Gaara watched as the other children of Suna ran to the warm arms of their parents. They usually hugged their parents with all their might before noticing Gaara watching, longing for someone to hug him. Then, as it had always been, they scowled at him & went inside.

Today was no exception. He watched as an 8-year-old brown-haired girl rushed to her parents who picked her up in a hug and carried her in at the sight of Gaara.

Gaara sighed & walked his teddy bear to the swings of the Suna Park. The other kids screamed in terror & ran home. Gaara ignored them, went to his favorite swing, & sat down.

He held back tears & began to swing slowly as thoughts & emotions swirled in his mind, trying desperately to escape their prison. Why does everyone hate me? He asked himself. Why do they ALWAYS run away?! What did I do to deserve this?

Just as tears started to slide down his pale face, Gaara came out of his rather depressing thoughts to realize that he wasn't alone in the park. There were a bunch of big kids gathered in a circle around the sand box. They all seemed to be having fun & talking rapidly, but Gaara just couldn't hear a word of what they were saying.

Gaara decided to get closer, but to be sure that they wouldn't run away, he decided to hide in a nearby tree, so that he could at least see what was so amusing.

Inside the sandbox was a small pink-haired girl with a small stuffed panda, both looking like they'd seen better days. The girl bore the same sad, scared sea green eyes as he, which had a waterfall of tears falling from them, sliding down her porcelain-skinned face. The boys seemed to be making fun of her & occasionally joked about her forehead, which was slightly larger than Gaara's own forehead, & debated whether they should steal the panda from her or if they should 'play doctor' & cut it open. Finally, one of them decided to try to kick her.

It wasn't any of this that made Gaara use his sand to shield her from the kick; it was that he understood the message that her eyes were sending these bullies. They were crying for help, begging for them to leave her & her panda alone. He understood this because he knew what it was like to send a message you thought was clear & obvious, only to have it ignored completely. He knew what it was like to have his feelings & pleas ignored. At least he had Yashamaru. This girl looked like she'd lived on the streets for a while.

Inside a sphere-like jail cell with only a hole at the top, the girl stopped crying. He could feel her placing her hands on the sand wall that surrounded her, running her hands on its grainy surface. She was probably wondering what was going on.

Gaara climbed down from the tree, causing the boys to turn their heads towards him. Gaara already knew what would come next. It happened too many times to count.

"Crap! It's Gaara!" they screamed, their terror blocking the fact that Gaara was crying at the sound of their screams. "RUN!"

"No, please! Don't go! Wait!" Gaara cried. But he was too late. They had run away, just like everyone else had. He dropped the sand shield around the girl.

Now she's going to run off like everyone else, despite the fact that he just saved her, Gaara thought, tightly closing his eyes.

10 seconds passed & nothing happened.

10 more seconds, & he still didn't hear anything.

He closed his eyes tighter as he heard footsteps slowly get closer & stop.

5 seconds passed & Gaara opened one eye. There stood the girl & her panda, a shy smile on her face. Gaara opened both eyes & stared in shock. It was then that it happened. It was then that she gave Gaara his first hug.

Me: Aww… Gaara's first hug!

Kabuto: …You're a loser. Do you realize this?

Me: (smiles) Yea, I do…

Kabuto: o.O

I hope you liked it! I edited the spelling errors on this, so that it would be easier to understand. I'll try to update soon!