For the sake of diversity, I have composed a drabble. I wrote something under a thousand words long. And no one gets hurt! I know, call the media, right?


It was SNOWING on the Merry Go!

Inside the Galley, Nami glowered out the window as if that would defrost the deck. She couldn't figure out how in the world those boys could stand romping through it in the clothes they wore. Usopp was in navy coveralls with no shirt on, and Luffy was Luffy in his usual outfit.

He'll regret it later when he remembers the effect that extreme cold has on his body, Nami frowned to herself as she witnessed Luffy, who was carrying an enormous snowball, sneak up on an unaware Usopp who was build a snow angel with meticulous care. She could only be grateful that the window was somewhat soundproof and therefore able to block most of the shrieking tirade that followed the predictable climax.

After a few moments of attacking Luffy with a brigade of lightning quick snowballs, Usopp scrambled inside to warm up and get the snow out of his coveralls. Apparently it had gotten into some very uncomfortable places, and when he whined long enough about it, Sanji let him warm himself in front of the oven.


Outside Luffy pouted. Usopp had deserted him and gone in. It was cold, but it wasn't THAT cold. Usopp was just a sissy…

Sighing in discontented boredom, Luffy wandered up the two flights of steps to Nami's tangerine grove to sit in silence and enjoy the falling snow. It was so pretty, each flake an individual prism of delight and mystery, fragile and short-lived, but strong enough to break free from the clouds as an individual form if only for a few moments. Luffy loved snow.

He reached out and caught a flake in his palm, felt the frozen solidity of the crystalline form, and watched it melt into shapeless water within seconds.

Why can nothing beautiful last?

The flakes were so independent, each vying to be the most spectacular of their neighbors, yet they were so easily defeated by an enemy as simple as warmth.

So much like pirates, they were in the world one moment, and gone in the next, and no one would remember them in three of their life spans. Already, Luffy was reaching out to catch another one, the first forgotten.

Life is so fragile. Perfect moments end so suddenly, and so many don't realize they have them in their grasp before they slip away. I hope I'll never be a man like that.

He was brutally yanked from his reflections by a snort from the deck below him. Surprised, Luffy regained his bearings, not knowing how long he'd been dwelling on Deep Thoughts in the snow without moving.

See, this is what I mean!

Shifting to his hands and knees, he crawled to the edge of the orchard and looked down onto Aft deck.

There was Zoro, obliviously sleeping in a pile of snow that was building up on top of him. The swordsman was quiet now.

The captain smiled fondly. "You ruined my perfect moment, Zoro," he whispered for no one to hear.

Zoro slept on, and Luffy's eyes softened as he laid down on his tummy and allowed one perfect moment to be replaced by another.