to change...

The year was 1974, and the veil that seperated the Human world from the Ghost Zone was beginning to weaken. As it failed, paranormal creatures of every size, shape, and disposition suddenly found it easier than ever to journey to the land of the living.

Without anything or anybody to stop them, Amity Park was ripe for their spectral picking.

And so began the legend of Amity Park...