(A/N) Recently I've been obsessing over Ed and Winry being together. I've always liked the pairing, but lately it's been taking over my fanfiction. This is the first post-movie FMA fic I've written, and I'm going to try hard at it. I know there's more EdWin fluff in the manga, but it's easier writing based on something that's already complete.

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Her heart ached at the visual of his face, the sound of his voice, his touch, his smell, as it all flowed through her mind tears raced down her cheek. Her feelings were so strong, it was nearly unbearable. Deep within her mind, there was a small flicker of hope, and faith. That someday, if only for a moment, they'd have their reunion. The feeling of happiness that overcame her she though of him, would mix with the thought that those wishes may never be fulfilled. She prayed that someday, the bittersweet dreams would cease.

Winry jolted at the ringing sound of someone opening the door, she quickly set down her tools, and headed towards the front of the shop. She wore a friendly, business smile, and was eager to greet a customer. Much to her surprise, however, the woman who had entered was wearing the blue military uniform Winry was all too familiar with.

"Good morning," Riza Hawkeye said cooly as she approached the counter Winry stood behind.

"Nice to see you again, Lieutenant..." she said, a hint of curiosity in her voice.

"How are you?" Riza said in a genuinely kind voice.

Winry sighed. Shortly after Winry's twenty-first birthday, Grandma Pinako passed away, and Winry left her rural residence behind. She opened a small auto-mail shop in Central, and rapidly gained a reputation for her high quality work. Despite her recent successes and positive attitude, she continuously got check-ups like this.

"Business is wonderful, the word is spreading around fast about my auto-mail and-"

"I'm asking about you." Riza cut off Winry's ranting. "I'd like to know how you, personally, are doing."

"Is Roy still worried about that time..." her voice trailed off as she remembered.

Not long after relocating to Central, there was a small celebration for her put on by her acquaintances from there. Everyone had known she was still struggling over the disappearance of Ed and Al, though no one had known quite how much. Roy walked her home, as it was quite late at night, and she had a breakdown, filled with tears and angst.

"Look..." she didn't wait for Riza's reply "it's been a month already. I was just... vulnerable right then. I'm fine now." her eyes were intense and serious.

Riza paused for a moment, and studied Winry's expression, "Very well."

Suddenly, the door swung open and a young boy with a mechanical arm approached Winry, "Miss Rockbell!" he exclaimed, "I think something's loose." he indicated toward his shoulder.

Winry smiled and patted a table, "Come here and let me take a look."

The boy smiled and obeyed. She looked over his arm and tightened a few screws, and ran her fingers over the metal. "Better?" she asked and set down her screwdriver on her work bench.

"Yeah, thanks!" he moved his limb around and headed for the door.

"Be careful.." Winry added just as he left.

"The children really like you..." Riza noted.

"Yeah," Winry laughed, "he's always having me fix little problems with his arm, I think breaking his auto-mail is part of his daily routine..." her smile faded slowly, "It's funny... his name is Edward." She laughed despite her sad expression.

Riza heaved a sigh, and the phone rang.

"Rockbell Auto-mail service, Winry speaking." Winry picked up the phone with enthusiasm.

"Is Hawkeye still there?" she could hear the annoyed voice of the Colonel on the other line.

"Hello Roy, yes she's here." Winry glanced at Riza.

"Well tell her we need her back in the office, pronto. It's an emergency."

Winry relayed the message to the Lieutenant and put the phone back to her ear. "What's the emergency?" she asked concerned.

"I finally found the right ring-" Roy had no time to say any more as Winry suddenly squealed into the phone.

"Seriously?!" she said happily, Riza had been so kind to her ever since her arrival in Central.

"Yep," Roy said proudly and then paused, "Oh, by the way, I have a cousin who's in his twenties. Not quite as good looking as me but.."

She giggled, "No thanks, Colonel. I'm not interested."

The day seemed to breeze by as customers came in and out. When closing time came, she gladly switched off the lights and headed to the small apartment upstairs. She hated to admit it, but she would go days without ever leaving that building.

Constantly, she was being told she was a prodigy, and a beautiful young woman. Her success and forced smiles made it appear as if she was as happy as a girl could be. Yet she continued to cry herself to sleep.

The loss of her grandmother had been traumatic, she was all Winry had left. Her parents long gone, and Ed and Al had taken off... probably for good, off in a distant world. The worst part of it all, the most agonizing thing, was that she hadn't realized her feelings for Edward until after he was long gone.

She was in love with him, no matter how she tried to deny it. The way she'd cared for Pinako or Al couldn't compare. It was an indescribable feeling, and the thought of never being able to express it to him, tore her to pieces.

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