Chapter 2 - Oh dear, here we go again

"So that is why with great regret that I will undertake this super secret stealth mission by myself and leave Ougi in charge until the time in which I return from hidi—I mean when I return from accomplishing said mission" explained Zero. A hand rose up from one of the members of the Order of the Black Knights.

"So this hiding thing, it has nothing to do with the Britainnian Princess out there who seems to be out for your body?" anonymous member number fourteen said.

"Indeed. All of that was all quite coincidental and has nothing to do with my mission at all. Now are there any questions before I continue?"

Instantly there was a whole meeting room of raised hands, to which Lelouch was very confused about as he thought he had explained himself impeccably as always. He pointed to one of those nearer the front.

"What is the deal with you and Princess Euphiemia?" started anonymous member number four, which led to everyone else yelling out their own questions.

"Yeah, what the hell is going on?"

"How is she, then?" yelled one member with eyebrows raised.

"Since when did this start then?"

"So why did you do it? Trouble with the Mrs?" asked one, eying C.C. who was standing in one corner. To this comment, it almost looked like her eye was twitching, but that obviously was a trick of the light or some strange phenomenon.

"I repeat now that there is nothing happening between me and the Princess, and what occurred on television was a big misunderstanding which was probably aimed to undermine my status and weaken what I stand for" announced Zero, as he turned his back to them with a flourish and left the room with C.C. following closely behind him.

Reaching the door, he took one glance back and said, "I hope I will be able to see all of you soon."

To them, he looked like a man walking to his doom.

Strangely enough Kallen was not at the meeting. She would sorely regret that.

"Hm, he doesn't seem to be home yet" stated Euphie as she paced the dining room of Lelouch's place. "And Nunally doesn't seem to be around either. Oh well, I can go and prepare to surprise Lelouch in his room."

She marched upstairs and on finding the room that looked the most like Lelouch's, she went to taking off all of her clothing and rested herself under the covers and waited. Too bad, she didn't know that Lelouch hadn't slept in his bed for ages due to another tenant.

Shirley was starting and stuttering at what she had just seen on screen. She thought, 'So they are together. And Lelouch is Zero, then, then –'

"Yeah, I know. All of this is surprising. Who would have thought, Zero and Princess Euphiemia together? I thought that speech she made at the school festival was kind of suspicious; perhaps it has been going on for longer than even before that. Makes you think about whose idea it was really for this whole independent state" commented Rivalz.

"That's all interesting and all, but I really want to know why she's with a man who has admitted to killing her brother? Oh the life and loves of the royal family have never been so intriguing" purred Millay, ecstatic at these new turn in events.

In fact, she was more than ecstatic, she was even relieved. Kept secret from all, known only to Millay, was her long standing crush on the enigmatic Lelouch. She could handle Shirley and the others at school, being close enough to know who he really was but with Euphie back in the picture, she was unsure of her chances if she could just pick up her courage and tell him about her feelings. Even though Euphie seemed to have a special attachment to Suzaku, when she reunited with Lelouch Millay could see from where she was spying on them how utterly happy they were in each other's presence.

With the history between them and even up against the half-siblings issues, Millay was willing to bet that she would lose out and that was scaring her. Now however, she was relieved. She has suspected Euphie may have loved Suzaku and thus free up Lelouch but she wasn't expecting this scandal with Zero.

She was interrupted from her reverie by a question from Rivalz, "Hey, has anyone seen Nina?"

Come to think about it, they hadn't seen the excessively shy girl since see the whole incident was televised, and was now worrying about how she could be taking it. Stopping for a moment, she then dismissed the thought. After all, how much trouble could one girl get into anyways?

"Why do we have to look around the room for this eye patch? Couldn't we just walk into a store and buy one if it's going to be this hard to find it?" asked Lelouch, as he was moving around their room in their amazing portable base, the one with the green pillows.

"Because you can't walk into a store with that perma-geassed eye of yours now, can you?" called back C.C. rummaging through one of the cupboards that were embedded in the wall.

'Shit, I have really been off my game lately.'

"Wait, why would you even have an eyepatch anyways?"

"Because I foresaw such an eventuality and deemed it necessary to prepare for such an occasion" retorted C.C. 'For the kinky pirate sex yes, but it would help for this situation too I suppose', she thought to herself.

"Well, don't just stand around, keep looking. Have a rummage in those drawers over there" she snapped back.

'Damn witch, giving me orders now...' thought Lelouch as his hands went automatically through the drawers. Feeling around, he grasped upon something that piqued his interest. A piece of fabric, attached to some string; perfect, he had found that damned eyepatch.

Starting to tie it around his head, he called out to C.C., "Alright, I found it."

She spun at his words and stopped moving immediately on seeing him. Her eyes widened and she was blushing. Startled by the unexpected reaction, he reached up to adjust the position of the eyepatch upon his face when his fingers came upon a unfamiliar material. 'What's this?... Lace?'

"I'm not wearing an eyepatch, am I?" he slowly queried when the realisation finally dawned on him.


"I should take this off then, shouldn't I?"


"Alright, I am going to put on these sunglasses and go to the store and get an eyepatch for myself then."

"That would be best."

Awkwardly removing the garment from his head making sure he did not look at it, he made a beeline out the door with as much dignity as he could muster.

Making it back to his place with C.C. in tow, both awkwardly averting their eyes from each other. Him, because of the embarrassing incident that was their last meeting. Her, because he was just so sexy to her in an eyepatch. Going their separate ways as they got to the landing, Lelouch off for a shower and C.C. into their room to sleep after such an exhausting day.

Alone in the room, she changed to her usual sleeping clothes which pretty much just equated to Lelouch's shirt. All the better to entice Lelouch with I guess.

Getting into the bed and reaching for her Cheese-kun, she was definitely surprised when it hugged her back. Even more surprised when she felt lips clasped upon her own.

Lelouch made his way back into the room, slightly embarrassed at the slight mistake he made of forgetting a change of clothes for his shower, only to stop dead in his tracks at what he was was seeing in his bed. Euphie was on top of C.C. furiously making out with her. She looked so into it, probably why Euphie had not yet realised that it was not Lelouch she was getting it on with.

C.C.'s wide eyes spotted Lelouch, and she managed a muffled shriek of help. Euphie being encouraged by the girlish shrieks of delight she became more vigorous with her amorous assault.

Meanwhile Lelouch slowly backed out of the room as quietly as he could, mouthing to C.C., 'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry... I'll make it up, I swear.'

Euphie had finally come up for air now and said to the breathless C.C., "Oh Lelouch, I love your little struggle for dominance there, how obvious it is the passion you feel for me, the wonderful feeling of your breasts pressed against... mine?"

Stopping, opening her eyes for the first time since the elicit encounter began, she was quite surprised to find that her bedmate wasn't the stunning specimen of virile manliness that was her half brother.

"Wait, you're not Lelouch" she finally said. Looking up at the doorway, she spotted him trying to make his stealthy escape. "Oh there you are!"

It was at this point that Lelouch gave up all pretences of the calm and collected persona he usually showed. He ran.

He ran with his dignity in tatters.

Author's Note:

Oh boy, has it really been nearly three years since I last updated this fic (or for that matter any fic). May I just say, it literally took my friend coming to me and beating me over the head to get me to finally get around to finishing this chapter off. Had about half of it done for years now.

Please note this line, 'the stunning specimen of virile manliness that was her half brother' does not represent my personal view on Lelouch. Just thought I would clarify that...