Mimi's arrival

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Today was a different day. Today was going to be a great day. Don't ask me why, but I just knew it. Monday mornings are always great. Lots of traffic in the streets, billions of paperwork to be done, extremely long and boring meetings… What else? …Oh! How could I forget about that!? In exactly three more days, I'm flying over the Pacific…

I bet I felt more excited than what my face really said. This weren' mere vacations, but they better help getting all this stress out of my brain!

In three more days I was going to meet with my ex girlfriend and our three daughters. Whenever I thought about that, it felt as if fire burned through my veins. The time had finally come. The time I had waited and yearned for so long was finally here.

I wonder if she's as pretty as the mental image I got after seeing the picture. With her long silky chestnut hair, her soft rosy lips, her small nose and her ever tender and loving hazel eyes.

Mimi Tachikawa was the light of my day, my reason to live. She was perfect. I felt so complete when being with her, that now, I can barely stand another day without her. As corny as that may sound, there's just one answer to it: you have to lose the person you love to realize, just then, how much you truly love them. I learned that the hard way, and believe me, it's a living hell.

As the light changed, I turned around the corner and drove into the building's parking lot. After pulling up, I stretched on the sit and checked my watch. 8:05 a.m. It surprised me. Normally I would come around nine or ten… my own sense of responsibility started freaking me out.

I got off, not before picking my briefcase up, and headed to the elevator. After I entered and pressed the button, I leaned on one of the mirror walls and sighed.

I still didn't know what I'd tell her, and worst, I didn't know if she was going to hear what I had to say. Somewhere deep inside my mind, fear or rejection was floating through. "Mimi" I whispered from under my breath and the mirror instantly steamed up. With my finger, I drew a heart and two M's inside. It reminded me of the time when Mimi and I carved our names and initials in almost every tree. The park near my old apartment was full of "M & M"'s, "Matt x Mimi"'s and many "Mimi I love you"s or "Matt I love you"'s.

I was abruptly sent back to reality when the elevator's door made a shriek to open. I looked up and saw an orange light on my floor number. I stepped out and headed to the office. The door was closed so I supposed Yumi wasn't here. I took the keys out of my pocket and opened the door. I checked on her desk for some mail and found nothing.

After entering my own private office, I sat on a chair and stretched. The first object my gaze fell upon was the telephone. I swear it was inviting me to make a call. But who would I call this early? … "Perhaps somebody who's across the globe" my mind answered back


Without thinking it twice, I pull out a little neon yellow paper from my wallet and dialled Mimi's number. Though I didn't know what time it was there, I called her anyway.

I waited for some twenty seconds before the answering machine came up. "Hi there! You've reached the Tachikawa residence! Sadly, no one's home right now… after you hear the annoying beep, please leave your message. I'll answer as soon as I can!"

She wasn't home. A sudden urge invaded my body. I wanted to talk to her. I needed to talk to her. An idea popped into my mind. I turned on my laptop and searched for Mae's number.

After a couple of minutes search, and with Google's help, I found the webpage, the contact address and phone number. I scribbled the number down on the same paper and then picked up the phone.

I was feeling completely lucky today. No wonder this was going to be a great a day.

After some seconds, a female voice answered.

"Hello and welcome to Mae's, this is Lindsay speaking. In what may I help you?"

"Oh hi… Lindsay. Is Mimi Tachikawa there? I tried calling her home but she didn't answer. Think you could put her in line? … It's important."

"Who's calling?"

I hesitated before saying my name. I wanted it to be a surprise. "Yamato Ishida."

"Sorry Mr. Ishida but Miss. Tachikawa is probably out of town"


I freaked out. I was travelling in three days and she wasn't home? Suddenly my "luck-meter" started decreasing.

"Mr. Ishida are you there?" she asked but I didn't care to answer. Suddenly my mobile started ringing.

What did she mean by saying "probably out of town"? ... "Lindsay, do you know when she's coming back?" I asked trying to keep cool.

"Mmm… no. I know the girls are returning in a week but Miss. Tachikawa's destination is unknown"

"What do you mean by saying that the girls are coming in a week while Mimi's destination is unknown?!"

