Through the thin walls
Characters: Sam & Dean
Warnings: no spoiler, not at all
Disclaimer: I did it only for the comments ;)
Imagine you're in one of those cheap motel rooms decorated in blue and pink. The walls in your bathroom are green and you really don't want to know if it's a mold or just paint. And through the thin motel's walls you can hear almost every sound in the next room.

"Yes, Sam?"
"You know that tomorrow is Bobby's birthday, right?"
"Um, it must've slipped off my mind. Is there anything else you want to share with me at 1 AM?"
"We can buy him something..."
"Whatever. We'll talk about this tomorrow."
"But Dean, tomorrow will be too late"
"Yes, Dean?"
"It's freaking 1 AM in the middle of the freaking night. Can we discuss this when the freaking day begins?"
"But Dean, it's Bobby! He saved our asses so many times we can at least buy him a present!"
"Are you done?"
"Yes. Goodnight"

(10 minutes later)
"I know, Sammy! A dog!"
"We can give Bobby a new dog. The last one had been killed by Meg and he's never replaced it."
"OK, whatever"
"Come on, wake up. We have to find a dog."
"I'm sleeping Dean. Besides at 1:30 AM all the shelters in the town are closed. Go to sleep. We can get a dog in the morning."
"But I can't sleep because you woke me up earlier. I have an idea. Let's catch some stray dog for Bobby. This time at night, it will be easy."
"Are you insane?!?!? Why does Bobby need the stray dog?"
"Think about it. It's wild and angry anyway, perfect for Bobby. It will be the best guardian at the salvage. A little puppy wouldn't frighten anyone, don't you think?"
"Gimme my blanket back…! Dean…!"
"OK, let's go. So what do you think, will rock salt or a stun gun be enough?"
(the door's bang)

A/N I don't think Sam would remember at Bobby's birthday but I can imagine Dean hunting at the stray dogs in the middle of the night. My imagination can be spooky ;)