I have worn a straight jacket,

I have slept in a padded cell.

I have pulled the trigger of a gun,

I have stepped in blood.

I am a shred of who I used to be.

I am Harley Quinn.

I have starved to wear spandex,

I have lost nights of sleep.

I have slept in an asylum,

I have seen things you can't imagine.

I am Harley Quinn.

I smile when I'm sad,

I crawl rather than walk.

I can carve a smile,

into flesh.

I sleep with a madman.

I am Harley Quinn.

I used to do backhand springs for fun.

Now I do them for escape.

I used to sit at a desk,

I used to get paid every two weeks.

I used to sleep without nightmares.

Now I seldom sleep.

I am Harley Quinn.

Once I cried in public, (Now only in privet)

once I smiled in privet. (Now only in public)

Once I paid for my clothes.

Once I laughed at a joke I thought was funny,

once I scoffed when a joke wasn't funny.

I am Harley Quinn.

Once I was a good person, (once)

once I volunteered.

Once I had dignity,

now dignity is a memory.

Once I could control my actions. (once, long ago)

I am Harley Quinn.

Now, my hands are covered in blood,

some is mine, some is not.

Now I belong, but not to myself.

Now I take lives.

Now I give of myself, but never get back.

Now I am depleted of myself,

Now I am deprived.

I am Harley Quinn.

Now, I serve my God.

Mistah J.

Now, I smile, I laugh, I giggle.

Now, I am giddy.

Now, I whine, rather than speak.

I am Harley Quinn.

I cry every night, (I cry in my sleep)

I smile every minute, (I smile when I cry)

I am lonely, I am cold.

I am happy.

My misery, is my happiness.

I am Harley Quinn.

I take him like a drug,

he makes high.

He blows my mind.

He kills my pain,

but then it fades,

the high is gone.

I am Harley Quinn.

I drop,

I hit the ground.

I shiver,

I have withdraws.

I can not breath,

I can not think.

I shot myself up again,

with him.

I am His,

Harley Quinn.