"I'm sorry but I can't give any more information"

"Please!" I begged her. My mobile had stopped but it started ringing again.

"I'm sorry Mr. Ishida but that information is not mine to give."

Now I was completely lost. And what's wrong with the person calling me so impatiently? I stretched out my hand and grabbed it. Kari's name flashed on the screen. I opened my mouth to speak but she had hanged up. What's wrong with this Lindsay girl? Mimi should definitely hire better personnel.

The little screen lit up again before the ringing sound came. It was perhaps the fourth time Kari had called in a row.

"Woman! Why are you so impatient?!"

"Matt, turn on the TV on ZTv's channel. Its 18"

"Why? What for?!"

"JUST DO IT!" she yelled before hanging up.

What's wrong with women these days? I stood up and grabbed the remote. I flicked through the channels until reaching number 18.

I believe it was one of those morning TV shows for women. There was a journalist in the airport. She talked and talked with the woman in the studio about who knows what. I pressed the up volume arrow to hear what Kari wanted me to see.

"So Noriko, is her plane due to arrive?"

"No, Fumie. There's a delay of an hour on the flight."

"Well, we'll come back to you when she arrives. Good morning."

What's all of this? Who's arriving? Who's important enough to arrive and cause all this… "womanly" fuzz?

And if reading my thoughts, the Fumie presenter spoke up.

"Well, dear audience, Mimi Tachikawa's plane has been delayed. We'll do all what's possible to have her on our show. I can't wait to try her famous chocolate and cinnamon cake! We'll be back in a couple of minutes. Stay tuned!"

What? Did I hear right? Mimi's… here?

I walked back to my chair and focused my eyes on the screen, Lindasay's word replaying on my mind. Sorry Mr. Ishida but Miss. Tachikawa is probably out of town… Miss. Tachikawa's destination is unknown.

I rummaged through my pockets for my mobile. When I found it, I desperately dialled Kari's number.

"Is it true?" I asked as soon as she picked up.

"Yes. She's here. If you hurry you might be able to reach her on time. She's arriving in… thirty-five minutes. Make a run for your love, Matt. I bet she'll be happy to see you."

"Thanks" I whispered and sped out of my office.

"What's wrong with this people? Why are they so slow? Can't they get their suitcases faster?"

Mimi Tachikawa impatiently tapped her foot at the man standing in front of her. He was blocking the way into the conveyor belt where her suitcases had done an entire turn.

After five minutes, and three turns around the belt, Mimi could finally get hold of her suitcases. She placed them on a trolley and made her way out. As she walked towards the door, she saw some reporters and camera men ready to throw themselves into somebody. She pretended to fix her hair in order to turn around and see if some celeb was there. But no, only ordinary people. Shrugging her shoulders, she walked past the glass windows surprised to see that reporters gathered around her.

"Miss. Tachikawa, welcome back. I'm from-"

"Mimi, we're from Daily Japanese. Do you have time to come to our show?"

"Tachikawa-san, an interview please!"

"Eh… could we please talk afterwards?... I'm a bit tired... Long flight you know..."


"Where are you staying?"

Feeling harassed and claustrophobic, Mimi started going dizzy with all the many questions they asked.

"Miss. Mimi, in which hotel are you staying?"

"Do you mind paying a visit to our studio?"

"Could you give us an interview?"

"Can you come with us? We are-"

The last sentence was cut in mid air by deep voice coming from behind.

"I'm sorry guys, but Miss. Tachikawa is coming with me"

"Who are you?"

"We came here first"


"Isn't he the owner of Ishida Enterprises, Yamato Ishida?"

Mimi's heart pounded. His voice seemed somewhat familiar but nothing made her think he could be here… not after all what happened.

Slowly she turned around to face him. A wave of sensations flowing through her veins as his arm encircled her waist.

"Call my office for any appointments" he said before all of them were gone.

Mimi felt her legs turn to jelly, ready to collapse. But a well placed arm caught her weight. Slowly she lifted up her gaze and saw a pair of deep blue eyes looking down at her.

"I missed you" he whispered softly before hugging her tight, not wanting to let go. At last she was here… and he wasn't going to let her go… not now, not ever.

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